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Canadian Expat Network NewsOctober 19th, 2010

Red Burnett
Former Toronto Star Reporter Red Burnett
Toronto Maple Leaf Glory Days

Can you the recall the days when the Toronto Maple Leafs were Stanley Cup Champions? Those days are long gone, but for some, the memories of those glory days are still very real. Sharon Jull (nee Burnett) is the daughter of former Toronto Star reporter, Red Burnett and was a regular at Maple Leaf Gardens beginning from the age of 3 until her father Red retired from the Star in 1975. I listened to her stories like a wide- eyed kid at Christmas. "I was there at the Gardens when the Leafs won the final game against Montreal 3-1 for the Cup in '67," Jull states matter of factly. My jaw dropped. As it happens, that's the last time the Leaf's claimed the Stanley Cup.


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