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Canadian Expat Network News September 21st, 2010

Terry Fox

Terry Fox's 30th Anniversary of the Marathon of Hope

This marks the 30th Anniversary of Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope. On September 19th people from all across Canada had the opportunity to continue Terry's legacy of raising funds to find a cure for cancer. To date over $500 million (CDN$) has been raised.

As a tribute to Terry, the Canadian Expat Network has interviewed a number of people who played vital roles in this Great Canadian Story. This week you can read about Isadore Sharp (Run Founder), Leslie Scrivener (Terry Fox author and Toronto Star reporter), Gail Harvey (photographer) and 'by the numbers' from the Terry Fox Research Institute.

You can also see pictures from the first Terry Fox Run in North Carolina which included Terry's sister, Judith Fox-Alder.

Additionally, here are stories from the last newsletter that included Darryl Sittler (one of Terry's heroes), Judith Fox- Alder (Terry's sister), Bill Vigars (PR & friend) and updates from the Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI).

Reminder that on Sept. 28th at 8:00 PM ESPN will air a film about Terry, 'Into the Wind', directed by Canadian Steve Nash.

Isadore Sharp recalls the Terry Fox Luncheon and the Paperclip

Terry Fox Story: Once in a Lifetime: Terry Fox author and Toronto Star reporter reflects on her time with Terry.

Judith Fox-Alder Interview: Terry's sister and International Director of the Terry Fox Foundation shares stories and pictures of Terry. (5 Part video series)

Watching Terry though a Lens: Canadian photographer and filmmaker Gail Harvey.

Terry Fox Research Institute: 'By the Numbers'.

Darryl Sittler, a Hero's Hero: Interview with Terry Fox hero, Maple Leaf great Darryl Sittler.

Bill Vigars shares stories from the Marathon of Hope: Responsible for tour PR, discusses the fun that was had on Terry's journey.

Terry Fox, A Legend who transformed cancer research in Canada: News from the Terry Fox Research Institute.

Photos from the 1st Terry Fox Run in North Carolina: Attended by Judith Fox-Alder, Terry's sister.

CEN Survey: Have you ever participated in a Terry Fox Run?

Other News & Stories:

Site Changes, Letter from CEN President: Update on website changes and upcoming topics.

Touchdown Atlantic: Big week ahead for Atlantic Canada as the first CFL game held in , Moncton, NB.

Canadians get ready for World Equestrian games in Lexington, Kentucky.

Trade: Canada's Great Hope: Commentary from Peter G. Hall of EDC.

18th Annual Canadian Universities Alumni Reception: Great event in New York.

Tim Horton's Makes it Way to Pittsburgh arena

Canadian Favourites Special Offer: Any Coffee Crisp fans?

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Pictures from All-Canada University Event in Washington, DC

Canada-US Trade Conference Interviews

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