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Canadian Expat Network News July 13th, 2010

The Queen
Courage Canada Founder, Mark DeMontis honored to Greet the Queen

Courage Canada Founder, Mark DeMontis received an interesting call from his publicist about a month ago. The Federal Government had contacted her with an interesting request.


Other News & Stories:

Canada Day Expat Giveaway Winners: Congratulations to Craig White of New York who won 2 VIP tickets courtesy of RBC Bank to the Canadian Open in Toronto.

Canadian Expat Network in the News: CEN was pleased to written about in the Canada Day edition of the Toronto Sun.

Why Shouldn't there be Another NHL Franchise in Canada? Terrific series done by the Globe & Mail and TSN evaluating Hamilton, Winnipeg, Quebec and Toronto as future franchises.

Life After the Game Series, The Retirement Announcement: Read about the Rod Brind'amour retirement press conference. The BC native retired after a great 21 year career.

Regis Philbin in New Brunswick: Entertaining pictures.

Advertising Opportunities for USA Curling e-Resourcebook: There are currently 155 curling clubs in the US along with 15,000 curlers.

Chef Spike Mendelsohn opens "We the Pizza" in DC: Check out pictures from the event.

Do you feel challenged to motivate yourself ?: Tips from Helena Nyman.

Mushroom Mania: Interesting mushroom recipes shared by Rita DeMontis.

Mystery and the Modern Woman: Tara Hunt discusses social media and dating.

Double Dip Recession of Not? Maybe the Bond Market Knows: Pacifica Partners share some financial insights.

CTT Travels Abroad to China: Canada's Tech Triangle shares it's experience.

Psychological research conducted in WEIRD nations may not apply to global populations: Interesting research done by UBC on study samples.

Pacifica Partners TV interview on BNN: President AJ Sull discusses current Asset allocations.

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