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Canadian Expat Network News June 16th, 2010

Canadian Celebrations

Canada Day Expat Events

Check out upcoming Canada Day events.  Celebrations could be taking place in your city .If you'd like to add an event, email content@canadianexpatnetwork.com.

Canada Day Expat Giveaway
Registration is free. Sign up here!
Deadline June 30th/2010.

Chef Spike's Canada Day Burger Contest

Other News & Stories:

Upcoming G8 and G20 Summits hosted in Ontario June 25th -June 27th:Security will be tight, so check out these helpful links.

Paul Henderson's 1972 Summit jersey nears auction date: Bid could reach $500,000.

Body checking triples injury risk in Peewee hockey: Study done by the University of Calgary

Canadians in Minor League Baseball: Who will be next to make the Majors?

Toronto Social Innovators are making Donald Tapscott's predictions come true: New Book Macroeconomics coming out soon.

Canadians crazy for ice cream: Rita Demontis shares interesting statistics and recipes.

Keep Pursuing your dreams no matter how impossible they seem: Helena Nyman inspires and motivates.

Gulf Oil Spill-Tragic Result may end in Tragic Policy: Pacifica Partners discusses implications.

USCIS Updates H-1B Cap: Courtesy of Murali Bashyam

Are you interested in organizing a Terry Fox run?

Canadian Favourites: BBQ Season is now here!

Cross Border Financial Planning series: Canada Pension and Social Security Plans video by
Pacifica Partners.

Pictures from All-Canada University Event in Washington, DC

Canada-US Trade Conference Interviews

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Story: Canada Day Celebrations in Ottawa.
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