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Canadian Expat Network News June 1st, 2010

Chef Spike's Canada Day Burger Contest

Chef Spike's Canada Day Burger Contest Hosted by the Canadian Expat Network

Submit your favourite burger recipe today! See contest details.

Other News & Stories:

Chef Spike Launches The Good Stuff Cookbook: Includes Great Burgers, fries, shakes
and more.

Arabian delight: The girls from Sex and the City are back.

(Book excerpt) Perseverance: Life Lessons on Leadership and Teamwork by Montreal Alouettes coach Marc Trestman.

Barclays Names Ex-Ambassador Wilson Chairman for Canada

Trivia Pursuit co-founder Chris Haney dies at age 59

Study tracks role of wealth in the NHL: Spending more money on innovation may not be the best strategy.

Investors Shaken as PIIGS bring out the Bears: The financial mess in Europe has brought out the bears.

Is Canada tax competitive? Check out the results of this study by Jack Mintz at the University of Calgary.

Are you interested in organizing a Terry Fox run?

Canadian Favourites: BBQ Season is now here!

Cross Border Financial Planning series: Canada Pension and Social Security Plans video by
Pacifica Partners.

Pictures from All-Canada University Event in Washington, DC

Canada-US Trade Conference Interviews

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