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Canadian Expat Network News May 25th, 2010

Coach Trestman Book

Perserverance: Life Lessons on Leadership and Teamwork by Al's Coach Marc Trestman

The inspirational story of Marc Trestman comes to life in the pages of Perseverance, a poignant yet heart-warming motivational-biography that will challenge you to achieve heights you never dreamed possible...see interview

Other News & Stories:

Chef Spike Launches The Good Stuff Cookbook: Includes Great Burgers, fries, shakes, wedge
and more.

Concordia Alum Champion of North America Campus Tours: Read about Steve Lake's travels
to over 500 University campuses.

Canadian stars in "Lost" & "24" Series Finals: What were your thoughts on the shows?

Province to Build Awareness of the Prince Edward Island Brand with Live! with Regis and Kelly show

Fireworks of flavour: Rita Demontis recipes for the long weekend.

Stranded at the Airport: Helena Nyman shares how to make the most of this situation.

Safe Memorial Day Travels! Formerly known as Decoration Day.

UBC welcomes Douglas Coupland Archive: Coupland coined the term "Generation X".

Canadian Favourites: BBQ Season is now here!

Cross Border Financial Planning series: Canada Pension and Social Security Plans video by
Pacifica Partners.

Featured Canadian Group Event: Canadian Association of North Carolina featuring RBC Executive
Jim Westlake June 16th 5:00.

Pictures from All-Canada University Event in Washington, DC

Canada-US Trade Conference Interviews

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