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Spring 2009
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I hope 2009 is proving to be a rich and transformative year for everyone. I promise I haven't been hiding out, just working and playing a lot. Life is really starting to get interesting here in San Francisco, from TV shows to concerts to radio plays and festivals. Read on for a peek at what has been on my radar lately... and a special shout out to JE Talent, great agents and just plain awesome people.

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Aimée Miles,
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Aimee Guest Stars in SF-Set Medical Drama

Trauma Group
Aimee Garcia, Cliff Curtis. Joseph Shirle & Me

TREASURE ISLAND, San Francisco - I was fortunate enough to work on this exhillerating new project from the producing team of Friday Night Lights. I play a mom carpooling a minivan of ten year-olds who finds herself in a life-and-death situation in a hellicopter! Please write/call your local SF Supervisor to help this production stay in San Francisco. (See SF Gate article and scroll down to VIEW TRAILER.) By the way, young and way-talented Joseph Shirle (above) is covered in FAKE blood; and for more nasty stuff, click here for the cool explosion on 280!

TRAUMA airs this fall on NBC...
Musical Notes
The cabaret series is underway at last! We plan to launch a fall series Sundays at Mojito this September. Please mark your calendars... details coming soon.


I have been enjoying my Aimee-paced opera study: consisting of Italian classes at North Beach's SFIAC, occasional voice lessons with the fabulous Cathyrn Cook, and volunteer ushering at SF Opera - a musical theater kid's got a lot of catch-up to do! I will sing two small engagements this month in the city, in italiano, of course!

Private Events
I had the pleasure of singing my Tony Asaro signature song (!) at the Sequoia Awards in Redwood City this March. I addressed a crowd of hundreds, honoring students, businesses, and community members who have excelled in community service. As a former recipient of this award, it was a special joy for me to see how exponentially the scholarships have grown!

Our ABC Christmas Special quintet is rumored to be performing at the North Beach Porzuincola's One-Year Anniversary this Sept. We are not sure yet if this event is public, but stay tuned...
Film & Other Media


Drag Me to Hell
Drag Me to Hell
Don't miss Sam Raimi's most recent return to horror, opening in theaters May 29. I play a saleswoman in a VERY brief and non-horriffic (!) scene with Alison Lohman. John and I will attend the premiere next week at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

I'm Through with White Girls
is still enjoying its run on Showtime... See what festivals and cult movie buffs around the globe are raving about... buy or rent it now on DVD!

Etude in Black
This lovely romantic short film set in San Francisco, and directed by Mal Karman, is in its final months of post-production. I play the "other" love interest... screenings TBA.


Aside from Trauma airing this fall on NBC, you can hear me on Invisalign TV commercials, and now, Invisalign Teen (OMG!) Also listen for me on current Sprint, Macy's, and McDonald's radio spots. Most excitingly, I had the pleasure of working with some of SF's best voices and the talented Cybill Shepherd in the Hallmark radio play, The Road to Smith. We have no set airdate for this yet, but stay tuned...


GI Joe

I voice Dialtone, a sassy, techie tomboy in this upcoming videogame from Elecronic Arts, based conveniently in my hometown of Redwood City!

Dead Space - Wins Action Game of the Year!
Watch me (as brief love-interest Natalie Gauthier) get annihilated by creepy aliens in EA's new sci-fi game - in stores now.