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Good Thoughts
 "Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."  
Mother Teresa





Jerry Hodge, Sr. Warden


Matt Muller, Treasurer 


Class of 2009

Debi Fricks

Gary Dunwoody

Dan Dennis


Class of 2010

Sherry Furr

Gay Hensley

Carmen Quinn

Jerry Hodge


Class of 2011

Jason Reynolds

Pat Loomis

James Terry

Ed Seward


Class of 2012

Gary Dunwoody

Dan Dennis

James Terry  

Debi Fricks 

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Monday thru Friday

9 to 5

Friday, closed for lunch 12-1


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February Happenings in North Little Rock 



February Ministry Schedule 



"It is the province of knowledge to speak

and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen."

Oliver Wendell Holmes 1809-94,  

The Poet at the Breakfast Table



Last Wednesday, after our service of Holy Eucharist, I had a conversation with Mary Jane Hodges and Ed Seward that was enlightening. Ed had hung a new picture of our bishop along with a newly matted and framed collection of our new vestry for 2012. Mary Jane noticed that there were only eleven vestry members and said that St. Luke's had normally had twelve. Ed remembered that James Terry had left an unexpired term that if it was filled would bring our total back to the traditional twelve.


Vera Chenault was standing in the wings and ready to serve having just lost the election by a narrow margin. From this conversation I decided to poll the vestry and to see if Vera could serve out the unexpired term. They voted unanimously to give Vera a slot on the vestry and she graciously accepted!


Twelve is a very good number when it comes to thinking about the Church. After all, when Jesus decided to build his Church he started with twelve disciples. Each of "the twelve" that have been chosen by this parish bring many wonderful gifts. We look forward to all that we will be able to create together with the Spirit's guidance.


Our new Sr. Warden for this year will be Jerry Hodge. Jerry brings great spiritual depth and practical experience to the task and I feel blessed to have his help. Last night the vestry unanimously elected Ed Seward to be our Jr. Warden. Ed has been very active both on and off the vestry in working with our physical plant and grounds. He is the perfect choice to fill this position.


Your vestry will have an overnight retreat on March 16-17th to get to know one another better and to identify specific areas where they can find their niche of service. I am greatly excited about working this team of God's servants. I like and believe in the acronym for T.E.A.M.:

Together, Each, Achieves, More!


Yours in Christ,



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This Sunday, February 12, will be our last confirmation class before Bishop Benfield's annual visit on February 19. At this last class we will be talking about spiritual gifts and time and talents, and reviewing the service for February 19.

The bishop is hoping to be at the 8 am service and at the adult formation class at 9:15am in the parish hall meeting those being presented at the 10:30 service on February 19. Presently we have ten people being presented for confirmation, four for baptism (a baby, a teenage, and two adults), one for reception, and one for reaffirmation. There will be a reception following the 10:30 service. In Lent, Carey will be giving a series of talks during the formation hour on how we show our love for each other. One of the ways is our presence, being present to and for those we care about. What better way to show the love that St. Luke's is so well known for than being present for this class at their last meeting together at 9:15 this Sunday February 12, on February 19 especially at the forum at 9:15, at the 10:30 service, and the reception that follows.

Also we ask that you keep these special people daily in your prayers this week and the next.


O God, you prepared your disciples for the coming of the 
Spirit through the teaching of your Son Jesus Christ: Makethe hearts and minds of your servants ready to receive theblessing of the Holy Spirit, that they may be filled with thestrength of his presence; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
BCP 819.




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organ 5



Dear friends,

In a few weeks we will be starting the penitential season of Lent. The first reference to a period of 40 days' preparation is found in the teachings of the First Council of Nicaea around 325 CE. By the end of the 4th century, a Lenten period of 40 days was established and accepted.


In the early days of our church, the season of Lent was used as a preparation for the Feast of Easter, which was mostly associated with the sacrament of baptism. Those wishing to be baptized participated in this season in preparation for the reception of the sacrament of baptism. Eventually, those who were already baptized considered it important to join these candidates preparing for baptism in their preparations for Easter. The customs and practices of Lent as we are familiar with today took hold.


When most people think about Lent, they think of a penitential period of time when people attempt to become more sensitive to the role of sin in their lives. The awareness of sin is balanced by emphasis on the love and acceptance of God for humanity, despite the sinful condition in which we find ourselves.


As you have probably heard me talk about, I was raised Roman Catholic. When I was younger, I was told that I had to give something up for Lent. My teachers told me that I was supposed to deny myself, say, chocolate, if I had a big sweet tooth. It was impressed on me that Jesus hung on the cross for our sins, the least I could do, would be to give up something for 40 days. I never lasted the whole 40 days.


Today, instead of that self-denial, I try to be more diligent in doing random acts of kindness.

I have talked about altruism and that I have to check my motivation sometimes in why I do things. I get a better sense of self when I perform an act of kindness. Without telling anyone, I just try to keep it between God and me. I suppose this is not really altruism as I am getting a better feeling out of the deal. Is this a perfect plan? NO. I am an imperfect human being. But I strive, on a daily basis, to be a better me, which brings me into a closer relationship with God.


God bless you!




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Carolyn Ford, Jim Howell, Katherine Herring, Rhonda Herring, Annette Gerace, Martinka Family, Cory Moses, Kendall, Diane Faust, Laura Dues, Pete Caro, Lawson Anderson, Anne Gontermann, Sheila Crim, Tim Woods, Mike Roh, Vince Roh, Bobbi West, Jamie Poole, Kate Toepfer, Valerie Baker, Nicholas, Martha Stroope, Mary Jo Ring, Kathy Rose, Thalia, Parker, Kathy, Lisa Williams, George Cline, Jim Ellwanger, Hannah Brown, the Acord Family, the Gontermann Family, Bill Spradlin, Mary Paal, Susan Ware, Forest Pollard, Pat Loomis, Rick Parks, and Shirley Miles. 



Special Concerns:  All of the men and women of our Armed Forces, especially Jake, Justin, Bret, Joshua, Mark, Tim, Matt, Doug and Lance.

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2011 Giving Statements are currently available in the Parish Office. You may stop by at any time (during office hours) to pick yours up. They will also be available for pick up on Sunday before and after the services. Please ask the ushers for assistance.


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St. Luke's would like to honor everyone on their birthday and anniversary with a special prayer. If you would like to be honored on your birthday or anniversary, please send in those dates to the office at Prayers will be given at the services on the first Sunday of the month.


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The ChurchMen's breakfast will be held this Saturday, Feb. 11th, in the Parish Hall at 9AM.  Bring a guest, a friend, a shut-in, & share a ride with someone who doesn't have one.  If you have children in your care, bring them along. If you are a wife of a ChurchMan, & are reading this, please help me to remind them.   


Hope to see you there,  

The Kitchen Crew 

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Mark your calendars for the Shrove Tuesday (Feb. 21) Pancake Supper put on by St. Luke's Youth. Tickets will be on sale starting this Sunday. You can purchase them from any participating youth or in the Church Office. The pancake feast starts at 6 pm. Tickets are $5 for a single meal or $20 for a family. 


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Please bring your palms on Shrove Tuesday, February 21. Following the Pancake Supper, palms will be burned for Ash Wednesday (the 22).


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There will be two services on Ash Wednesday; one at noon and another at 7 pm. They will be Eucharist services.  


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Sunday Classes

Adult and Young Adult and Children classes 9:15  


Adult Class: After Christmas we will continue with "Monumental Tombs in the Time of Jesus". Don't wait to join us in our continuing adventure; we will hold a seat just for you next Sunday, starting at 9:25 a.m.





Inquirer's class:  Jan. 8, 15, 22, 29, Feb. 5, 12  

Classes on the 29, 5, and 12 will meet  

in the Parish Hall. 

Youth and those considering confirmation or anyone who would like a refresher on what it means to be an Episcopalian will join young adults for Inquirer's Class at 9:15.  Those attending the class who have been confirmed may be sponsors and may be received.


Class Information:  

  1. Week one January 8 St. Luke's Story led by  Mary Jane Hodges
  2. Week two January 15 Anglican Church Music led by Michael Monnikendam
  3. Week three January 22 Anglican Church History and Beliefs led by Carey Stone
  4. Week four January 29 Anglican Spirituality led by Joanna Seibert
  5. Week five February 5 The Book of Common Prayer and Sacraments led by Carey Stone
  6. Week six February 12 Finding our Ministry, Using our Gifts led by Carey Stone and Joanna Seibert
  7. Week 7 February 19 Visit of Bishop Benfield and Confirmation

February 19:  Bishop Benfield's visit:  adults, young adults, youth meet with the bishop.  


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February 12:

Craft /Jewelry Sale after both services

African Team Ministries is a Christian ministry working as an intermediary between African and American churches.  They have been serving the Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches in Kenya for more than 25 years. They provide handcrafted carvings and jewelry for parishes to sell. They provide funding for orphan and refugee relief missions and evangelism in East Africa.  The support they receive is sent directly to partnering Bishops to provide school fees, tuition, books, and uniforms. This support ensures that the children receive an education and a measure of stability. 


If you would like to volunteer to man the sale table on either date, please call Carmen, 501-993-1883.


February 19: 

Stock the Pantry Sunday

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Classes are Sunday mornings at 9:15 am.

2012-2013 Christian Education Classes


3 year olds:        Brouke Reynolds, Guide

                            Paula Benson, Assistant

Catechesis I:       Beth Maze, Guide

(4-6 year olds)    Paula Volpe, Guide

                            Martha Cross, Assistant

Catechesis II:      Ginna Simmons, Guide

(7-9 year olds)    Ellen Moses, Assistant

Catechesis III:     Kimber Barber-Fendley, Guide

(10-12 year olds) Laura Woford, Assistant

Teenager:           Wanda Dunwoody, Co-teacher

(13-18 year olds) Suzzette Patterson, Co-teacher



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Nursery Care is provided for all activities on Sunday mornings.

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The Diocesan Convention will be held on February 17th and 18th with St. Mark's in Little Rock being host on Friday and Episcopal Collegiate on Saturday. This year's delegates from St. Luke's are Jerry Hodge and Gay Hensley with Sherry Furr as alternate. 


Childcare will be provided for infants to age 12 at the Episcopal Collegiate School. If anyone has a Pack N Play that can be lent for use in the nursery, please call Wanda Dunwoody at 501.412.3998.  


For more information on the convention, please go to  


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Cursillo of Arkansas is holding a workshop for anyone who wants to be a Cursillo leader. Goals of the workshop are:
  • Deepen commitment to Christ
  • Clarify the purpose and method of Cursillo
  • Help grow new Cursillo leaders
  • Plan to do what we do better  
For more information on the workshop, click on this link: Episcopal Cursillo Leaders Workshop



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The Junior League of North Little Rock is accepting applications for their Risa Ratcliff Volunteer Scholarship. For more information on requirements and how to apply, please click on the following link:JLNLR Scholarship



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Bishop Letter 



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It's almost time for the annual MEN OF THE HOUSE 2012 event. Make your plans to attend now by going to  


This year's event will be held at Trinity Cathedral on February 16th, the eve of the Diocesan convention. Bill Valentine will be the featured speaker and we will have great fun, food and libations just for the men from all over the diocese. The proceeds will go to support St. Francis House, which strives to do the work of helping those people in need as referred to by Christ in the gospel.


Also, there will be unique, one of a kind door prizes and auction items.


You may purchase your tickets online at the above website or by calling St. Mark's at 501-225-4203.




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Winterstar is the Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas' annual Winter retreat.  The weekend is divided by grade with Jr. High March 2nd-4th and Sr. High Feb. 24th-26th.  The Bishop Larry Benfield will be presiding at Sr. High Winterstar.  

The weekend begins at Camp Mitchell Friday at 8pm with Registration, and ends Sunday at 10:30am with a closing service.  The Diocesan Youth Commission will be meeting to plan to weekend and it  is always a great weekend. Please click here to register and for more information:
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