January 11, 2011
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Padre's ponderings


Monday: I just had a walk in a winter wonderland.  Delightful.  Invigorating (not all walks are).


Now to a work task I've managed to avoid most of my professional life.  That is working at home.  Church work.  Except for polishing sermons, which I can never do enough of.  I've made it a priority during my career to work at the office, and not at home.  That's probably why I was never called to be a cardinal rector much less a bishop.  No complaints there.


One thing about the snow reminded me of Gulf Shores.  Actually it is not the snow as such, which in the almost twenty years we've been there we've seen once.  It was the quiet.  The stillness.  As if the world had gone to sleep, and I wasn't.  In the early hours of the morning we could not hear traffic on the interstate.  There wasn't much traffic to be sure, but the sound from the little there was was wonderfully muffled by the snow.  It was glorious.  I laid wide awake in bed probably two hours or more listening to the silence.  Very much like Gulf Shores, which if we hear anything in the night is an occasional siren. And when the surf is up the surf, but the surf is a welcome sound.  Hearing traffic on the interstate, not that we always listen, but hearing it is a reality of living on this one-of-a-kind property.  I'm not complaining, just sharing a fact.


Wasn't Emmalyn Anne, at her baptism, one of the cutest babies you've ever seen?  Except, understandably, her parents and grandparents, for whom she had to be, no doubt, the cutest ever.  I don't think you could program a child to be better behaved that she was.  We'll see at the next baptism, February 27.  This is not a contest.


Many of you know by now that Judith removed the tip of her right index finger last Wednesday in a car door.  Don't ask how because she cannot tell you, but she did.  A not so simple surgical procedure - general anesthetic, skin grafts, recovery, all day - just on a pointer finger, has put her on the road to recovery.  The interest and concerns expressed by many have meant a great deal to both of us, and we are grateful, indeed, for that.  One happy, and surprising outcome in this, is that she has felt very little discomfort, read that pain.  She is inconvenienced to be sure with a rather bulky bandage that should not get wet, but that's a temporary necessity.  Someone wondered if it would affect her ability to write, and I had to repeat twice that it won't because she writes with her left hand.


Denis Baum, Interim Rector   


Wednesday - January 12, 2011
12:00 noon   Healing Eucharist in Chapel
6:30 PM  Chancel Bells
7:30 PM  Chancel Choir 

Thursday - January 13, 2011

 9:00 AM  Respite Care

10:00 AM  TGIT 

7:00 PM  Community Group - Adult Classroom


I Epiphany  - January 16, 2011
8:00 AM  Holy Eucharist Rite I
9:20 AM   Christian Formation
10:30 AM  Holy Eucharist Rite II
Monday, January 17, 2011
7:00 PM  Community Group - Hodge's House 

Christi Blain, Kay Gay, Annette Gerace, Teddy Brehm, Penny Jenkins, Louis Jenkins, David, Maynard Gonterman, Anne Gonterman, Carolyn Ford, Fr. Lawson Anderson,  Lance Lockridge,  Austin Edwards, Corey Moses, Antoinette & Quincy Mims, Ella Edwards, 
Suzi Martinka and family, Mindy Wertz, Naedean Mayland, Sophie Papi, Mildred Ford, Jim Howell, Tabitha Murphy, Katherine & Rhonda Herring, Joseph & Marion Murphy, Cynthia, Niles Moffat, Sally Lumpp, Search Committee.  

Special Concerns:  for all the men and women of our Armed Forces, especially Lance, Jake, Bret, Brian, Parker, Justin, Morgan, Matt, Joshua, Mark.

Expectant Mother:  Kelsey
The Annual Meeting and Potluck will be Sunday, January 23, 2011 following the 10:30 AM service.  All reports should be in to the office no later than January 19. 

STEWARDSHIP UPDATE - All the Ponies are out of the gate and moving about in Pulaski County. If you have not seen yours yet , it probably will arrive anytime. We would like to have these all back so we can give a better financial picture at the annual meeting . If you plan to leave town and would rather have a pledge card mailed please let one of the committee members know and we will take care of it. We appreciate everyone's help on this .
Daniel and Gary

Congratulations - Sara Garrett was the first to register. 




WHO:                Ladies of St. Luke's


WHEN:              February 4 - 5, 2011


WHERE:            Camp Mitchell


 WHY:               Spiritual renewal, fun and fellowship


Our speaker for this retreat is our own Judith Baum and she will be speaking on Chaos.  A brief summary of her topic is as follows:


First we will refresh ourselves and each other on the foundations of our faith. Then we will consider our Christian lives through the words of James 1:2 : "Consider it wholly joyful, my brethen, whenever you are enveloped in or encounter trials of any sort..."  We will draw from the strength of those recent scientific discoveries called "chaos" which show that in the midst of what seems totally disorderly, there is order.  Such is bringing science and religion (the seen and the unseen) closer together.


Complete and Return to

Wanda Dunwoody, 3803 No Hill Blvd, NLR, AR 72116. Phone:  771-5058

Make check payable to St. Luke's and on memo line state that it is for DOK Retreat



Name _______________________________________________


_____ Friday and Saturday $60, includes lodging and lunch on Saturday


_____ Saturday only         $20, includes lunch on Saturday


If staying Friday night, please show name of person with whom you want to share:___________________________________________________________



GUILD OF THE CHRIST CHILD is in need of members of the church who enjoy knitting and crocheting!  We would like to begin giving blessed blankets to the babies of our congregation and need assistance.  If you are interested in contributing to the wonderful cause, please contact Gwynne Collins at (501) 339-4866 or sigma3@msn.com

DOK Prayer Cards

St. Luke's Daughters of the King realize so many are in need of daily prayer for healing, guidance, strength, comfort, or protection.  Please write any prayer requests you may have on prayer cards found in the pew racks.  Then drop the card in the white box on the shelf inside the church entrance.  All prayer requests are held in confidence and offered to our Lord for one month, or longer as the need exists.  Psalm 55:17 Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice.
Episcopal Children's Curriculum.  The program consists of three areas, Shell, Cross and Chalice as the theme.  We will be using the "Chalice".  The classes are as follows:

3 and 4 year olds (Teachers Brouke Reynolds & a parent)

K through Grade 2  (Teachers: Becky Rice & Jenny Heard) 

Tweeners - (Teachers: Ginna Simmons & Ellen Moses)

Young Adults Forum - Ages 25+ (Teachers: Wanda & Gary Dunwoody) The Return of the Prodigal SonHenri Nouwen

Seizing the inspiration that came to him through a reproduction of Rembrandt's The Return of the Prodigal Son, the author probes in this book the several movements of this powerful Gospel story:  the younger son's return, the father's restoration to sonship, the elder son's vengefulness and the father's compassion.  The themes of homecoming, affirmation and reconciliation will be newly discovered and this study will lead to the answer of  "Where has my struggle led me?"