March Madness @ Maco Associates



It's our busiest time of year, but we want you to know that we're on top of your tax returns!


We're working on taxes on a first come, first served basis. At the same time, we're meeting with clients, responding to requests, processing the files you're sending us, and ensuring that you're paying as little in taxes as you have to.


Just a few notes for you:

  1. Regarding our portal, ShareFile: If you upload a document to ShareFile, give us a head's up by emailing Your return will be posted to ShareFile the moment it is complete, so check there since mailing it to you will take up to a week.
  2. If we sent you your tax return, note that we cannot electronically file it until we receive Form 8879 from you (Authorization for IRS e-File). Everything is on hold until you send us back this form, so please send it back quickly! Speed up the process by scanning and emailing us the form or fax it to 484-229-9155.
  3. Patience is key this time of year. The more time we spend returning phone calls and emails on your tax status, the less time we have to work on returns. Rest assured that if you have your complete tax information to us by April 1st, your taxes will be submitted by the April 17th deadline!

Thank you for your business - we're thrilled to serve you this tax season. 

~ Maco & Associates