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Today, we're announcing the new Maco & Associates client web portal, breaking tax law changes that affect your donations to Haiti relief efforts, and the wealth of information we offer you online, year-round.
Announcing Our New Web Portal for Clients...
We're proud to announce the launch of our new client web portal! Our goal is to create a place where our clients can have secure access to their electronic tax information. Initially, your 2009 tax returns will be placed on the portal as we complete them; we'll add previous years throughout the tax season. Watch your email for a note from us containing your login information. You’ll be able to access the portal from our home page or from the link that is sent to you. Both are very secure! You will have access your tax returns and W-2s anytime, day or night.

The technical mumbo jumbo: the portal has 128-bit SSL Encryption Protection and complies with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. You can rest assured that your records are secure! Another advantage of the portal is that your tax information is protected in the event of a fire or other natural disaster. You are able to login from anywhere with your individual user name and password. No one else is able to see your information. You can even send us files through the portal. For example, if you have monthly books you normally email us, you can put them up on the portal instead.

Finally, the portal allows you to download and procure your information directly for mortgage refinancings, college financial aid, and more, and submit it yourself, without the hassle of getting signed releases for Maco & Associates to send it on for you (previously, we could not send your information to anyone but you -- the taxpayer -- without a signed release).

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Haiti Contributions are Deductible on 2009 Tax Returns...
The government is allowing you to take immediate advantage of your Haiti relief effort donations on your 2009 tax return! On Friday, January 22nd, President Obama signed into law a measure allowing contributions made for the victims of the Haiti Earthquake to be tax deductible on 2009 tax returns. The measure sped through Congress and was signed into law.

Under current law, donors would have to wait until they file their 2010 returns next year to take the deductions. The new bill allows donations made by the end of February to be deducted from 2009 returns.

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Year-Round Resources...
Just a reminder that we offer a wealth of information year-round on our website and blog, Making Sense of the Numbers™. We address frequently asked questions, such as: We tackle a host of other topics on a regular basis on our blog.

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A note about tax appointments...
If you haven't received confirmation from us and would like an appointment, please email us ASAP. We received many postcards back that contain no identifying information. If we haven't contacted you about the appointment you requested, you may be one of the unidentified. Please email us now!
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