Household Appliances Energy Rebate
Benefits now, NOT next during tax season
Fall 2009
Enery Efficient Appliances
Appliance Categories
The following Enery Star qualified appliances may be elligible for the rebate:
-Central and Room Conditioners
-Heat Pumps
-Washing Machines
-Water Heaters
Each state may vary on what appliances they offer rebates for.
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Is the majority of your electric bill spent running old appliances? You would be surprised how much that old appliance is eating of your electric bill!
 Is your refridgerator, dishwasher or washer and dryer making electricity cost an arm and leg?  Now might be the time to uprgrade to a more energy efficient model.  The Department of  Energy has approved $300 million from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act to be put toward state run rebates for qualified household appliances. 

This rebate is intended to help families update some of their old appliances which will then lower the cost of electricity.  The best part is that it is offered as a rebate, NOT a tax credit, so you can see the money now instead of waiting for next April. 

The funding is expected to begin by the end of November 2009.  All 50 states have decided to be included but drafts must be made by October establishing how the funding will be used. 
For Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania is expected to receive $12 million out of the nation's $300 million. The savings for the rebate can range from $50- $250, but this can vary for different appliances.  Also savings of about $75 are expected in reduced energy costs per year. 
Take advantage of these significant credits and make sure to stay tuned to our blog where we will be posting many more credit and tax-related issues throughout the year.

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