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Green Steps

We're adopting a greener approach in 2008. We are addressing many of your survey comments, questions and concerns via our blog. Topics initially came from the survey feedback. So we thank you for your invaluable feedback.  Our green approach will save trees and fuel used to deliver press releases and updates the  traditional way.  We will still offer our TaxTips and organizers via regular mail and also on our website, and if you prefer yours by regular mail, please email us and request it and we'll send it on it's way.


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We're blogging! Keep up with us as we share tips, thoughts, and useful pointers and please, share your thoughts and comments; it's really why we started this blog- for you!

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 We know how hectic summer can be, but remember, tax season isn't the only time we're at work for you. If you have any bookkeeping, accounting needs, or tax-related questions any time throughout the year, we are always available to help. Give us a call at (610)489-7215 and/or email us at info@macoassociates.com.

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