September 2012

Partners for the Younger Generation,


The influence of Reach Out continues to expand globally in amazing ways. One example: Johannesburg, South Africa where Glenn Campbell leads G1 Core.


Past Relationship


Glenn Campbell

Glenn and I are "kindred spirits". We have befriended, admired and respected each other since his days as Student Pastor at Church of the Apostles in Atlanta. He built a student ministry with over 600 kids, most of them from Atlanta's best private schools. The influence of that ministry was significant then and still continues. Glenn, built his ministry on the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry elements. Intimacy with Jesus, prayer, discipling adult leaders and students, and then unleashing them to reach their friends with the gospel--these brought about significant life-change and produced vibrant life-changers.

Present Partnership


Fast forward to 2011-2012. The Lord led Glenn to South Africa for the second time. Before he left we decided to partner together to build the youth ministries he leads around Johannesburg on the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry training and resources. The early results are remarkable. In Glenn's words...


G1 Core, our Godfirst youth ministry, is really "pumping". 16 Core Groups (discipleship groups) meet weekly. Our Core Worship averages 10 new visitors per week--all at the invitation of friends. Our combined Core Leadership, made up of adults/students, continues to grow in number and purpose.

Glenn's Discipleship Group
You would not believe how far these students have come in 8 months! 15 guys from my original discipleship group have ALL begun their own Core Groups with 8th, 9th and 10th graders. I am sending them out in sets of 3 to impact their school. Also, dozens of students, at first completely intimidated to pray out loud, now lead prayers in front of 100+ of their peers at Core Worship. The Holy Spirit brings energy and life to our worship time. As well, we have a group of emerging young preachers! Three 12th graders will preach a series in October entitled: "Show Us Your ID!" dealing with our identity "in Christ".
Future Influence


Tembisa Student Leaders

G1 Core will expand! We intend to begin our second G1 Core in Tembisa, a township south of the city with over 1 million people and many high schools. The township areas are the poorest and most violent places in our country. Since praying with two young men in May about starting a youth ministry, now 40 people meet. Incredible momentum for discipleship

and evangelism has resulted.

First Core Baptism

We pray most intensely for openings into schools and into students' hearts. In the #1 rated worst school in the country, the headmaster invited Michael Gadise to teach the Life Orientation classes for 1800 students. The headmaster has given us the "green light" to share the gospel with his students--a miracle since he is not a believer and government schools will not permit any gospel presentation on school grounds!


Individual hearts are opening. At our Friday meeting students keep growing in numbers and maturity. Recently two students shared their stories and then invited students who had never "crossed the line of faith" to receive Christ. Three young men accepted Jesus. Kids in this city are primed to lead their friends to the Lord. And I have the best seat in the house to watch it happen!


God is doing beautiful things here. I believe we sit on the threshold of a ministry explosion!


God's grace and your faith in Reach Out's global vision make possible this partnership with Glenn Campbell. Much thanks for your prayers and gifts!

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