June 2012

Friends of Reach Out, 


During ten days in May I traveled in southern California. I had many wonderful adventures with friends. Two encounters could launch what Reach Out has done in the past into a unique twist in the future.

Orphan Opportunity  


Bruce Thomas, my good friend, Reach Out's first "missionary trainer" in 1991 in Romania, and now Livada Orphan Care  founder and leader in Romania told me that he wanted to use Reach Out's Romanian resources to equip orphan care leaders to disciple teen orphans. They tend to fall through the cracks when they become teens. He did that in Romania and it is working well.


That led to an invitation for us lead a seminar on "Discipling Teenage Orphans" at the Christian Alliance for Orphans at Saddleback Church. I entered a whole new world and it deeply moved me. 141 million orphans globally! Overwhelming--yes, but also solvable! 2000 people at CAFO have involved themselves in the solution. Following the lead of my friend, Bruce, I am gladly joining in. The unique twist: though I know almost nothing about orphan care, Reach Out does provide training and multiple resources in many languages to disciple teens. At CAFO three orphan care groups in Africa decided to participate in our training this summer. Only the Lord knows where this will go! 

Prayer Consultation

Mike Higgs, another good friend, spoke seriously to me in October about the desperate need for intense prayer for God to move among younger generation leaders in America. Rarely are kids the problem, but rather the people who raise them--parents and church. We agreed to pray together for a month, then talk. From a blank page the Lord showed us the first step. We invited youth ministry leaders to join us for a 21 hour Prayer Consultation the day before the Youth Ministry Executive Council. Fifteen leaders responded enthusiastically. God met us there! Somehow the future of America's younger generation is tied to our concluding statement.

Prayer Consultation Concluding Statement

We believe our nation is in desperate need of significant spiritual renewal. The chorus of those calling the American church to humility, prayer and repentance has grown in recent years, and the roar of their corporate prophetic voice is increasingly difficult to ignore. In response, 15 leaders convened on May 7 for a 21-hour Youth Ministry Prayer Consultation. The theme for our gathering: 2 Chronicles 20:12: "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon You." We agreed that current strategies and methodologies, are insufficient for the task at hand--the fulfillment of the Great Commission among the emerging generations. To adjust our current approach we must discover what is on God's heart so that we may join Him in His mission.


From our Prayer Consultation these shared convictions emerged:

--Youth ministry must restore the supremacy of Christ and the fullness of His finished work on the Cross. 

--Youth ministry must proclaim and incarnate the whole gospel of the Kingdom to a wounded, fatherless generation desperate for healing, deliverance, forgiveness, and Kingdom life now and in eternity.  

--Prayer is the primary strategy God has given us for fulfilling the Great Commission. 

--As youth leaders and ministries reaffirm the supremacy of Christ, embrace a whole gospel message, incarnate a crucified life, and pray as never before, then unity, disciple-making and progress toward our goal of reaching the emerging generations will greatly accelerate.


Beautifully, the spirit of our Prayer Consultation spilled over to the Youth Ministry Executive Council. Sixty national leaders met to discuss the complex issues that keep the church from reaching and discipling kids. And on the final evening, as Mike and I led the group in an extended time of intercession and communion, all of us agreed that, ultimately, intensely praying for Jesus to reign as Lord in us and in the church is the only real solution.

Thank you for praying with us, and giving, so Reach Out can continue to engage in encounters like the ones in California.

 Jesus is Lord,



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