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"Your investment in us and the work God does when we get together is like a "spiritual fill up" that fuels us
for the entire year." 


 --Elio Martiz, on Reach Out's Eagle Leaders meeting in Cuba

Friends of Cuban Youth Leaders,

Our Cuba preparations posed significant difficulties. We almost canceled the trip. But our problems pale in comparison to our Cuban friends. Elio, for example, arrived late to pick us up at the Havana airport because his 28 year-old car broke down. It has had all body parts and motor replaced three times! 

Desperate Need


Because everyone in Cuba lives with great difficulties, we began the gathering of our  eight core Eagle Leaders exploring Jesus calming the storm (Luke 8: 22-26). When Jesus said, "Let's go to the other side" the disciples assumed that the boat would take them there. The boat failed them and they were afraid. But Jesus meant that HE would take them there.

Cuba The Challenge Ahead


All of us desperately need Jesus to "get us there", but our Cuban friends' live in "swamped boat" desperation daily...  

  *Pino--2 teenagers, new twins, no money

  *Elio-parents-pastors-- evicted from their home

  *Guin Carlos--no food, no money to buy any

And on their desperate plight goes. In a moving experience together we affirmed that only Jesus can get us to the other side.  

Mentoring Pioneers

Cuba Group

Then we asked ourselves: "Where on the other side of the lake are we going?" That launched us into two amazing days of envisioning God's future for the younger generation in Cuba. 


Alexy said, "We are mentoring pioneers in Cuba. No one has mentored any of us, but God has called us to mentor and multiply leaders." Years ago we had committed to "mentor younger leaders through a process that produces Multiplying Ministry Models." So we looked back to 2004 to see what Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry training has accomplished.   


* Cuba for Christ! has been their desire from the beginning. 

* 82 JFYM Forums conducted.

* 1200 youth leaders trained.

* 225 churches from 5 denominations participated. 

* 82 churches implemented JFYM.

* 56 have qualified as Eagle Leaders.

* 600 teenagers attended Impacto 2009--the only gathering of Christian teenagers since    Castro's revolution in 1959! 


Despite difficulties, God has produced much fruit in eight years through these mentoring pioneers. 

   The end result 

Higher Commitment, Deeper Ministry


Yet our team has a burning desire for more.  We asked God to show us ways to improve and produce even more fruit in the next eight years.  


The planMentor one church for one year to become a JFYM Multiplying Model. 


In eight weekend sessions at a church, two Eagle Leaders guide the pastor and younger generation team through each element of JFYM. The leaders identify their personal and ministry struggles, and then they design and implement their plans. After a year, they become a Multiplying Model, and then they mentor 1-3 new churches!


56 current Eagle Leaders will mentor others through this more in-depth approach.


Reach Out USA will translate into Spanish and produce
6-10 new resources.

The conviction: Darwin captured our conviction--

"I am making a higher commitment for a deeper


Rarely have I participated in a group so united around a vision and committed to the specific steps and hard work ahead to fulfill that vision! 


Will you pray for and give to Cuba, our Cuba team and Reach Out?   With your help "Cuba for Christ" can become a reality!    



Jesus is Lord,


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