January 2012

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 How is God working through Reach Out?  Answer:  Already...Not Yet! the past Jesus died and rose again.

Not the future Jesus will come in glory.


Already...2011 has past and God worked remarkably.

Not Yet...2012 has just begun and the Lord will multiply His past work into the future.


Jesus gave us His secret--how He works:  Seed fell on good soil...multiplying...(Mark 4:8) 

Reach Out desires to operate within that secret.



In humble thanks to Jesus, seed sown has multiplied. In numerous ways, with only a select few mentioned here, Reach Out has had our best year ever.


ElioCuba: Reach Out's Cuba Team, lead by Elio Martiz, conducted 11 Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forums with 135 youth leaders and certified 9 new Eagle Leaders (JFYM trainers). -- Strong growth in an unstable environment


Iran and Armenia: In 2010 we equipped 30 Iranians and 30 Armenians. This year we selected a smaller group of key leaders who had implemented JFYM, 5 from Iran and 15 from Armenia. -- Astounding! More on that next month. Western Kenya Facilitators


East Africa: Charles Juma led our team of 138 Eagle Leaders to conduct 18 JFYM Forums for 650 youth leaders and communicate the gospel with 80,000 students in 10 countries. -- This defies explanation!


doug landroUkraine: A team of 26 Eagle Leaders currently coach 20 churches through JFYM under the direction of Doug Landro. 563 teens gave their lives to Christ. 281 students are being discipled. That represents 161% growth in adult leaders trained and a 359% average increase in

kids in the youth ministry. -- Exponential growth!Roger Palmer


United States: In our most difficult country, the Lord has given us favor in places like Arkansas, New England, Mississippi and Texas. Under Roger Palmer's leadership, we conducted 16 JFYM Forums and equipped 14 Eagle Leaders as JFYM Trainers. Going forward they will coach youth leaders in their area. 

-- Significant progress where programs often trump relational disciple-making.

Not Yet...2012


In 2012 we believe God will give us His "not yet" -- seeds sown, but "not yet" multiplying (Mark 4:8). Our approach is to "," and by God's grace, we will "receive...find...and the door will be opened" (Matthew 7:7).


In 2000 we set a goal of equipping 25,000 youth leaders in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. Now halfway to that goal, how will we complete it? Only through prayer that multiplies ministries like these:


In current places where multiplying ministry has already begun -- Cuba, 10 countries in East Africa, Ukraine and the United States hany k  

In difficult places where multiplying ministry has yet to occur -- Iran, Armenia and in Egypt's "invisible church" with Muslim Background Believers  

In open door places where we have taken steps forward but have had to pause due to lack of funds -- West Africa, Central Asia and Latin America  

In significant partnerships giving away Reach Out's training and resources to reach and disciple Romanian teenage orphans and American juvenile delinquents  

By creating new resources to increase the current 22 books in 18 languages by translating, producing and distributing 8 Spanish "Moving Toward Maturity" books, Parent Fuel in Arabic and 13 resources each in Armenian and Farsi  

By unveiling a new website and technology that will increase Reach Out's communication capacity to train and follow up with leaders

These ministries...already...not yet.

Your gifts and prayers in 2012...seeds sown on good soil...multiplying!

Thank you.


Jesus is Lord,

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