November, 2010  

Our Partners for the Younger Generation,

Let me introduce you to some people who represent "the fruit" of Reach Out. They give tangible expression to Jesus' words: This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit... (John 15:8). By God's grace, your investment in us and ours in them has influenced their lives to the Father's glory!

John and Luke--United States

John and Luke Crawford went with me to Cuba last March. John, an Atlanta businessman, was trained as a youth leader years ago by Jim Moye, Jr. whom I mentored. John and his wife Annie invest heavily in the spiritual development of their four teenage boys. John took Luke to Cuba for that reason.

"We found ourselves inspired and motivated as we got an up-close look at Reach Out in Cuba. We grew particularly close to Hector, a single young man who has devoted his life to young people. Not only did we see the impact of Reach Out in Hector's life and other key Cuban leaders like him, but also the strong influence of Hector as he helped lead a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum. For us, it was a father/son opportunity of a lifetime!"

Mayrovit and Loli--Cuba

"Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry confirmed my path with the Lord. Now I pray with passion and I am closer to God. In my work with students JFYM has helped me to value relationships with those young students who don't know Jesus yet and to invest in their lives. I have formed a leadership team committed to the youth generation. Recently I had one of my greatest experiences. I reached a young girl...Loli."

"I came to know Jesus because of my close relationship with Mayrovit. Now she is teaching me through a book about Jesus and I am learning how to stay on the path with Him. She gives plenty of her time to help me grow."

Joseph and Erasto--Kenya

"I have done ministry for over 15 years but always felt something was missing until I came across my brother Charles Juma, who introduced me to JFYM. Since then not only am I reaching students with the gospel of Jesus, but also I disciple them to grow in Christ and in their service to others. When I see students like Erasto, my heart is blessed beyond words. I am also mentoring other leaders to do the same with young people in East Africa thanks to JFYM."   

"I am a 17 year old student at Ebubayi Secondary School. I have had the opportunity to lead many of my fellow students to the Lord. As president of the Christian Union I am involved in planning assemblies for teachers and students to share to the gospel of Christ. Pastor Joseph Chiteri reached out to me when I was not a believer and led me to the Lord. He continues to invest his life in me, encouraging me and discipling me in God's Word."

Not to Reach Out's credit, but to the Father's glory, stories like these are repeated by thousands of youth leaders and teenagers in over 30 countries. With our investment of time and your investment of money the Lord will allow us--together--to produce much more fruit in 2011.
Jesus is Lord,
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