October, 2010

Dear friends of Africa's youth,

Emmanuel Ruheza leads a movement of 1,000 students in Rwanda, Africa. A university student himself, he disciples a team of leaders who reach out and disciple those students. Amazing ministry takes place daily. Charles Juma, Reach Out's East Africa leader, has invested in equipping him in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry for three years. Emmanuel, our first Eagle Leader* in Rwanda, personifies one of over 800 younger generation leaders Reach Out has equipped in East Africa in five years. Each has an inspiring story of the change Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry has made in and through them.

*Eagle Leader: one who mentors others through Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry

Charles summarized this summer's ministry:

"God marked the summer by leadership multiplication, public school evangelism, and strategic partnerships--the result of five years of faithful investment of time, life, and resources in mentoring leaders to reach and disciple 75% of East Africa's population--the youth."

The result: a
ministry explosion!

Leadership Multiplication

8 Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forums with leaders from 7 countries...
          400 leaders trained who will each mentor 3 new leaders back home...
                     27 new Eagle Leaders certified = 70 in East Africa!
Revival came to the Kigali, Rwanda Forum youth leaders. 33 attended from six countries--Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda--under the leadership of Bishops Bonaventure and Nshimiyimana of Rwanda. God began to move when bishops and pastors of these troubled nations tearfully expressed their grief over so many young people who participated in some of the worst human atrocities of the 21st century. These leaders confessed through tears that the church was not equipped for these traumatic circumstances. They did not know how to offer the forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation that only Jesus can bring. Then they rejoiced that JFYM offered them that renewed opportunity.

Bishop Ngirababo Israel of Democratic Republic of Congo confessed:

"For years I have felt helpless about how to help thousands of our young people, but now I am going back to DRC equipped to reach our youth, disciple them in Christ, and mentor leaders all over our country. What a timely gift from God JFYM is...a real answer to prayer for my nation's youth and pastors."

Powerful experiences of revival, conviction, vision, and gratitude were repeated with participants in each Forum. So many stories... so many leaders multiplied!

Public School Evangelism

55,000 students had the opportunity to hear the gospel this summer
in their schools through our Eagle Leaders.

According to Charles Juma, public school ministry is the biggest open door in East Africa today. In Bunyore, Kenya, Joseph Chiteri, an Eagle Leader, pastor and school principal, ministers to over 10,000 students each month in his own school and in other schools in his region. He is one of several youth leaders who share Jesus with 10,000-20,000 students each month. Hard for us to fathom, but true!

Strategic Partnerships

The Lord forged new partnerships for future ministry:

  • 70 Southern Baptist Churches in Nairobi will conduct their first JFYM Forum November 3-5. Then they plan to train 150 Baptist associations countrywide.
  • The bishops of Tanzania extended an invitation to train even more youth leaders. 
  • More invitations pour in for training in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, and Southern Sudan.
And the list goes on...

Ministry Explosion

In the last five years the Lord, through Charles' leadership, has created a ministry explosion!  Personally, I am honored to play a small part in it. And I hope you will too. Your partnership with us will mentor more African youth leaders. With your help we can go deeper into Africa to bring Christ's love, hope and forgiveness to African youth.

Jesus is Lord,
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