September, 2008

Dear Friends of African Youth Leaders,

Charles JumaFor three years Charles Juma has led our training in East Africa. What God did there this summer directly expresses the promise of the Book of Acts: "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams." (Acts 2:17) This newsletter reflects his report on his ministry there during the summer months to introduce and train up leaders in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.
David KamanziI never knew this day would come! It is a miracle! I came across Reach Out on the internet and emailed Eric Ball. He introduced me to Charles Juma. After a year I have finally attended a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum. This Forum has confirmed to me that it is what my country Uganda needs. The Youth of Uganda have suffered for a long time, and they deserve the leadership that Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry provides. I have personally gone through a lot, but I am determined to be God's channel of grace and love to the Ugandan young people. I will implement all I have gleaned here and will pass it on to other leaders in Uganda. I cannot wait to have a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum in Uganda. - David Kamanzi, Uganda
The Spirit Poured Out
Forum delegates praying for each otherIn Malindi, Kenya, Oyugis, Southern/Western Kenya and Mwanza, Tanzania, places spiritually starved for youth ministry, Charles Juma conducted Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forums. As last year's leaders reported on how God has blessed their ministries through Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry, tears flowed, the fire of the Holy Spirit came down and revival broke out. Healing happened as leaders from across Kenya met for the first time since the chaos and tragedy of last December. A network of support was created as youth leaders became friends. The new leaders, with influence and authority to change youth ministry in their churches, caught the vision of Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.
Young Men and Old Men
Charles Juma speaking to students in MalindiSeventy-five percent of Africa is under the age of twenty-five. The survival of Christ's church in Africa depends on what we do with the young people today. This summer our Eagle Leaders - tested and ready and our first in East Africa - spoke to over sixty thousand students in public schools. Older leaders mentoring younger leaders in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry is resulting in youth leaders who have a vision for nothing less than bringing the light of Jesus to every young person on the Dark Continent.
Jonathan Gamba with Charles JumaAs a senior pastor of the church, I knew that I needed to do something about our youth ministry, since seventy-five percent of my congregation is under the age of twenty. Having attended this Forum, I plan to mobilize four hundred pastors to attend your Forum this coming year because I believe they will never be the same after it. - Jonathan Gamba, Malindi Baptist Church, Kenya
All People
Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda meetAs the Forum began in Mwanza, Tanzania, colorful flags of four different countries filled the room. We spoke and sang in different languages. Uganda and Rwanda joined Kenya and Tanzania to claim the younger generation in East Africa for Christ. Emanuel from Rwanda joined David Kamanzi in Kampala, Uganda in attending. Both deeply desire to reach the youth of their countries for Christ. All of us cried as they talked about the Rwanda genocide and Uganda's long suffering. They know that only Jesus can heal the wounds of their countries. That will happen as they raise up a new generation in Christ. David and Emanuel will help lead the first Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forums in Uganda and Rwanda next year.
EmanuelIn Rwanda only Jesus can heal our wounded hearts and broken dreams, unite our people and make us one in Him. That is why Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry could not have come at a more appropriate time. It is what Rwandan churches have been waiting for. I leave this Forum with good news for our leaders and youth in Rwanda. With God's help I will implement what I have learned in this Forum. - Emanuel, Kigali, Rwanda