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August 26, 2011
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Do you have questions about taking enemas, colon hydrotherapy, buying enema equipment, trying a spring colon cleanse for the first time, or about heart health? A live chat is a valuable opportunity to ask Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Kristina Amelong all these questions and more. You can also share your colon cleanse experiences, your dietary experimentations, and your health struggles and successes with the larger community.

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Check out the Optimal Health Network Blog -- an online journal addressing diverse alternative health topics.

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Regular colon hydrotherapy has been beneficial to me so I wanted others to hear my story:

Back in the late 50s, I was visiting an aunt in Los Angeles who was a client of a colon therapist. I had been constipated for a few days. I told her so. Right then and there she took me to a colon therapist. I went three days in a row and felt great...

Read full testimonial
NEW: Adrenal Support Recovery Program 

Want to experience more energy, weight loss, improved skin, greater focus, better sleep? Read our new 32-page booklet to learn how.

circadian rhythm
Fair Trade Olive Oil and Dr. Bronner's Soap

Know that when you purchase Dr. Bronner's Soap, you are contributing to a just world, a healthier planet, and a healthier you!

A dear friend of mine is the wife of the fair trade activist who brought the only fairly traded olive oil to the market. Below is their story.

Dr. Bronner's Soap

"I always knew the young man whom I met back in 1987 at Wayne State University, Nasser Abufarha, would do great things one day that would not only have a significant impact on his own community in Palestine, but the world as a whole. Merging life experience with education and training, Nasser has given the olive farming sector in Palestine new hope by connecting the concept and community of fair trade and organic farming practices with the olive farmers of Palestine. The global movement of fair trade is joined with the centuries-old commitment to land and sustainable farming in Palestine.

Nasser's project is twofold: he founded the Palestine Fair Trade Association on the one hand to empower small farmers through education and training and the pooling of their products and resources, and Canaan Fair Trade as an export company on the other to provide farmers with a direct link to international markets committed to fair trade and organic products. The project has enabled small farmers to maintain their traditional way of life sustainably - for the earth and their families - by tapping into a global community willing to pay a social premium for high-quality, fair-trade-certified, organic products.

Nasser Abufarha
Nasser Abufarha
The project doesn't just make good business sense - it serves as a vehicle for cultural exchange between producer communities and distributors and consumers. Farmers realize they have friends and supporters around the globe, and people from many countries are getting to know a Palestine that is rarely in the headlines. The human dimension of the project has given way to touching stories and moving accounts of how this project has literally changed people's lives and perceptions about self and other.

In uncertain times Nasser has given hope and purpose to people's lives at home and abroad by creating a space for meaningful self-expression of identity, culture, and conviction. People's lives are literally transformed into tangible day-to-day outcomes that help offset the damage and destruction of decades of conflict with the state of Israel. There is an unusual merging of ancient tradition with modern practice, local knowledge with the latest in farming practices. People are realizing they are speaking the same language.

These are challenging times, but exciting times just the same. We are all witnessing in what ways sustainability is not simply the right thing to do, but that the survival of our world and our communities depends on it. Fair trade in Palestine is a beautiful example of how good ideas can really touch people's lives and secure our future no matter where we are or where we are from."

Learn more about fair trade in Palestine by visiting www.palestinefairtrade.org and www.canaanfairtrade.com or take a trip and see for yourself how ideas can change the world!

essential oils


Essential Oil Suppositories

and Children: A Better Choice

for Colon Cleansing?


Below is the story of DeeDee Delkamp of the Optimal Health Center working with a mother to resolve her son's constipation. A main point I want to highlight is that an essential oil suppository may be a better choice for most children because it works to empty the colon and most children don't like being given enemas.


Hi DeeDee, 


This is Amber. We spoke a few times on the phone about my two-year-old son who is having constipation issues. First of all, I have to tell you how grateful I am that you took the time -- twice -- out of your busy days to return my calls. This issue has been a source of worry for me every day for at least the past year and a half. It is so difficult to watch my little one struggle with this and I have felt completely at a loss for solutions. I've tried so many things in an effort to avoid harmful laxatives, but so far nothing has worked. I've talked to doctors who always say that it is "normal" or "typical" for toddlers to experience some constipation. I don't think there is anything normal about what we are experiencing. After talking to you, I finally feel some hope that we might just be able to resolve this issue!  Thank you for your patience with all my questions. Again, I can't thank you enough for your caring, your knowledge, and your patience.


The boy is using Reacted Magnesium and essential oil suppositories. The mother tried enemas with him, but they were upsetting for him, which is often the case with enemas and children. Essential oil suppositories are a better choice for assisting children to have healthy, daily bowel movements.


When inserted into the rectum, coconut and essential oil suppositories dissolve to deliver systemically and locally acting therapeutic oils. The suppositories are made by pouring one tablespoon of melted coconut oil and 4-6 drops of essential oils into a rounded ice cube tray. The ice cube tray with oil suppositories is then placed into your refrigerator or freezer.


To learn more about essential oil suppositories, view this video.  

enema historyEnema History in Coins


At the Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington, DC, the numismatic collection includes more than 3,000 coins, tokens, medals, and insignia commemorating medical themes and important physicians. The coins in the collection honor events ranging from "Administering the Enema" dating from the 17th century to a medallion struck for the Yellow Fever Commission and presented to Walter Reed in 1929.


Learn more about the museum's collections
Tired all the time?

REAL Tonic for Health

Introducing a customizable herbal formula
prepared for your current individual needs

Optimize your health for greater energy, stronger immunity, balanced hormone levels, and an overall feeling of well-being

After 30 collective years of studying how to optimize health and working with over 5000 clients at the Optimal Health Center, Kristina Amelong and DeeDee Delkamp would like to announce our signature health product, REAL Tonic for Health, now available for purchase. LEARN MORE

To order, please call the Optimal Health Center at 608-242-0200 or e-mail us.

REAL Tonic for Health is introduced in our short alternative health video The REAL Tonic and also discussed in our videos Men's Health, Echinacea for Immune and Gut Support, and Tired All the Time?

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The Optimal Health Network is increasing its presence in social media with short educational videos for you on various topics related to health. Please view them and share them with your own networks to spread the word. If you have ideas you would like to see us talk about, please share those ideas with us.

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Optimizing Digestive Health

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Educational Health

Videos by OHN

The REAL Tonic

A Runner's

Tired All the Time?

Men's Health

7-Day Cleanse

Constipation Cures

Echinacea for Immune and Gut Support

Additionally, we now have a Facebook Fan Page that has features similar to a website. Your first step is to like the page. From there, you have access to our entire YouTube channel, our Optimal Health Network blog, our Twitter page, all of our health products, and educational materials such as our book, Ten Days to Optimal Health, and our downloadable videos, Small Volume Enema and Large Volume Enema.

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