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February 22, 2010
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Mayan Enema History
Probiotic Therapy
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Live Chat with Kristina AmelongPlease join us on Wed, February 24, at 12:00 noon CT and March 10th at 7pm for our live chat.
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Do you have questions about taking enemas, colon hydrotherapy, buying enema equipment, trying a spring colon cleanse for the first time, or about heart health? A live chat is a valuable opportunity to ask Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Kristina Amelong all these questions and more. You can also share your colon cleanse experiences, your dietary experimentations, and your health struggles and successes with the larger community.

Enema History in the Mayan Culture

Join Kristina on her adventures in Guatemala and her discovery of the use of enemas and enema mythology among the Mayan people.

Read more about Mayan Enema History
Client Testimonials

"I got the two colon cleanse enema videos, All About Enemas and Cleansing, Coffee Enemas & Colon Tubes, from you and watched them both. Excellent!

I also received the Enema Retention Flexible-Inflatable Nozzle with the same order. One of the problems that I have had is that for every 2 ounces of fluid that went in, 1 ounce came out as leakage. No matter how hard I tried to squeeze and keep the leakage from occurring, it was to no avail.

The Enema Retention Flexible-Inflatable nozzle has allowed me for the first time to do a 2-quart enema fluid without any leakage at all. What a difference!..."

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"Dear Dee Dee,

You may remember that some time ago you gave me some advice about ways to manage onsets of vertigo. I've just come back from a great day's hiking in the snow -- 22 miles and 4,100 feet of ascent -- and felt it was time to send you a big thank you!..."

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Recently a friend of mine recommended that I read Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome. I had actually read it years ago, but having decided to re-read all the great health books at least twice, I picked it up again.

The core message of Gut and Psychology Syndrome is that there is natural treatment for autism, dyspraxia, ADD, dyslexia, ADHD, depression, and schizophrenia. All of these so-called psychological syndromes start in the gut: heal the gut to heal the mind.

To learn more about the fabulous work of Dr. Campbell-McBride, watch these six YouTube videos.

There are many aspects to this natural treatment to heal the gut, and in turn to optimize one's psychological health, including vitamin A, healthy fats, digestive enzymes, and a gluten-free diet, but in re-reading the book, the information that really struck me was her thoughts on probiotic therapy.

Probiotic therapy is the use of beneficial microorganisms, or "probiotics," for the prevention and treatment of disease. As currently populates the scientific literature, and as Dr. Campbell-McBride states, "The scope of disorders where probiotics have been successfully used as part of treatment is rapidly growing."

Clinically, we do find that probiotic therapy promotes healing in most, if not all, of the people that we work with at the Optimal Health Center. Furthermore, in our work with Gastrointestinal Health Panels, we consistently find microbial imbalances even when the symptoms of ill health aren't thought to relate to a gut disorder (e.g., eczema, arthritis, and insomnia).

diabetesOne health disorder that Dr. Campbell-McBride does not include in her discussion of the gut and psychology syndrome, and which I would like to address, is diabetes. You don't consider it a psychological disorder? Actually, diabetes is associated with an increased likelihood of anxiety disorders.

Is it possible that restoring a normal, healthy microflora within the gut of the diabetes sufferer could help to bring recovery? In the scientific article, The "Perfect Storm" for Type 1 Diabetes: The Complex Interplay Between Intestinal Microbiota, Gut Permeability, and Mucosal Immunity, the authors state the following:

"Studies examining the microecology of the gastrointestinal tract have identified specific microorganisms whose presence appears related (either quantitatively or qualitatively) to disease; in type 1 diabetes, a role for microflora in the pathogenesis of disease has recently been suggested. Increased intestinal permeability has also been observed in animal models of type 1 diabetes as well as in humans with or at increased risk for the disease. Finally, an altered mucosal immune system has been associated with the disease and is likely a major contributor to the failure to form tolerance, resulting in the autoimmunity that underlies type 1 diabetes. Herein, we discuss the complex interplay between these factors and raise testable hypotheses that form a fertile area for future investigations as to the role of the gut in the pathogenesis and prevention of type 1 diabetes."

Our bodies ought to be well-populated with a magnificent community of multiple types of bacteria: Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria, Saccharomyces boulardii, E.coli, Streptococcus faecalis, and Bacillus subtilis, to name a few. Unfortunately, most of our bodies do not hold vibrantly healthy communities of the health-producing microbes. We all need to take a daily dose of probiotics. People who take a regular colon cleanse need to take a daily probiotic.

Dr. Campbell-McBride states: "A good probiotic should have multiple types of beneficial bacteria; a mixture of strains from different groups of probiotic bacteria is more beneficial than just one group; a good probiotic should have a concentrated amount of bacteria; and, the manufacturer of the probiotic should test every batch for strength and bacterial composition."

probioticsAt the Optimal Health Center, we recommend Ortho Biotic as a daily probiotic supplement.

The therapeutic dose level of a probiotic depends on the individual, but here are some general guidelines:
  • An adult should take in about 15-20 billion bacterial cells per day.

  • Children also benefit from probiotics, but the dosage varies depending on the size and age of the child.

  • Daily maintenance dosages of probiotics are lower than a therapeutic dosage, but vary based on the health history of the individual.
Please contact the Optimal Health Center for more support with your optimal therapeutic and maintenance dosages of probiotics.
therapeutic enemasNew Q&As:

"Hello Kristina. I'm a new customer and ordered a 4-quart Easy Enema Kit Saturday, so I'll just ask a couple of quick questions.

I do know how important cleansing the colon is and how helpful coffee enemas are, but until I found your website it would appear I was doing many things wrong..."

 Read full question and answer


"Hi there. I recently found your site and am beyond words that I did! I have had asthma most of my life and have basically been on and off different meds for about 35 years... In all the years I have been looking for a natural cure for asthma, not one person has ever recommended enemas to me!..."

 Read full question and answer
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Gymnema 4g 120 Tablet Sizes Now Back in Stock

Gymnema is excellent for those who know that the amount of carbohydrates they are eating is causing weight gain, irritability, or blood sugar fluctuations but can't seem to stop eating the offending foods. Gymnema helps to take away the carbohydrate cravings by improving pancreatic health and supporting the body to optimize insulin levels.

Gymnema 4g contains a complex mixture of saponins (gymnemic acids) and other compounds that work together to help you:
  • completely eliminate sugar cravings

  • maintain healthy blood sugar levels when combined with a balanced diet

  • maintain normal cholesterol levels in a normal range
Call or e-mail the Optimal Health Center to determine whether or not you would benefit from using gymnema.
vitamin D tanning Vitamin D Council reports: "Sun tanning equipment's UVB light is an excellent source of Vitamin D."

Vitamin D deficiency is a key factor in adverse health conditions, including cancer and certain autoimmune diseases.

For these reasons, the Optimal Health Center now offers a safe, Dr. Mercola-approved, vitamin D-producing, UVB tanning bed for use for all of our clients. Please call us today to set up your health program.

The Optimal Health Center also offers these tanning beds for sale to own in your home.

Further reading:

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Cancer Mortality Rates Compared to UVB Doses

Am I Vitamin D Deficient?

Low Levels of Vitamin D Tied to Numerous Health Ailments, Studies Find

The Mayo Clinic on Vitamin D

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