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January 25, 2010
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Client Testimonials
The Beauty of
the Coffee Farm
My Ear, the Doctor, and Vegetable Glycerine
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Client Testimonials

Ten Days book cover

Dear fine folks,

Thank you for your research on nutrition and health, and for taking a brave and controversial position on the healthy use of enemas. I have just experienced the impressive benefits of your researched techniques and effective deep cleansing of the enema series and a well done coffee enema. There are health benefits to therapeutic enemas and they don't have to be uncomfortable...
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Thank you for the help your site and video have given me. As a Candida sufferer, I have realized great results from chronic constipation...
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The Beauty of the Coffee Farm

Guatemala mapGuatemala is fabulous: the people, the forests, the wildlife, the rich history. My mission to develop personal relationships and to bear witness to both the people who may grow our enema coffee and their land was a pure treat. In this newsletter I wish to begin to share this experience with you!

There are pages and pages to write; I will share more about all of my adventures over the coming months. I have begun to share photos and stories on Facebook (including our extremely close call with the most deadly snake in Latin America, the Barba Amarilla, aka Yellow Beard or Fer
-de-Lance!). After completing this newsletter, my next step is to write for www.enemabag.com about how the coffee you use in your coffee enema gets from forest to the Optimal Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

I also have a fabulous surprise: a bit of history on the enema in Mesoamerica, including the Mayan culture. I've already posted one video that I took in Guatemala which portrays the use of the enema in Mesoamerican culture.
To view this unique enema history, click here.

These children, and many more, welcomed us to the farm. We spent the first few hours of our time at Finca Santa Anita playing with them. They loved the jump rope we brought and they were completely entranced with my iPhone.

The coffee community built this coffee processing area
, Patios de Secado de Café, this past summer. Before they built this area, they would walk with the coffee to another farm 6 miles away. I saw them work in this space each day I was on the farm.

This Guatemalan coffee farm family works together. In this photo they are sitting in the forest, having just finished picking the coffee, and are now sorting the ripe and unripe coffee cherries into baskets, which they will then carry to the Patios de Secado de Caf
é for processing. (Most of the trees that you see in this photo are for shading the smaller coffee trees: growing coffee is a sustainable approach to restoring forest ecosystems.)

These are the skins, grapes, or berries of the coffee fruit. Once mechanically removed from the coffee bean, the coffee grapes are used by the farmers at Finca Santa Anita as compost for their worm beds. When the worms are mature, they are added to the forest to improve the soil, which enhances the quality of the coffee.

This is the seed that comes from the coffee fruit. It is now ready for fermentation to remove the slimy layer of mucilage still present on the bean.

To learn more about the path your enema coffee takes from forest to the Optimal Health Center, look to www.enemabag.com in the coming weeks.

Through the Optimal Health Center and the Optimal Health Network, you can:
My Ear, the Doctor,
and Vegetable Glycerine

Yes, I am just back from Guatemala. However, I took a bit of my trip from the prior summer with me: during the summer of 2008, I snorkeled the Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest coral reef in the world at 180 miles long. It was an absolutely fabulous experience.
Since that summer, my left ear has given me trouble. It has been continually clogged. I had given up putting my head underwater. This has been hard, as I love going underwater: swimming laps, diving off the diving board, wrestling in my mom's pool with my kids.
A week before I headed to Guatemala, I picked up some chlorella to use as an extra protein source while traveling. While at this same store, I spotted a bottle of ear drops for swimmer's ear with a base of grapefruit seed extract. Since I had tried numerous methods of healing, with no success, and had not tried this self-proclaimed miracle cure, I bought it. It further clogged my ear.

After 36 hours of living with an annoyingly clogged ear, I re-tried a swimmer's ear formula from the pharmacy. My ear remained very clogged. I then had a treatment with an acupuncturist; my ear remained clogged.
With clogged ear and all, I flew to Guatemala: plane travel is no therapy for a clogged ear.
On my third day in Guatemala, I reached my limit. I had to relieve my ear. In broken Spanish, I communicated to the hotel staff that my ear was very clogged, possibly infected; could they help me?
They directed me to a gentleman who lived a few doors down from the Ecolodge; he told me to go get some antibiotic ear drops from the pharmacy. It was Sunday night.
I returned to the Ecolodge, determined to do just as he said, even though I rarely use antibiotics and a doctor hadn't checked me. However, I was sure I would have to wait until morning. No, the staff informed me, la farmacia was open.
We walked with a guide to the nearby town about 5 minutes away.
"Me duele mi oreja. Está llena. Antibióticos?" I urged. (My ear hurts. It is full. Antibiotics?)
In full, beautiful, eloquent Spanish, the woman behind the counter informed me that I needed to see the doctor. At this point, she came around the counter, beckoned me to follow her, went down the broken cement steps of la farmacia, and up the equally broken cement steps of the shack next door. Here, she told me to sit on the rough couch, which I did, and wait.
Within 5 minutes, the handsome doctor was unlocking his office and welcoming me into a small, unadorned, tidy, blue, cement room. He was extremely friendly, asking me all sorts of questions about my ear, where I lived, why I came to Guatemala. He examined my ear; he took my temperature.
"No necesita antibióticos." (You don't need antibiotics.)
"Pero mi oreja!" (But my ear!)

"Su oído está lleno de cera. Usted va a estar bien, pero no inmediatamente. Tres veces al día, durante 5 días, deje caer esta glicerina vegetal en su oído." (Your ear is full of wax. You will be fine, but not immediately. Three times daily, for 5 days, drop this vegetable glycerine in your ear.)
I was shocked, not trusting, disappointed. I sat each day in the United States for the past 18 months surrounded by vegetable glycerine at the Optimal Health Center. I had come all this way; my ear troubled me immensely; he would not give me antibiotics; vegetable glycerine didn't seem a likely solution.
I tried again: "Por favor, tiene algunos antibióticos?"
I did as he said. My ear cleared, with full ability to swim again after 3 days.

Learn more about the many uses of vegetable glycerine:

* Use to clear the ear of wax or cerumen.

* Use to sweeten food (Metabolized in the body like a carbohydrate, it is easily digested, and its warm, sweet taste makes it an excellent substitute for sugar.

* Use to cleanse the colon

* For tincture extraction and preservation of essential oils and chemicals from herbs

* Vegetable glycerine can also be used as a bodybuilding supplement to increase nitric oxide (NO) uptake in the muscles and act in a similar way to the amino acid arginine to create swelling in the working muscle.
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