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November 24, 2009
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Silicone Enema
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An In-Depth Look:
The Colon Cleanse
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How Do I Get Meaningful Information about
My Body?
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We continue the deep discount on our silicone enema bags as a way of both encouraging people to switch over to silicone enema equipment and to say thank you for your continued support with our work to help people to create robust health.

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Dear Kristina,

I had a long, painful stint of constipation (2 years). I had tried every natural approach, which caused either gripping pains or painful bowel movements. Thankfully, I found out about enemas. For a year now I have had an enema every second day. I was reluctant to do one every day as I thought it would be harmful. Since being able to empty my bowels properly and frequently, I have amazing energy, fantastic complexion, and have lost and maintained a healthy weight. Thank you so much for sharing your information. I will continue with ease of mind that I am on the right track.

To learn more, read about how often to take enemas.

Live Chat with Kristina AmelongPlease join us on Wed, November 25th, at 12:00 noon CT and Wed, December 9th, at 7:00 pm CT for our live chats.

Do you have questions about taking enemas, colon hydrotherapy, buying enema equipment, trying a spring colon cleanse for the first time, or about heart health? A live chat is a valuable opportunity to ask Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Kristina Amelong all these questions and more. You can also share your colon cleanse experiences, your dietary experimentations, and your health struggles and successes with the larger community.
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An In-Depth Look: The Colon Cleanse and the Coffee Enema

digestive tractAs I gave a colon hydrotherapy session to a client today, she told me that normally when she takes her enemas, she thinks she has cleared her entire colon, but when she then takes a coffee enema, she is unable to hold the coffee solution for the optimal 12-15 minutes.

I suggested we use the experience of the colon hydrotherapy session to explore what she could do differently to meet her goal of holding the coffee enema for 12-15 minutes.

We started the colon hydrotherapy session at 9:15 am and it lasted 45 minutes. During the first half of the session, she easily released water, bile and mucous into the colon hydrotherapy machine. She had had a large morning bowel movement, which she does daily, 2 hours earlier. Some solid stool easily came out. About 25 minutes into the session, it seemed as if her colon was empty because only water was coming out of the colon for about 8-10 minutes.

I decided to use peppermint essential oil in order to stimulate her colon further. During this next phase of the colon cleanse session, her colon releases fluctuated between a dark, hard-stool-filled liquid and a lighter liquid of bile, yeast, and undigested food. During this time, the peristalsis of her colon was strong and she experienced mild pain.

This flow of release from her colon during a colon cleanse session is very common and is quite useful to understand when you have the goal of cleaning your entire colon and taking a coffee enema. The cecum and ascending areas of the colon take time and effort to fully empty. The backlog of waste within the first half of the colon will hinder the ease of holding the coffee enema if the waste and parasites are not first fully removed.

There are many methods to relieving the beginning of the colon of its contents before you take your coffee enema:

1. Work with an internationally certified colon hydrotherapist to achieve a complete colon cleanse.

2. Use a smooth flow syringe and hose system as a stand-alone method or as a part of a Flowmaster Complete Colon Cleanse Enema Kit.

3. Before you take the coffee enema, take a series of 2-3 enemas, using at least 2 quarts, but ideally 3-4 quarts, of enema solution during each enema in the series, and use a retention nozzle, a silicone colon tube, or both.

4. Use a stimulant like peppermint and lavender essential oils and/or soap like Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap, OHN Chamomile and Sage Goat Milk Enema Soap, or OHN Frankincense and Myrrh Goat Milk Enema Soap in the water.

5. View our downloadable movies, Small Volume Enema and Large Volume Enema, and our DVD, Cleansing, Coffee Enemas and Colon Tubes, to learn more about all of the above.

Once you have finished your colon cleanse, take the coffee enema. Take the coffee enema solution into your body slowly and start with small amounts of coffee enema solution, 1/4 to 1 cup in total.

By following the above methods, you will likely cleanse your entire colon and be able to hold your coffee enema for 12-15 minutes.

One of the big questions we assist people to answer at the Optimal Health Network is: How do I get meaningful information about my own body in order to keep myself feeling well?


Some of the more specific questions
we assist people to answer are:
  • Why do I feel tired all of the time?
  • Why am I losing my hair?
  • Why can't I resolve this chronic constipation?
  • Why don't I have a sex drive?
  • Why am I hungry all of the time?
  • Why do I feel older than I am?
  • Where has my stamina gone?
All excellent questions! And we have some answers! One of them for men is the Male Hormone Panel Saliva Test (MHP).

Hormone testing consists of taking multiple samples of saliva at certain intervals to test your hormonal levels.

Hormones levels are key to good health.
If hormone levels are too low or too high or hormone ratios are outside of expected limits, you are likely not to feel as good as you once did and you might even be experiencing symptoms of ill health.

Functional hormone imbalances can result in seemingly unrelated symptoms. Hormones are chemical messengers that transport signals from one cell to another. At many levels, hormones tell our bodies what to do and how to do it.

hormones in balanceThe roles of hormones include:
  • stimulation or inhibition of growth
  • mood swings
  • induction or suppression of apoptosis (programmed cell death)
  • activation or inhibition of the immune system
  • regulation of metabolism
  • preparation of the body for fighting, sex, fleeing, and other activity
  • hunger cravings
  • A hormone may also regulate the production and release of other hormones. Hormone signals control the internal environment of the body through homeostasis.
Enlarged prostate, which affects approximately 50% of the male population above the age of 50 and over 75% of the male population above the age of 70, is due to hormone imbalance in the body. Traditionally this was due to aging of the body but has become more pronounced in the last couple of decades due to pollution and a hormone-rich diet.

Hormone levels outside the body's design can also be a player in fatigue, irritability and depression, weight gain, decreased motivation, erectile dysfunction, decreased muscle tone and strength, poor concentration and memory, and increased risk for prostate and cardiovascular problems.

Men, you can feel great! Yes, you! I know you want to feel great because you read this newsletter! If you don't feel EXCELLENT, and you want to optimize your health, have your hormones tested.

Learn more about the Male Hormone Panel Saliva Test (MHP)

Also, newly added to our diagnostic tools for women:

Expanded Female Hormone Panel Saliva Test (eFHP)

Expanded Post Menopausal Panel Saliva Test (ePHP 1)

To learn more about the Optimal Health Network's hormonal testing tools, view this short movie on the website of Diagnos-Techs, our testing lab.
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Going to the Coffee Growers

Guatemala coffee
coffee flowers

I will soon be traveling to Guatemala. I am going to visit Santa Anita la Uni�n, where some of our organic, made-for-enema coffee is grown.

The people who live and farm on Santa Anita la Uni�n are
ex-guerrilla combatants who fought during the 36-year internal armed conflict that ravaged Guatemala until 1996. There are 32 families who make up the community.

Since 1996, they have worked very hard to build beautiful, sustainable, and peaceful lives for themselves. They now have two schools, a daycare center, a pharmacy, a public library, an ecotourism project, as well as a vibrant coffee and banana farm, or finca. They have come a long way from the oppression and exploitation against which they fought during the war, and they are still struggling to create a better future for the next generation.

made-for-enema coffeeAs a part of my focus on optimal health, it is important to me that the entire community of people that I am involved with have the opportunity of optimal health. The history of indigenous peoples involved in growing coffee is a brutal and ugly one. Yes, the situation has improved, but a big part of this progress is the one-on-one relationships that have developed over the years between indigenous coffee growers and specialty coffee coops throughout the United States, like Just Coffee, where we get our made-for-enema coffee.

[Note: Given the dangers to tourists in Guatemala, I may not proceed with this trip. Please contact me with your thoughts on this issue.]
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