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March 23, 2009
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Please join us, Wednesday, March 25th at 12:00 noon CST and April 8th at 7:00 pm CST for our next two live chats.

Do you have questions about alternative health practices such as taking probiotics, balancing hormones, maintaining heart health, trying a detoxifying colon cleanse, making dietary changes, or any other topic pertaining to your goals for achieving optimal health? The Optimal Health Network's Alternative Health Live Chat is a valuable opportunity to ask Nutritionist, Author, Metabolic Typing Advisor, and Colon Hydrotherapist Kristina Amelong all these questions and more. You can also share experiences, your experimentations, and your health struggles and successes with the larger community.

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Kristina Amelong's
Ten Days to Optimal Health

Quote of the Month:

Conversation between two health consultants about thinking about prescription medication:

"If you just provide your client with internet links to information on each of the drugs they are taking or being asked to take, that should provide adequate impetus for them to question their physician about what he/she is trying to achieve. They could be encouraged to ask if the various drugs actually heal the underlying problem (and for proof that they do), or if they are just being used to treat the symptoms."

"And, actually, there is an excellent book called Worst Pills, Best Pills: A Consumer's Guide to Avoiding Drug-Induced Death or Illness by Sidney M. Wolfe and Larry D. Sasich. It analyzes 538 drugs, including 141 pills you should not use and safer alternatives. It saved me a lot of time researching prescription drugs on my own. I would simply copy the pages referencing whatever medications my clients were on and hand them a copy. It goes through the dangers and side effects thoroughly, as well as the reasons the drug is used."
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Why Cleanse the Colon?
Simply, it seems to improve your health. Most people feel markedly better with regular colon cleansing as a part of their lives. However, there is a great deal of debate about the colon cleanse. What follows are three theories as to why so many people find that they feel better, and even seem to heal faster, as a result of taking regular enemas or having colon hydrotherapy.

1. Regular colon cleansing reduces the disease-causing microbial load.

c. dificile, an unwelcomed resident of the colonWhen a colon is in a state of dysbiosis -- the condition of having microbial imbalances or parasites -- regular colon cleansing can dramatically improve the situation. As I see in my work with gastrointestinal health panels, parasites are all too common. Blastocystis hominisCryptosporidium, and Clostridium difficile ruin people's lives. The colon cleanse assists the body to eliminate these and other microbes and their waste products. To determine if your body is struggling with a parasitic overload, use a gastrointestinal health panel.

2. Regular colon cleansing lightens the "external" toxic load.
We are constantly assaulted by toxic substances in our environments. Disinfectants to deodorizers, fragrances to fossil fuels, and pesticides to paints are all full of harmful chemicals. Our bodies have evolved with a very sophisticated detoxification system, but over the years all of us are dramatically affected by this onslaught of toxins. Well-placed enemas and colonics may play a crucial role in good health because when we cleanse the colon (which is a key player in our detoxification system), the load of toxins imposed upon the body is diminished. When toxins penetrate the colon wall, they are carried into our bloodstream and lymph system, increasing our body's vulnerability to different diseases. With fewer toxins to purge, the body as a whole is under less stress and can devote more of its energy to healing and maintaining health.

3. Colon cleansing offers more room.
When the volume of the colon is regularly reduced with a colon cleanse, the overall pressure within the pelvic area is reduced. Just think about how your stomach feels when you have eaten more than you should have. If you've ever had a gut full of stool (and most of us have) you know that the effect is anything but pleasant. What a relief it can be to decrease the fullness of one's abdomen. The benefits of emptying one's colon go beyond an increased sense of lightness and well-being. Taking pressure off neighboring organs and enhancing blood flow to the entire abdominal/pelvic region reduces strain to the hip joints and the lumbar spine.

Colon cancer is the second most common type of cancer in the United States. Many scientific studies have shown that there is an increased risk of colon cancer in people who are chronically constipated. The connection between bowel disease and constipation seems to be related to the fact that constipation dramatically reduces what is called the bowel transit time, or the time that it takes food to go from the mouth, through the digestive system, and out as stool (a "bowel movement").

On one side of the professional spectrum there is the guidance of the National Institute of Health, which reports that the "normal" range of bowel movements in a week ranges from 3 to 21. Among most natural health practitioners, it is felt that the optimal bowel transit time is between 8 and 18 hours.

Like all mucous membranes, the interior surface of the colon is absorptive. Stool can contain many carcinogenic materials that when remain in contact with the colon wall promote cancer of the colon. A regular colon cleanse can limit the amount of time cancer-causing stool is in contact with the colon wall.

Which is the gentler approach toward health?

It's not surprising that laxatives and stool softeners have become a multi-billion-dollar industry. We live fast-paced, stressful lives and it's easy to promote and capitalize on the convenience of taking pills rather than doing an enema or having a colonic. However, laxatives act on the central nervous system as well as the colonic musculature and can easily create a biochemical imbalance in the body. Overuse of some laxatives has caused damage to the nerves, muscles, and tissues of the small intestines and colon. In contrast, regular enemas or colonics gently and effectively cleanse the colon.


 Enema bag with woman
My grandmother knew the most economical way to do just about everything. Like many who lived and thrived through the depression, she never spent a dime she didn't need to. She wasn't much for medicine: "A big waste of money!" she'd say. But grandma always had an enema bag in her bathroom closet and if she wasn't "feeling up to snuff," you know that bag got some use.  I think, for Grandma, the fact that she could give enemas to herself and not spend another dime was as appealing to her as the therapeutic effects.


To support you to use the colon cleanse to optimize your health, the Optimal Health Network has put together an array of resources:

Colon Cleanse Book

How To Take An Enema

How Often To Take Enemas

Using Enemas Safely

Enema Instructional Videos

Enema Equipment Buying Guide
festive cake
Our Healthy Birthday Cake Recipe

I decided to share this cake recipe in honor of my own birthday. We all struggle to make fabulous cakes for our loved ones that are festive. This cake recipe is festive and healthy. We make this cake at our parties and have become locally famous for it. Give it a try!

Dry ingredients:

2 cups of spelt, rice, or hemp flour

(You may have to add more after all ingredients have been thoroughly mixed together. The mix should be fairly thick as it goes into cake pans.)

1 cup of protein powder
1 tsp of baking powder
1 tablespoon of baking soda
2 pinches of salt
1 cup carob or cocoa powder
2 teaspoons of Stevia
Mix dry ingredients.

Wet ingredients:

2 cups of grass-fed milk
3 eggs
� cup of grape seed oil
� cup of vegetable glycerine
� cup of lemon juice
Mix wet ingredients.
Combine ingredients together and bake in 2 round 8-inch oiled cake pans at 350 degrees for 25-35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Two packages (8 oz) of organic cream cheese
One jar (8 oz) of fruit-only fruit spread

As you can see in the picture, we embellish this tasty cake with nuts and frozen fruit.
Alternative Health Q&A

Why is your book called
Ten Days to Optimal Health?

What makes the Optimal Health Center Plan so effective and easy to use in daily living is that it is based on ten-day segments: participants practice a new, clinically based lifestyle ten days at a time. Along with the nutritional protocol, periodic cleansing of the colon through colon hydrotherapy or enemas is performed in ten-day cycles or less.

new Ten DaysThrough my clinical work, I have found that the key to a successful program, in which people really change the way they live for long-term results, is to carry out the plan in ten-day segments. Staying focused and on track for ten days is an attainable goal for many people.

The initial ten-day program is then repeated two more times and completed with a five-day, surprisingly easy and energizing, nutritious liquid fast. Therefore, in thirty-five days, a new, healthier lifestyle and all the benefits that go with it can be achieved. This approach not only helps people improve their health, but it also raises their confidence, motivation, and staying power. I always tell my clients,"You can do anything for ten days!"

I know that most of you want to know at the outset, "Will
I need to follow this diet for the rest of my life?" Yes and no. In order to be optimally healthy, you will need to eat nutritious foods and avoid non-nutritious foods. Unfortunately, our world today is full of foods that are not actually nourishing to the human body, but rather meet our communal needs for convenience, relief of loneliness, tradition, and profit. A key component of following a plan is that you learn how to truly understand what foods are healthy for you and what foods are not, so that you can truly think for yourself.


Kristina, I can't believe I forgot to tell you - I read your book!....

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