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January 23rd, 2009
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Do you have questions about alternative health practices such as taking probiotics, balancing hormones, maintaining heart health, trying a detoxifying colon cleanse, making dietary changes, or any other topic pertaining to your goals for achieving optimal health? The Optimal Health Network's Alternative Health Live Chat is a valuable opportunity to ask Nutritionist, Author, Metabolic Typing Advisor and Colon Hydrotherapist Kristina Amelong all these questions and more. You can also share experiences, your experimentations, and your health struggles and successes with the larger community.


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Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health

Quote of the Month:

"Daily living, without adequate nutrients, drives toxins and diseases further into the body, while rebuilding and cleansing permit these wastes and diseases to surface and leave the body via the skin, lymphatic system, lungs, colon, and urinary tract. When people quit smoking, for example, they are very often surprised at the number of colds they get during the months after they have stopped smoking. They thought they were improving their health; and suddenly they find themselves in the midst of a fiery, "healing crisis." A similar situation can occur with a program such as this one. Although this cleansing response occurs for many, not everyone experiences it in the same manner..."

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"You've heard it before, but it bears repeating: nothing in life is more precious than your health. If you take care of your body, not only do you prevent disease and illness and prolong your life, but you also vastly improve the quality of your life."

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. Mercola's Total Health Cookbook and

DNAA Story of Colon Recovery

In December I addressed genetic flexibility and how each of us can influence our genes to express with health and longevity, or with illness and degenerative disease. The environmental conditions we choose and/or are exposed to -- such as poor eating habits, frequent stress, a lack of proper sleep, and painful life experiences -- can heavily influence our health.

Ten Days to Optimal HealthIn my book, Ten Days to Optimal Health, I write, "no matter what state of health you are in, you can heal. Your body's healing abilities are intact. If you cut your finger, it will heal. Take a moment to think about that. It is the most important concept that I offer to you: You can heal!" Now, science is truly backing this up with quantum physics and epigenetics.

The following testimonial presents a striking example of how, even though a person may have struggled with health issues for years and years, healing is very much within reach. 

"For the last 40 years, I have sought relief for abdominal bloating, gas, and pain. Over these years, I have been on various medicines, had countless tests and procedures, and been advised by a handful of mainstream medical doctors and alternative health practitioners. In 2001, when I had a colonoscopy, which caused me pain for weeks, I was told that my colon was a flaccid sac with no muscle tone.
One year ago, I started seeing Kristina Amelong at the Optimal Health Center because of an inability to fall asleep. It was so frustrating to lie in bed 3-4 hours per night, night after night. We did a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and an Adrenal Stress Index test and found that I had a gluten intolerance, very low cortisol or adrenal exhaustion, low mineral levels, hormonal imbalance involving my pituitary, hypothalamus, and thyroid glands, and copper toxicity.
Kristina recommended the herbs licorice root and ashwaganda to tone my adrenal glands and to assist them to adapt to stress and a pituitary glandular to support my overall hormonal health. I also started taking mineral formulas with zinc, iodine, calcium, and magnesium. She also had me stop eating all gluten grains and all prepared foods with gluten-containing ingredients; she had me stop eating sugar and foods with sugar; and she had me increase my protein consumption. In addition to all of this, she helped me to make certain that my bowels emptied out fully each day.
I find it hard that I am saying this because I had tried so many other things previously, but I had immediate relief from the insomnia issues as well as the intestinal issues. It  has been a year and I have continually felt better.
A week ago I had another colonoscopy and I was thrilled to be told by my doctor that my colon now has normal muscle tone and is no longer a flaccid sac. I can't tell you how thrilled I am.
colonThanks Kristina for addressing the causal factors of not only my insomnia but also, and miraculously, my many-year intestinal struggles without me having to use drugs. You are the first health practitioner who has done this for me in these 40 years."

Ann W.

SPECIAL NOTE: When a client works with us using the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and the Adrenal Stress Index, we largely recommend Standard Process and MediHerb supplements that we do not offer for sale en masse on our website. These products are only recommended on an individualized basis based on one's individual biochemical needs.
Enema Equipment and Colon Cleanse Tips:

Can in-home enemas be as effective as colon hydrotherapy?
I have never done an enema on myself but I do colonics every so often. I would like to start doing enemas and am wondering what enema equipment would be appropriate for me. I would like to choose equipment that would come as close to a colonic as possible. Would this be the Flowmaster?

Why is the Flowmaster better than the others? Is the pump syringe part of the Flowmaster? If not, would I need that? Will I learn to do enemas with the videos you have?

Thank you,

Dear EP,

Congratulations on deciding to use in-home enemas. Colonics are a therapeutic colon cleanse treatment and, unfortunately, can become cost-prohibitive. 

The enema equipment most useful in clearing out the entire colon, as a good colonic does, is an enema system that uses a 3-6 quart enema bag, an in-line pump, an easy-to-use enema clamp, and a nozzle or colon tube that stays in the colon without being held by the user.

Our Flowmaster Complete Colon Cleansing Enema Kits were developed by the colon hydrotherapists at the Optimal Health Center to duplicate the effects of colon hydrotherapy with an in-home enema equipment set-up. These Flowmaster Enema Kits use 4 quart enema bags, Smooth Flow in-line pumps, retention nozzles or silicone colon tubes, and a white multi-position clamp. The Flowmaster Complete Colon Cleansing Enema Kit also includes a free educational DVD, Cleansing, Coffee Enemas and Colon Tubes, that details how to take an enema series using the unique Flowmasters and how to use the coffee enema. Thus, these Flowmaster Enema Kits are put together with all the needed enema parts to fully clean the entire colon as the colonic can.

Allowing large volumes of water to enter the colon slowly is what makes the in-home enema equally as therapeutic as the colonic. During a colonic session, the colon therapist will "fill" the colon with 2 cups to 2 quarts of water. Once you feel that you are "full," you release this water. This action of "filling" the colon with water and then releasing this water is a continuous process that assists the colon to dump its contents into the colon hydrotherapy machine. In this way, you cleanse the entire colon using a colon therapy machine.

You perform this exact action when you use enemas therapeutically: you "fill" and then release. However, because you do not have continuous access to the 20-40 gallons of water as with colon hydrotherapy, you strive to "fill" the colon slowly to take in 2-4 quarts of solution during each enema series, instead of "filling" the colon with only 2 cups to 2 quarts as the colon hydrotherapy session does and then releasing. One can usually fill the colon with the 2-4 quarts of enema solution by taking 1/2 to 1 cup of water per "fill", closing the clamp, resting, breathing and massaging, and then releasing the clamp, and repeating the process until the entire colon is "full".
In-line pumps, or Smooth Flows, assist the enema user to deliver larger volumes of water into the colon using a gentle force, thus assisting the water to move beyond the nerve-filled rectal and sigmoid areas of the colon. The Smooth Flow is a part of the Flowmaster Complete Colon Cleansing  Kit.

So, yes, the Flowmaster is one of your best choices for taking in-home enemas that are as effective as colon hydrotherapy.
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