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With Kristina Amelong CNC, CT

June 15th, 2007
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Enemabag.com has been Launched!
Father's Day Gift Ideas
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June's Testimonials
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  Enemabag.com has been Launched!

Finally, after many months of hard work, we have launched our new www.enemabag.com.
I am so proud of the work that we have done. I am sure you will be pleased to have this fabulous resource to guide you through your colon cleansing protocol, taking a coffee enema, and choosing your enema equipment. The site is well written, artistically beautiful and chocked full of unique information. newenemabag1
For instance, you can read about:

Since we find that our business grows best when we respond to our customer's viewpoints, we encourage feedback you might have about our new website. Please do contact us anytime.


Father's Day Gift Ideas Unique to the Optimal Health Center

Ten Days book cover

The Optimal Health Center is offering a one hour massage gift certificate for Father's Day for $45 and a one-and-one-half hour massage gift certificate for $68. We will gladly mail the gift certicate for you. To order, call the Optimal Health Center at 608-242-0200.

To learn about our other services that make excellent gift ideas, go to our services menu.

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Selected Silicone Enema Products can be Purchased at a 25% off for 4 days only!

Welcome to a lovely summer. I hope all who are reading this newsletter are having a chance to enjoy the beauty around you.

Our silicone enema equipment is some of the finest enema equipment for those who wish to cleanse their colon in their own home. Silicone enema equipment is non toxic, silicone enema equipment is transparent for ease-of-use, silicone enema equipment is long lasting, and silicone enema equipment is easy-to-clean.

However, the silicone enema equipment is more expensive than the traditional latex enema equipment. Just last week, I was reading a post on our colon health forum from a person who wished to have the silicone enema bag but couldn't afford it. I didn't like the sound of this, given that I am continually promoting the silicone enema equipment over the latex.

For these reasons, I have decided to reduce the price of certain selected silicone enema supplies by 10% for the 4-days of this sale. What this means is that you can buy selected silicone enema equipment at a 25% savings for the 4 days of the June sale, only.

I hope this helps those of you who have wanted this excellent enema equipment but haven't yet acquired it.

You can choose from:
Silicone Double Retention Catheter 750ml
Silicone Flowmaster Cleansing Program
Silicone Colon Tube Flowmaster Cleansing Program
Silicone Clear Classic Enema Bag
Silicone Single Retention Nozzle
Silicone Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System

To learn more about why you might consider a Silicone Flowmaster Cleansing program, click here.

Other's experiences using Nutrition, Colon Cleansing and Lifestyle Changes:

June's Testimonials:

Dear Kristina,

Many thanks for responding to my inquiry.  I will certainly ask my colon hydrotherapist at my initial visit on Wednesday about enema therapy.

Indeed, I am impressed not only with your skill and expertise, but like yourself, I have recovered numerous times from chronic and life-threatening illness. 
I am a product of the early '60's and was prescribed enema therapy for a multitude of health-related problems which always helped me.

Additionally, as a former health care provider, I was witness to the benefit that enema therapy provides.

Again, thank you for your well-designed web site.  Many thanks, too, for  sharing your personal experience.
May you remain in good health with continued graces to serve others!



Hi Kristina,

My name is Stephen.  I have been involved in the natural health field since 1977.  It has been a long journey from Macrobiotics to Ayurveda, Aajounus,
Sally Fallon and Tom Cowan, etc......I am beginning a nutritional counseling practice and am working on my own book......I really enjoyed your book and much of your viewpoint.......

Take care and keep up the good work!,

"Your book" refers to:
Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health:


new Ten Days

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