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November 11th, 2008
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Did you know?

Colon hydrotherapy can be practiced at home for a fraction of the cost using enema equipment. In-home enema therapy is easy to use, easy to clean, and when therapeutically applied, it is an effective method of cleansing the colon. To learn more about in-home colon cleansing, follow these links:
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Kristina Amelong's
Ten Days to Optimal Health
Quote of the Month:

"Let us strive toward our own optimal health. We do this when we realize that to pursue optimal health is to embrace a way of life. Optimal Health doesn't just mean that we take ten different supplements daily, or that we see our doctor for our yearly checkup, or that we are satisfied with taking our cholesterol-lowering medication, or our Prozac. Rather, the path to optimal health is a lifestyle that constantly questions the status quo and holds the view that when given the proper conditions, the human body can heal, adjust, and function beautifully."
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"Elevated" Cholesterol May Not Be the Controlling Cause of Heart Disease

CholesterolIn spite of the prevailing
advice that tells us to lower the amount of saturated fat in our diet in order to keep our cholesterol levels within an "optimal range," there is currently an epidemic of heart disease. Is it that people are not listening to this guidance? No! Many of us throughout the world are actually following this well-known advice, coming to shun any food that is "high-fat" or "high in cholesterol," so the problem may lie elsewhere.

Let's consider the possibility that eating foods with cholesterol does not cause heart disease and that these same foods might actually decrease your chances of getting heart disease.

First let's take a look at a few healthy roles cholesterol plays in the body:
  • Cholesterol is the precursor to bile acids, which are needed to digest and absorb long-chain fatty acids. Cholesterol is also recognized for its physiological importance in the skin and the intestines, where it plays an important structural role as a component
    of the organ membranes.

  • Cells lining the digestive tract are particularly rich in cholesterol. Among its other various roles in the cell are the signaling activities that, for example, tell the gastrointestinal musculature when to contract. I don't know how many people I have seen relieved of their chronic constipation, as well as any related irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), when they finally ate enough cholesterol in their daily diet.

  • Cholesterol is responsible for our sex and adrenal hormones. It is also one of our primary repair mechanisms, which is why our arteries end up with patches of repairing cholesterol. Low density lipoproteins, or LDL, carries cholesterol to the cells,
    which means that our LDL numbers need to be high enough.

  • Foods high in cholesterol help to repair the liver. As the body heals, it needs more cholesterol to repair the liver and to replace broken-down cells.

  • Even the Framingham Heart Study, which the pharmaceutical companies use to promote cholesterol-lowering drugs, show that the higher the cholesterol level and the more fat in the diet, the longer the study participants lived and the more optimally the participants weighed.

Second, let's look at the information that is being given to people by many medical doctors through the current pharmaceutical-influenced guidelines from the National Cholesterol Education Program.

These guidelines suggest that therapy should begin in everyone with LDL-C, or low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol, above 160 mg/dl, and should reach targets as low as 100 mg/dl for secondary prevention or in diabetics.

At this point, I ask you to think about and compare the 
guidelines from the National Cholesterol Education Program with the possibility that due to the healthy role that cholesterol plays in our bodies, we might actually want "elevated" cholesterol levels.

LeafEven while these pharmaceutical-influenced guidelines do widely discuss the use of therapeutic lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and the increased use of fiber and plant sterols (essential components of plant membranes that resemble the chemical structure of animal cholesterol and carry out similar cellular functions in plants and are present in small quantities in many fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cereals, legumes, vegetable oils, and other plant sources), most clinicians confidently, enduringly, and with concern guide their patients toward a lifetime of a lipid-lowering pharmaceutical agent to effect LDL-C.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming emphasis on the role of saturated fats in the diet, "elevated" cholesterol levels, and the risk of coronary artery disease has distracted the medical community from fully understanding and integrating into their recommendations the other factors that may play a major role in cardio-metabolic risk reduction and must be addressed in tandem with lipoprotein markers.

The role of insulin resistance, obesity, inflammation, and glycation are just a few of the many components which need to be addressed when dealing with at-risk patients. Robust data suggests that lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, stress management, etc.) have incremental effects on each of these risk factors without the risk of side effects.

Ten Days to Optimal HealthAs is shared in the testimonials Colon Cancer Survivor and Back to Old Self, high blood pressure can be resolved using nutritional programs high in cholesterol such as Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health along with managing stress and understanding and addressing other risks factors.

Other considerations:


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High Blood PressureTestimonial:
Back to Old Self!

"I am 57 years old and have always been a healthy, active person, but 4 years ago things started changing. My blood pressure got high; I had starting signs of osteoporosis and chronic constipation, was extremely tired, and had lower back pain and intense foot pain..."

Read full testimonial

FIR Sauna

Taking regular FIR saunas works to improve your health, and it's inexpensive!

Having the opportunity to see the health results of our FIR sauna at the Optimal Health Center, we can confidently say that it is one of the most powerful, least expensive, and safest therapeutic treatment options available today. We have seen it resolve:
  • difficult skin issue like ezcema
  • inability to lose weight
  • arthritis
  • hypothyroid issues
  • fibromyalgia-like symptoms
Tips on benefiting from your sauna use:
  • Sit in the sauna for at least 20-30 minutes during each session.
  • Sit in the sauna at least two to three times per week for low-grade health problems. For more difficult health problems, sit in the sauna as often as two times daily.
  • Most people require at least 2 years of regular sauna use to release the bulk of stored toxins in their body tissues.
  • To determine the effectiveness of your FIR sauna treatment, take a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis once every 3-4 months.
Because we know how effective regular sauna use is, the Optimal Health Center offers a free trial sauna with every massage, colon hydrotherapy, or enema series at the Optimal Health Center. We also offer free sauna use to friends when accompanied by a regular sauna customer. To learn more, please call us at 608-242-0200 or e-mail us at [email protected].
2 Quart Amber Enema Bag
Our November Featured
Colon Cleanse Product:
2 Quart Amber Enema Bag

Dear Kristina,

I have been meaning to write to you about how pleased I am with my recent purchase of the 2 quart amber enema bag and enema retention inflatable nozzle. You had discontinued the 2 quart amber bag and I wrote to you once expressing my keen disappointment. Thank you for re-stocking it!

The bag is simply beautiful, stunning, even elegant, with its golden translucent tone, black banded top, and matching black tubing. And it's durable too, being made of heavy-duty latex, with a double-link ring hanging chain. With its open top, the amber bag is easy to fill, easy to clean, and a joy to use. With care, it should last a lifetime. The 2 quart capacity is, I believe, the ideal volume generally recommended by health care professionals as ample for safe, effective, large volume enemas. When filled, ready to deliver its cleansing gift, it is especially attractive in its golden utilitarian simplicity, even seems "friendly" and non-intimidating, and invites use. It is a prized possession hanging in my closet. Although all the bags you offer have much to commend them, in my opinion, for those who prefer the open top design, this bag is perfect.  

Enema Retention NozzleThe enema retention inflatable nozzle, product code 520, is nothing short of amazing.  If the bag is the heart of an enema, the nozzle is its soul! This nozzle precludes leaks and premature release, allows easy retention, and converts an "ordinary enema" into a stress-free, relaxing, experience.  In my opinion, that nozzle is the greatest advancement in the therapy in years! 

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