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May 11th, 2008
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Do you have questions that you would like answered about taking enemas, about colon hydrotherapy, about buying enema equipment, about trying a spring colon cleanse for the first time, or about heart health. A Live Chat is an excellent resource to ask Internationally Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Kristina Amelong, all these questions  and more. You can also share your colon cleanse experiences, your dietary experimentations and your health struggles and successes with the larger community. Please do join us this coming Wednesday, May 14th at 7 p.m., CST.

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The Optimal Health Center is offering a one hour massage for free
with the purchase of one of our FIR sauna packages. To learn more or to make an appointment, please call  us at 608-242-0200.

To learn about our other massage, FIR sauna and colon cleanse packages, go to our services menu.

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 New Amber Custom-made Enema Bags


These beautiful custom-made amber 2 quart bags are made of a stretchable transluscent latex that allows you to monitor your enema water intake. These enema bags come with an open top, a chain and an 0-ring hanging device. Also included are 2 yards of black enema hose and a white plastic enema hose clamp.

Healthy Living Ideas:

Studies have shown that many of the conditions of ill health that are being treated today are the result of a lack of nutrients. It is a fact that the standard American diet is low in many nutrients. However, one nutrient continually stands out as missing and thus contributing to heart disease, obesity, chronic illness, infertility, diabetes and more- the healthy fats. 

Healthy fats are critical to the ongoing health and function of the body.
Healthy fats provide the essential nutrients for our cellular membranes, and our hormones and hormone-like substances. Healthy fats are essential for the health of the entire vascular system, and especially for the heart itself. Fats are also our best tool for keeping our blood sugar balanced. Healthy fats are high in essential nutrients needed to fight and eliminate toxins and rebuild healthy, vibrant cells. (To learn more about using healthy fats to fight and eliminate toxins, view Cleansing, Coffee Enemas and Colon Tubes.)
Cleansing DVD

It is easy to see why healthy fats would be low in the standard American diet;
they are also the most confusing nutrient of all the foods. As Dr. Mary Enig, author of Eat Fat, Lose Fat, explains, "As a result of being misled, we have a consuming public terrified of natural fats and oils-a public which, by its avoidance of these natural fats and oils, and consumption of fabricated, man-manipulated fat and oil replacements, such as the Trans fats and the unstable polyunsaturates, is becoming increasingly obese and ill"

Healthy fats to consume daily include, but are not limited to: grass-fed butter
grass-fed butter oil
grassfed meat
ocean-caught fish
fish oils
cod liver oil
coconut oil
pasture-raised eggs
olive oil

The following list of fats, which need to be avoided, contain altered fat molecules that lead to cellular damage; this cellular damage occurs especially in the organs and the immune/endocrine system:

Animal fats from animals raised on grains
Commercial Oil
Corn Oil
Cottonseed Oil
Deep fat frying oil (oil is overheated constantly, later "cleaned"
and reused again and again)
Fried Fats (overheated)
Lard, commercial
Margarine (except for Spectrum Spread, a non-hydrogenated oil)
Oils, partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated
Canola Oil
Oils that are chemically extracted or heated oils
Old oils
Soybean Oil

Given the crucial role that healthy fat plays in the body and historical lack of intake, most people will need to take supplements to optimize their healthy fat intake. One excellent source of the healthy fats is Ortho Molecular's Orthomega. This high quality fish oil provides a rich source of long-chain omega-3 essential fatty acids, supplying DHA and EPA. Each batch of Orthomega Fish Oil is consistently tested for PCBs, mercury, peroxides, and anisidine levels to assure it meets the highest quality specifications. This fish oil supplement comes with a satisfaction guarantee or we will refund your money!

One capsule of Orthomega contains:    

Vitamin E    5 IU
EPA            420 mg
DHA           300 mg

60 capsules

Suggested dosage: 1-2 capsules three times a day.

(To determine individual dosage needs, use a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and an Adrenal Stress Index Test.)

Another source of healthy fat is Green Pasture's Butter Oil. Butter oil is highly nutritious to the colon. Butyric acid is the main food for the colonic mucosa. Use butter oil in place of mineral oil or other stool softeners when constipated. Additionally, butter oil is excellent as a colon implant for healing from IBS and other colon imbalances.

This High-Vitamin Butter Oil is extracted from dairy milk produced by cows that graze exclusively on irrigated grass of the Northern Great Plains. The combination of climate and irrigation produces rapidly growing specialized forage ensuring optimal levels of Activator X.



Please do call us at the Optimal Health Center, anytime, if you need further assistance with your program for improving your health.

To learn more about the importance of fish oil in the diet, go to:

High-quality foods that contain healthy fats can be hard to find. The
following Web sites provide helpful resources to obtain these foods:


new Ten DaysFor more information on healthy foods to optimize your health and useful Web links to find these foods, refer to
the Optimal Health Network website and the book, Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health.

FYI: Overcoming the potential hazards in genetically modified food, fish that is poisoned by mercury(or over-fished), and the
hormones that have been added to dairy products is no small task. Besides risking your health, you may also be unwittingly
injuring your local economy. For example, more and more cheap food is imported from countries outside the U.S. where labor is very cheap. This practice jeopardizes small family farms in favor of large corporate agriculture that pollutes our environment and contaminates the food chain with genetically engineered crops.
When you purchase locally grown food, you save money by eliminating the companies in the middle of the distribution chain.

You can purchase food locally through your Farmer's Market. Farmer's markets are open-air street markets
that provide farmers with a means to sell their produce
directly to the public. According to the 2002 National Farmers Market Directory, there are over 3,100 farmers markets operating in the United States. Use the online
database at
http://www.localharvest.org/ to locate farmer's markets in your area.

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