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February 28th, 2008
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Dear Kristina,

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with my

4-quart silicone Flowmaster enema bag and what a quality product it is; it
is so convenient to be able to take large-volume enemas or multiple smaller enemas without having to interrupt and refill, and the flow pump does help
tremendously in controlling the flow of the solution as well as allowing to
get the enema solution much deeper into the colon, absolutely perfect for
retention enemas."


To learn more about the 4-quart Silicone Flowmaster, go to Enemabag.com.

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The Optimal Health Center is offering an one hour massage for free with the purchase of one of our FIR sauna packages. To learn more or to make an appointment, please call  us at 608-242-0200.

To learn about our other massage, FIR sauna and colon cleanse packages, go to our services menu.

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 Customer Testimonials and Questions

I will take a pause this month in our Hormones and Health exploration to share customer testimonials. These testimonials also give me the opportunity to point your attention to particularly useful and popular enema equipment.

Personally, I love reading customer testimonials! Reading testimonials from people who have tried using the healing tools and protocols that are offered on www.optimalhealthnetwork.com and in doing so have improved their health inspires my work and my studies. I hope the choosen testimoninals guide you and yours along your healing paths, too.

If you have a healing story to share using the colon cleanse and/or ideas that you have used from the Optimal Health Network, please do take a few moments to write them down and send them to me. I will eagerly read them and I will only share them if you are willing.

6-quart Enemas Best Constipation Remedy

Dear Kristina Amelong,

Thank you for all your good work!  Your website is by far the best source of dependable enema information.  My story may add to your information.  The headline: 6-quart enemas have become my best constipation remedy.

One of four siblings, I am now 81 years old.  I'm the only one who has had constipation problems with any frequency.  Up to about 13 years of age, I was constipated quite seldom.  On some of those occasions my mother gave me an enema, which always cleared up the problem.  At other times, she gave me an NR (Nature's Remedy) pill, but I came to hate them because they so often gave me near-uncontrollable diarrhea in school, so we ceased using them.

At about age 14, I outgrew the constipation problems.  They began to recur in my 30s, with slowly increasing frequency to the present, so I returned to giving myself enemas, since they had succeeded in my childhood.  I came to notice that I got a somewhat uncomfortable feeling of bloated distension in my lower abdomen the day after a day with no bowel movement, and on the next day a bowel movement had large, hard feces that were somewhat difficult to expel.  My physician recommended taking 8 prunes a day.  That helped a bit, but only slowed the frequency of constipation spells.  So I took to giving myself an enema, which relieved the problem, but only to recur again sooner or later.  (I should add: My wife and I have long eaten a careful diet to include fiber: Mostly fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain cereals.  She has no constipation.)

At that point I got onto the web and found, from your and other sites, that enemas have been used for thousands of years in many cultures, which seemed encouraging.  As said, your website soon proved the best.

Yours, and a few others, stressed the importance of taking as much water as possible, to reach high into the colon.  As a Ph.D., I came to experiment, and found that with patience and slow flow, stopping when a cramp came and taking a deep breath, I could take increasingly more water.  (--Always adding a teaspoon of salt to the water, to ward off the osmosis that transfers water from colon to blood stream and soon to the bladder.)

From here on, my experience differs from your website.  I found, by experiment and experience, after repeatedly trying many positions, that I could most easily take a larger quantity of water while standing up.  For me, that made sense: Gas in the colon has surprising volume, and rises above the enema water; and, with massage and patient flow, the gas comes out my throat in little burps.  It became easy to take 4 quarts of water.  I soon learned that a second 4-quart enema indeed brought out additional feces and delayed re-constipation longer.

Experimenting further, I gradually increased the water amount; and discovered that larger amounts clearly brought down more feces, with resultant longer periods before re-constipation came.  Now I can usually take 6 quarts, with excellent results.  One 6-quart enema gives better total results than two 4-quarts, for the 6-quart reached higher in the colon.  All of this makes sense to me, not least because websites have said the capacity of a man's colon averages about 7 quarts (and I am average size, 5'8", 158 lbs.).  --But especially because my own very considerable experience now shows that maximum (comfortable) amounts are most successful, at least for me. 

On average,a 6-quart enema brings ideal bowel movements for a few days, after which frequency and quality of movements deteriorate and that increasing feeling of lower abdomen distension bring me to another 6-quart enema, roughly a total 2-week frequency.

Again, Kristina, thanks for your good website, which has been of great help to me, especially with your emphasis on large volumes of enema water.
Dr. K. C.

Dear Kristina,

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help.
As you know, I have suffered from BPH (enlarged prostate) for several years.  I have been treated with every medication on the market and none of them made any difference.  I was getting up 6 to 7 times every night.

The condition controlled my life because I had to always be near a rest room, so I just stayed home and did not go out.  I was on the web, trying to find some answers, when I happened on the Optimal Health Network.  I called and we talked for just 10 minutes and you recommended using the "Prostatrol Forte" tablets and the Frankincense and myrrh soap.  

After just two weeks of your recommended protocol, I am able to
sleep through the night.  It is wonderful to finally get a good night
rest.  I am so grateful for the Optimal Health Network and the service you provide. Again, thank you Kristina for all of your help and I am enjoying reading your book "Ten Days to Optimal Health" and will follow the diet to cleanse my colon

Dear Kristina,

I have taken 2 enemas a day for 25 days.  Since I have been doing this: I have no vertigo, no limp in my leg, the knots in my hands are gone, I have good skin color, my stomach is not swollen and I can bend and move well; and, I have lots of energy. Believe it or not, I have had RSD ( Reflex Sympatheic Dystrophy) for 19 yrs with pain and no relief. Coffee enemas kill the pain.
Thank you for a excellent enema coffee blend. R. L.

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