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With Kristina Amelong CNC, CT

January 26th, 2008
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Enema Glossary


  Where is your transverse colon? How do bile and healthy fats play a role in removing heavy metals, such as mercury and aluminum, from the body? What are electrolytes? These, and many other key terms to the world of the colon cleanse, can be found in the Enema Glossary on Enemabag.com.

This enema glossary, along with unique web pages on How to Take an Enema, How to Use Enemas Safely and an Enema Equipment Buying Guide, will guide you to a successful in-home colon cleansing program.

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Free Far Infra Red Sauna Treatment with one hour, $45, Massage Therapy Session

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The Optimal Health Center is offering an one hour massage for $45 and a one-and-one-half hour massage for $68 with a FIR sauna treatment for free. To set up an appointment, call the Optimal Health Center at 608-242-0200.

To learn about our other massage, FIR sauna and colon cleanse packages, go to our services menu.

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Hormones and Health-a look into the Thyroid Family of Hormones

In December, we started looking at Hormones and Health. I will echo in this newsletter that both female and male hormones set the stage for enhancing your body's natural ability to regenerate, to heal and to stay healthy. The hormone we looked at last month, cortisol, handles regenerating the body, protein synthesis, inflammatory mediation, energy creation, blood sugar regulation, brain function, mood, cognition, memory, strength and stamina.

Another family of hormones that are key players in both female and male health are the thyroid hormones. The thyroid hormones, thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) are produced by the thyroid gland. The optimal ratio of T4 to T3 in the blood is roughly 20 to 1.
Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), another thyroid hormone, is synthesized and secreted by the pituitary gland. TSH stimulates the thyroid gland to secrete T4 and T3, thus possibly making it the more important thyroid hormone.

Thyroid hormonal imbalances tend to show up with many of the sub-clinical conditions, or those ill-health conditions that fall within the normal medical ranges, but manifest as real physical and emotional symptoms such as depression, always feeling cold, weight gain, trouble with sleeping, and unexplaned digestive problems. Even severe cases of hypothyroidism are not often detected through normal medical blood tests.

However, a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), can provide insight into an individual's thyroid status and aid in modifying diet and supplemental intake to improve the levels of thyroid hormones, as well as improving the functioning of the pituitary gland.

If we look at the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Significant ratios chart above, we see a high Zn/Cu ratio, which indicates a reduction in progesterone relative to estrogen. This imbalance in progrestone to estrogen is one of the factors in the body that will pull the family of thyroid hormones out of balance, causing mood and energy fluctuations. Thus, by looking at the ratios of minerals in the body through analyzing the hair, we can improve overall thryoid and pituitary function.

Please return to the Optimal Health Newsletter in February to learn more about Hormones and Health. To learn more about the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, read through, What is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis?
January's Enema Equipment Product Tip of the Month: All About Enemas and Cleansing, Coffee Enemas and Colon Tubes.

DVD movies are an excellent tool for the beginning enema user, as well as the advanced colon cleanse enthusiast. These education movies are discounted an additional 55 % in OHN shopping cart!


DVD - 62 minutes

All About Enemas is the original educational enema movie made by Kristina Amelong, professional colon hydrotherapist. In this enema movie, Kristina Amelong thoroughly displays and explains the different types of enema equipment, including numerous types of enema bags, enema hoses, enema clamps and enema nozzles. She demonstrates how to take an enema, what enema positions to use and why,and which enema solutions and enema implants to inject into the colon.


DVD - 46 minutes

Cleansing, Coffee Enemas and Colon Tubes is a unique educational video, made by Kristina Amelong, for the experienced colon cleanse enthusiast. It explains how to remove heavy metals from the cells of the body using toxin-absorbing nutrients such as raw fats, how to take therapeutic enemas that provide the same colon cleansing value as colon hydrotherapy, how to cleanse the liver using coffee enemas, and how to safely and successfully use a colon tube.

During the course of this movie, she gives an enema to three individual models. As she gives the enemas, she explains how to hang the enema bag, how much water to use in the enema bag, how to use the enema clamp to easily allow the enema solution into the colon to diminish cramping, how to use the smooth flow pump delivery system to move the enema solution deeper into the colon, how to make coffee for the coffee enema and how to take the coffee enema.

These two movies are one-of-a-kind. If you have any questions regarding: How to take an enema, how to safely take an enema, which enema equipment you should use, which enema implants you should use, what foods remove heavy metals, how to take a coffee enema and more, watch both of these educational health movies.

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