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With Kristina Amelong CNC, CT

November 15th, 2007
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Optimal Health Holiday Gift Baskets:Additional 5% off during sale!

We will do all the work; you just make the phone call. We ship it for you, guide you to pick out the perfect basket and gift items, and provide a personalized gift card.

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for help to creatively craft a holiday gift basket. You can choose any nutritional supplements, enema equipment and enema products and Optimal Health Services to give a unique holiday gift of health.

We also offer individual gift certificates for massage therapy, far infrared sauna packages, hair tissue mineral analysis, hormonal saliva testing and colon hydrotherapy.

Gift baskets can only be order over the phone and are only for sale as gifts to someone other than yourself.

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Free Far Infra Red Sauna Treatment with one hour, $45, Massage Therapy Session

Ten Days book cover

The Optimal Health Center is offering an one hour massage for $45 and a one-and-one-half hour massage for $68 with a FIR sauna treatment for free. To set up an appointment, call the Optimal Health Center at 608-242-0200.

To learn about our other massage, FIR sauna and colon cleanse packages, go to our services menu.

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November's Enema Equipment Product Tip!

November's enema equipment product tip comes from a testimonial that I received this last month:

I was really surprised that I placed the order with your company Sunday and had it Tuesday. That is very efficient.

I want to make a comment about the 3 QT Amber Flowmaster setup.  First, I was totally surprised how the pump worked so well. The first thing I noticed
was that the ( PUMP BULB ) does allow water to continue to flow, but at a reduced rate when the clamp is off. This allows for a slower enema, then as
you mention, you can squeeze the pump when you want more water flow. This is a great system.

Normally, I cannot take 3 quarts of an enema solution. Today, I have been sick with the cough etc, going around. I decided to take a series of coffee enemas. Every other month or two, I will take a relax day and use the whole pot of coffee over a 6 hour session. Well, I took the 3 quart salt warm water solution at a real slow rate, laying on my massage table, it took about 20 minutes.

Then I used some coffee. I hope it's not my imagination but I felt a lot better after. Today was an eye opener. How does doing this simple medical system, make one feel better so quick? I have never been able to understand how, but know it works.

I went to a convention with Juice + people, this one Dr was talking, when she was done I pulled her aside and explained I use Coffee Enemas also to feel less stress, etc.  That was the wrong thing to say with her. Sheesh! I got a lecture why not, and the dangers, etc. I thought how can a Medical Dr. not understand these simple healing ways, and this was a Dr with a nutrition background. Wow!  But hey, thanks for listening. And, I am somewhat puzzled how the enema can make one feel better, I think I have slowed down the coughing and the fever has left some.

Thanks Kristina, you have a great day!!!!!!   Mike K

Our Amber Flowmaster Enema System  comes with our unique, hand-made, translucent 3 quart amber bag, our black latex smooth flow and syringe system and our one-of-a-kind 30 inch 32 FR silicone colon tube.

Having the ability to view the flow of enema solution, the flow control of the smooth flow pump and the ease-of-insertion of the silicone colon tube make this enema system an excellent choice for an effective colon cleanse.

Our Amber Flowmaster Enema System also comes with a free
Large Volume Enema downloadable movie. This 12 1/2 minute downloadable movie details how to easily and effectively use an enema bag system to clear out the entire length of the colon in your home.

Coffee enemas are an excellent therapeutic tool to use during the holidays when you find that your body doesn't quite feel well from taking part in too many holiday delights.

More on the
Pump Bulb or Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System:

In order to most easily take your enema solution into your colon, use a Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System with you enema bag and enema tip. This system easily attaches to most enema bags and enema nozzles to assist you to avoid cramping, while you take in 2-4 quarts of enema solution.

Silicone Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System

           Black Latex Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System

Note: If you have a healing experience to share using colon cleansing, please do send it along to [email protected].

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