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October 13th, 2007
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Local Madison Seminar on Nutrition and Colon Cleansing, Wednesday, October 17th
Free Sauna with $45 Hour Long Massage
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October's Product Tip of the Month-Flowmaster Cleansing Programs an additional 5% off
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Madison, WI Colon Cleanse Seminar THIS Wednesday:

Nutrition, Cleansing & Fasting: Facts & Controversies

Wednesday, Oct. 17, 7:00pm
Comfort Inn & Suites
4822 E. Washington Ave. ~ Madison, WI 53704

Seminar by Robert Irons, Ph.D.

Come hear Dr. Robert Irons, Nutritional Immunologist, discuss the importance of the colon cleanse, nutrition and fasting. 

Continuing in his father's (Victor Earl Irons, Sr.) footsteps, Robert is becoming an ardent voice and crusader for Heath Freedom and Individual Health Rights in the United States and throughout the world. These discussions will be an open forum with a question and answer session at the end of each presentation.

Dr. Irons earned his Ph.D. in Nutritional Immunology from the University of Missouri at Columbia. He received postdoc training at the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute in the Nutritional Science Research Group. He has published in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Nutrition, Journal of Infectious Disease, and Biochemical Journal.

Robert lectures throughout the country on current health issues and trends, and is building a small farm to ensure a healthy and safe food supply.

He is currently Vice-President of V.E. Irons, Inc., of Kansas City, MO.


Free Far Infra Red Sauna Treatment with one hour, $45, Massage Therapy Session

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The Optimal Health Center is offering an one hour massage for $45 and a one-and-one-half hour massage for $68 with a FIR sauna treatment for free. To set up an appointment, call the Optimal Health Center at 608-242-0200.

To learn about our other massage, FIR sauna and colon cleanse packages, go to our services menu.

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4-Day 15% Off Entire Cart Sale; Flowmaster Cleansing Programs on Sale an additional 5%

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October's Product Tip of the Month

Cleansing the entire colon using enemas is a learned skill. A complete colon cleanse also requires particular tools that make it possible to deliver water inside of the colon where it meets the small intestine at the cecum. The colon is long and cavernous, making it a bit difficult to fully clear out. This is why the Optimal Health Network has develop and recommends very specific tools to assist you to cleanse the entire colon.

If you wish to clear out your entire colon, you will need a four quart enema bag.
Four quart enema bags give you access to the amount of water you will need to cleanse your entire colon and they are easy-to-clean. To learn more about using four quart enema bags to achieve
Four Quart Easy Enema with Retention Nozzle
a therapeutic colon cleanse that is equivalent to a professional colon hydrotherapy session, read the article,
How To Take an Enema, by Kristina Amelong.

Four Quart Silicone Enema Bag with Connector

Enema Hose, In-line Pump and Hose Clamp
You will need a hose system to carry the enema solution from the four quart enema bag to the enema nozzle. While taking in up to 4 quarts of a therapeutic enema solution, the colon can easily cramp. This is because the nerve endings that communicate fullness in the colon reside in the rectal and sigmoid areas of the colon; this is the exact area into which you deliver your enema solution. In order to assist your body to not cramp, use an in-line pump with enema hose on your enema bag.

This innovative design of enema hose, in-line pump and hose clamp, or Smooth Flow, will deliver your enema solution deep into the colon, as it gently pushes enema solution pass any blockages. People who use this type of hose and pump system report less cramping, less leaking, and a therapuetic cleansing similar to a professional colon therapy session.

Silicone Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System

           Black Latex Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System

Enema Tip or Colon Tube
The enema tip you choose for a complete colon cleanse is crucial to your success. Taking up to four quarts of enema solution into your colon can lead to both cramping and leaking. Both of these situations are likely to interrupt a full colon cleanse. Both the retention enema tip and the silicone colon tube help to avoid cramping and leaking. All of the following retention enema tips or colon tubes are excellent choices:

Flexible-Inflatable Enema Nozzle

42FRSilicone CT Fininshed

42 FR Silicone Colon Tube with Delrin Cap

Silicone Colon Tube


Silicone Double Retention Catheter

Silicone Single Retention Nozzle

Enema Programs with all three features and free instructional materials-
Flowmaster Cleansing Program:

The Optimal Health Network does offer complete enema systems that contain a Four Quart Bag, a Smooth Flow, and a choice of a retention enema tip or silicone colon tube. These unique and highly effective enema systems come with the free instructional DVD,
Cleansing, Coffee Enemas and Colon Tubes, which will guide you to a successful and complete colon cleanse in your own home. For the duration of this newsletter subscriber sale, these Flowmaster Cleansing Programs are an additional 5% off from their retail price. In order to learn more about our Flowmaster Cleansing Programs, click here.

Flowmaster Cleansing Programs

Featured Detoxification and Immunity products for your youthfulness, vitality, and overall strength, as well as useful health tools to healthfully transistion from the summer season to the fall season. :

Cleansing Clay for the Bath

Click on photo to learn more

Vitamin D

Click on photo to learn more


Click on photo to learn more

Weeky to Daily Coffee Enemas

Click on photo to learn more


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Ideally, in addition to optimizing your health with these healing tools, you will also want to be working a full 35-day program, as is laid out in Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health, in addition to adding these excellent immune and health boosting supplements.

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