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With Kristina Amelong CNC, CT

July 21th, 2007
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  Musings from Kristina

With Michael Moore's movie, Sicko, becoming one of the top five grossing documentaries of all time, just 3 weeks into its release, I am heartened that more and more people will realize that the current mainstream medical system and its commercial messages are crafted for profit and not for the wellbeing of the individual. Yes, Sicko, does not direct its viewers to caring for one's body more fully in day-to-day life, but rather that we ought to go over to a Universal Health Care system. I do agree with Universal Health Care; but, ideally, each of us will take care to cherish our bodies in day-to-day life as our main health care resource.

By eating nutrient dense foods, living in clean environments, cleansing as needed, study, appropriate exercise, and living life with an eye towards low stress, quality sleep and fulfilling activities, many of us can avoid the lifestyle diseases, or diseases that develop over time. These disease-heart diseases, cancers, and digestive diseases-are the main costs in the U.S. health care system.  

To those of you who read this newsletter, I believe that you are already doing much of the work to reclaim and to optimize your health. I thank you.

Free Far Infra Red Sauna Treatment with one hour, $45, Massage Therapy Session

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The Optimal Health Center is offering an one hour massage for $45 and a one-and-one-half hour massage for $68 with a FIR sauna treatment for free. To set up an appointment, call the Optimal Health Center at 608-242-0200.

To learn about our other massage, FIR sauna and colon cleanse packages, go to our services menu.
Drink Optimal Health Network Coffee: 
Our organic, air-roasted, low-acid coffee is an excellent drinking coffee choice for those who seek excellent health. Coffee, along with a nutrient dense diet, can be therapeutic because it is high in magnesium, high in palmitic acid and protective against cancer. However, many coffees do irritate the stomach due to their acid content and their roasting methods. We have taken great care to put together a coffee blend that does not contribute to heartburn, acid reflux or stomach problems.

Treat yourself now to our low-acid coffee, with our 15% off all items in our shopping cart coupon!

To learn more about our the health advantages of our therapeutic coffee, click here.

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July's Enema Equipment Product Tip of the Month

Starting with this July 2007, we offer an enema equipment product tip that can guide you to a more satisfying in-home colon cleanse experience.

Your Enema Tip:

The enema tip you choose is vital to the success of your enema program. Your enema tip determines your effectiveness, your level of comfort, your sense of safety and your stick-to-itiveness. For instance, if your enema tip continually falls out of your body, you are less likely to have an effective enema. If your enema tip irritates the anal area, you are likely to feel that enemas are not for you. If you leak while taking an enema, you are less likely to stick with enemas. For an effective colon cleanse, it is best to have an assortment of enema tips to use.

Each enema in your enema series can go better with the enema tip that is best suited to that segment of your colon cleanse experience. For your first enema in the series, when you clear the anal and sigmoid areas of the colon, use a nozzle that easily slides into the colon without much pressure and doesn't easily slide out of the rectum. Excellent enema tip choices for the first enema in the series are:

Flex tip
Junior nozzle tip
All of the Delrin nozzles

This selection of  enema tips exerts the least amount of additional pressure from the enema tip itself and easily slides into the rectal area, as they also stay in place.

For your second enema in the series, when you deliver water deeper into the descending, transverse, and ascending sections of the colon, use an enema tip that helps you to retain the larger volumes of water and that allows you to freely use your hands without the concern of the enema tip falling out. Excellent enema tip choices for the second enema in the series are:

Extra Large Flex Tip
Flexible-Inflatable Enema Nozzle
Silicone Double Retention Catheter 750ml
Silicone Single Retention Nozzle

This selection of enema tips assists you to retain a larger volume of water to cleanse your entire colon and will not fall out of the rectum.

For your third enema in the series, when you implant coffee and/or wish to deliver your enema solution all the way to the beginning of the colon or the cecum, use an enema tip that can be inserted deeper into the colon. Excellent enema tip choices for the third enema in the series are:

Silicone Colon Tube-Closed End-32 FR, 30 inches
42 FR Silicone Colon Tube with Delrin Cap

42FRSilicone CT Fininshed
This selection of enema tips or colon tubes assists you to deliver your enema solution deeper into the colon by relieving any water pressure on the rectal and sigmoid areas of the colon that contain most of the nerve endings that trigger cramping and the urge to empty the colon.

For more information on how to safely use a colon tube, as well as what lubricant to use on your enema tip, click here.

For July, I am at the end of my helpful suggestions. However, to learn more about how to choose your enema equipment, click here.

Frequently Asked Colon Cleanse Question:

There are many popular health books, like Kevin Trudeau's, Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About and Mark Hyman's, The UltraSimple Diet: Kick-Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days that are encouraging the colon cleanse as a part of a healthy living program.

Daily, I receive emails from people who are wanting to cleanse their colon but aren't able to find a local colon hydrotherapist:

Hi Kristina!  I live in Davenport, IA (Quad Cities area) and have been searching (unsuccessfully) to find a certified colonic practitioner in my area.  You are the closest I have found!  Do you have any suggestions for me?
Appreciate it!

First, you may go to www.i-act.org for a full list of colon hydrotherapists. (A special note to fellow colon hydrotherapists: I would love to direct people to you so please contact me with details about your colon hydrotherapy practice.)

Second, you are very welcome to make the trip to visit the Optimal Health Center. We have clients from the world over. And, we will teach you how to cleanse your colon in your own home. One of our more popular therapy packages includes colon hydrotherapy, nutritional consulting for a full at-home nutritional program, in-home colon cleanse training, therapeutic massage, and a far infra red sauna.

Additionally, you can set up an in-home colon cleanse program using our educational materials and our enema equipment to take enemas in your home. Enemas are as effective as colon hydrotherapy, once you understand how to take a therapeutic enema series. If needed, you can set up a phone consultation to assist you with your in-home colon cleanse program.

In other words, there are many ways that you can successfully cleanse your colon. Please be persistent in your efforts, as I know that you will find many healthy benefits from your colon cleansing experiences.

 All About Enemas


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