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With Kristina Amelong CNC, CT

April 20, 2007
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Fasting/Regular Colon Cleansing Relieves Constipation-Related Health Problems
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New Silicone Colon Tube
Women Eliminates Lump in Breast
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  A Fasting Diet and Regular Colon Cleansing Relieves Constipation-Related Health Problems
Ten Days book cover
   The following personal story speaks to the changes that can be made when one works through an intensive  dietary and colon cleanse program such as is laid out in Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health: A Guide to Nutritional Therapy and Colon Cleansing:

"I was born constipated.

As an infant, child, teenager and young adult, I was lucky to have 2 bowel movements per week.  In my teens I suffered some minor health problems, but it wasn't until my early 20's that things really fell apart. 

At the age of 21, I experienced a major health crisis.  My entire body shut down, and for the next 8 years, I was barely able to get out of bed, let alone move or walk.  I had a myriad of other strange and serious symptoms as well, all very sudden onset.  I was eventually diagnosed (or misdiagnosed!) with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and remained quite ill for the next 6 years.

During that time I had tried many alternative therapies, however never seemed to get results.  None of the practitioners I had seen had ever addressed my sluggish bowels whatsoever, so I believe that I probably wasn't absorbing the thousands of dollars of herbs, supplements, etc. that I had taken.  Anyway, after much disappointment, and when I had finally decided to accept and make the most out of my current state of health, I'd heard about Colon Hydrotherapy.

As a last resort, I tried a few treatments and felt minor improvement. Knowing my history, I suspected I would need to do some very aggressive cleansing, so decided to embark on a 21 day juice fast in conjunction with as many colonics as were needed (my goal was to have champagne coming out of me!).

I ended up doing 12 treatments, but by the 4th treatment I'd say I walked out of the clinic a completely different person.  Ten years of serious health problems gone and I was even able to put on my old running shoes and go running (rather momentous for someone who was barely able to walk for so long!).  I honestly feel that my "CFS" was actually "Colon Full of S___it!".  I can't tell you what came out of me!

Anyway, by continuing to cleanse and detoxify regularly, and by making a few dietary and lifestyle changes, I have experienced "optimal" health since then.
Colonics saved my life, and that is how I became a colon hydrotherapist. I feel truly blessed to carry on this work, and to help others in their journey to health as well.

The power of cleansing and detoxification is profound indeed!"

To learn more about how you might use colonics and dietary changes to improve your health, read Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health, A Guide to Nutritional Therapy and Colon Cleansing.

Enema bag with woman
All About Enemas DVD Sale

Our monthly sale in March on the DVD, Cleansing, Coffee Enemas and Colon Tubes, was received with such a positive response that I have decided to offer the movie, All About Enemas, at a deep discount from now until May 30th.

In the synchronized fashion that life often happens, I received an email from a client regarding All About Enemas recently:

"I have found the video, All About Enemas, to be highly informative, more so than having read Dr. JENSEN'S book, A Guide to Better Bowel Care Management.  Thanks."

Given that I studied the work of Dr. Bernard Jensen and consider him to be one of my original mentors, I am highly honored to have this praise. Thank you and you are welcome.

All About Enemas details one's enema equipment choices, how to take an enema and how to use colon cleansing as part of your overall health plan.
42FRSilicone CT Fininshed
Announcing a New Colon Cleanse Tool: 42 FR Silicone Colon Tube with Delrin Cap

Available now for the first time ever is a new 42 FR. silicone colon tube. This tube has been designed with dimensions suitable for effective deep insertion. This used to be possible with the older thicker walled conventional rubber colon tubes but they have not been available in many years. This is no longer true. The Optimal Health Network has designed this 42 FR. colon tube in 24", 36" and 48" lengths to suit your individual colon cleanse needs. This tube also features a 5/16" inner diameter and measures 9/16" overall with 1/8" thick walls. These dimensions allow the tube to maintain structural integrity without readily folding back upon itself while negotiating the flexures encountered during deep insertion. This tube also features a smooth radius removable Delrin tip to expedite cleaning and drying and increase the overall safety of a larger tube by decreasing the friction and concentrated pressures inherent to smaller tubes during insertion.

This new silicone colon tube was developed through the recognized need for a larger, safer colon tube that would utilize non-toxic materials and provide the marketplace with an optimized design not previously available. The 5/16"inner diameter will accommodate 5/16" inner diameter "Y" connectors for advanced inflow and outflow irrigation techniques once employed with larger colon tubes and includes a standard tubing connector # 3.

Women Eliminates Lump in Breast

"Dear Kris - I have a lot to thank you for today.
About a year and a half ago, I was called back for a biopsy after a mammogram test. The result came back with a fibroadenoma of 7x10 of dimension.

After starting on an enema regime and a nutrition shift (dropping coke, coffee, and all), eight month later it shrunk to 3x9
Three weeks ago, I had my annual mammogram and was really looking to know where this fibroadenoma adenoma was in size.
IT'S GONE!!!!!   completely gone!
Kris --- I know it's not a tumor, but I am so happy!
I attribute this success to the enemas mostly.

Thanks for working with me over the phone and I can't wait to meet with you at your center and learn more about enema series, implants, liver cleansing, and nutrition."


To read more testimonials,
click here.

3-Quart TraditionalNew Enema Bags with Free Instructional DVD

Our 3-Quart Colon Cleanse Traditional Enema Bags continue the tradition at the Optimal Health Center of offering high quality enema equipment at an affordable price. These 3-quart bags come with a variety of nozzle choices, 6 feet of translucent amber enema hosing, a white plastic enema hose clamp and a free All About Enemas DVD.

The nozzle choices are the white plastic enema tip, flex tip, extra large flex tip, flexible-inflatable nozzle and silicone colon tube.

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