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March 28, 2007
With Kristina Amelong CNC, CT
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Effective Weight Loss Tool
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Spring Cleanse Process
New Large Colon Tube
Enema Implant Advances Healing Process
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Improving Your In-Home Colon Cleanse Experience
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An Effective Tool for Weight Loss

With the arrival of Spring, many of us start to put more attention to our bodies. Increasingly over the last few weeks, many new clients are checking weight loss as a main goal for colon cleansing. Does colon cleansing really assist the body to lose weight? 

Yes!!!!  And, colon cleansing brings a greater chance of successful weight loss.

During a weight loss program cleansing the colon once a week, using an enema series or colon hydrotherapy, supports the liver. The liver is the major fat-burning organ; it needs to be optimally functioning in order to maximize and create ease of weight loss. If the liver is overloaded with mercury or aluminum or metabolic wastes, it can be tough to lose weight or to stick to even the most appealing diet. (To learn about your heavy metal load have a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis done.) 

Another factor in successfully and easily losing weight is to keep your lymphatic system flowing. The lymphatic system is a network of delicate vessels spread throughout the body which transport a clear milky fluid that carries cellular waste to the colon and kidneys for elimination. This system is literally the body's sewer system and needs to be kept clear and flowing. It has a tendency to stagnate. Thickened lymph contributes to weight gain, especially around the abdomen, hips and buttocks. The stagnation may also cause cellulite. When the colon is sluggish, lymph nodes in the abdominal region are forced to become storage points for lymphatic waste. The clear fluid becomes cloudy and thick, gradually changing in consistency from watery, to milky, to a curd-like consistency. Colon cleansing helps to keep the intestines flowing optimally which in turn optimizes lymph flow.

Well-placed colon cleanse sessions will optimize any weight loss program. To get started, view Coffee Enemas and Colon Tubes.

You will also need: Enema Coffee and an Enema Bag System and, if you don't already have one, a Dietary Weight Loss Protocol.

organic coconut oilOne example of support for weight loss that we offer at the Optimal Health Center is the knowledge that supplementing any dietary program with 1-4 T of coconut oil daily will improve the ease at which you loss weight. Coconut oil makes you lose weight. This is due directly to the short and medium-chain fatty acids that this oil is rich in. These fatty acids increase bodily energy, raise metabolism, and assist the body to burn of calories.

Please call or email the Optimal Health Center if you need support for your successful weight loss program.

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Vit-Ra_tox Colon Cleanse Kit


Many of us desire to cleanse our bodies in the Spring. In today's world, this often means purchasing an herbal colon cleanse product and taking it for 7 days, with no additional changes in one's lifestyle. Many people do find the various colon cleanse products to be helpful. However, colon cleansing, without proper preparation, is often damaging over time and is not a true "Spring Cleanse".

Colon cleansing, along with key lifestyle changes, is an age-old process in many cultures. For instance, inherent in India's spring cleanse or traditional Ayurvedic spring cleansing tradition  is a process called Panchakarma. Unlike the modern colon cleanse regimes that are product based, Panchakarma is a process done in community and with the goal of strengthening digestion rather than "cleansing the colon". It is done under the supervision of an Ayurvedic physician, it is done over 45-60 days, it includes nutritional protocols, and it is designed with supporting the entire bodily  physiology, by not only cleansing the colon but also adequately strengthening the "digestive fire".

Similar to this Ayurvedic tradition, Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health Program lays out a full 30-day dietary and cleansing protocol, offers a free forum
available to participants to be in touch with both a professional cleansing practitioner as well as a community of people who have gone through the cleansing process, involves crucial dietary changes, periodic cleansing of the colon, followed by a 5 day herbal colon cleanse protocol for a full 35-day healing experience that both cleanses the colon, supports optimally functioning whole-body physiology and strengthens the "digestive fires".

For an effective Spring Cleanse, you will need:

New Large Colon Tube

In April, the Optimal Health Network will be offering an exclusive item not previously available to the colon cleanse market . This new silicone colon tube will be 42 FR for ease of deep insertion, will come with a removable delrin cap for ease of cleaning and drying, and will be offered in 24 inches, 36 inches and 48 inches to meet your individual colon cleanse needs. The inner diameter of this unique colon tube will be 5/16", allowing it to be easily used with your standard tubing connectors and hosing. The outer diameter will be 9/16".

This unique silicone colon tube was created through a collaborative effort of the clinical work at the Optimal Health Center and customer experiences with in-home colon cleansing, bringing the expertise of the clinical setting together with the wisdom of the in-home setting. This colon tube is highly effective, non-toxic and easily  inserted for the advanced enema user and is another example of the Optimal Health Network's continued effort as innovators in the colon cleanse market.

You will find this silicone colon tube for sale at the Optimal Health Network beginning sometime in April. If you have signed up for our New Product Notification you will receive an email as soon as the new colon tube is for sale.

Enema Implant Advances Healing Process

This month's testimonial offers new enema implant ideas:

"Hi folks,  

            Thanks for your great website and tons of useful info.  I currently practice Functional Medicine ( Following an hemicolectomy for villous adenoma, I continued to have very erratic bowel function, bloating, etc.  In our practice we often recommend patients stop drinking so many cups of coffee per day (excessively) and begin Green Tea, which contains ECG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), one of the most potent antioxidants known. Additionally, another even more potent substance, Tibetan Gogi Berry, also contains extremely potent antioxidants. I began using green tea and Gogi concentrate in an enema 3-4 times weekly, (once with coffee) and have had no further problems. Although one might think this excessive, I feel overall much better and have incredible energy. At 62, I still enjoy a full practice routine daily and play ice hockey, as well as deep dive (deep tech and trimix), which is quite demanding. Thanks Ms. Amelong for your love for your work, your passion and a wonderful website. Hope to meet you one day when I attend Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine meetings in the northern US.

Sincerely,   Ash C."

Enema Implant Syringe with Colon TubeTo easily take a colon implant with a small amount of solution, use the
Implant Syringe with Colon Tube.

Plastic Enema BucketTo easily take a colon implant with a large amount of solution, use the
Plastic Enema Bucket.


Click here to learn more about enema implants.


Cleansing, Coffee Enemas and Colon Tubes Movie Sale Ends Soon

As a way of celebrating Kristina's birthday month with all of you, we offered her movie, Cleansing, Coffee Enemas and Colon Tubes at a deep discount until March 31st, 2007. This sale will extend an extra day through the length of this newsletter sale and then will end.

This expert movie about colon cleansing, the coffee enema and using colon tubes usually sells for $34.95, but will sell for only $12.93 until the end of this newsletter sale. This movie teaches you how to take an enema series that will cleanse the entire colon, how to use the coffee enema for optimal therapeutic results and how to easily and safely use a colon tube.

Improving Your In-Home Colon Cleanse Experience

Enema Flow ValvesFor those of you who use the highly effective,  Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System or Silicone Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System in order to effectively cleanse your entire colon during an enema series, I recommend that you replace the valves inside your pump.

Enema Flow Valves are the unidirectional valves inside the bulb. These advanced valves are for people who want to use the pumps with implants, coffee enemas or want more flow with their enema system. These two valves will not jam and offer no resistance to fluid flow and will improve your in-home colon cleanse experience.


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