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February 28, 2007
With Kristina Amelong CNC, CT
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New Stiffer Colon Tube
New Notice for New Products/Promotions
New Cleanse Renew Program
New Kits w/ Free Movie
Happy Birthday DVD Sale
4.5-Day 15% Off Sale

New Stiffer Silicone Colon Tube

Due to customer input, we have changed the stiffness, or durometer, of our existing silicone colon tube from a 50 durometer to a 70 durometer. This slightly stiffer colon tube will improve your efforts at delivering the enema solution deep into the colon.

Silicone Colon Tube We always welcome customer input and look forward to offering high quality colon cleanse products for many years to come. Here is what one customer has written about the stiffer silicone colon tube:

I purchased one of the new stiffer silicone colon tubes and what a difference it made. It was much easier to insert and I obtained a better enema. Thanks for the improvement. ~Michael"

To read more about customer input into the stiffer silicone colon tube, go to our Colon Health Forum.

People who are chemically-sensitive ought never use a rubber or natural latex colon tube. .

The Optimal Health Network is phasing out of its rubber colon tubes and will eventually offer only silicone colon tubes. Historically, colon tubes have only been made out of a material called rubber or natural latex. Unfortunately, some proteins in natural latex can cause a range of mild to severe allergic reactions. Additionally, the chemicals added to natural latex during its processing may cause irritation to the sensitive tissues of the colon.

If you wish to own a latex colon tube, do make your purchases soon as we are almost out of our latex colon tube inventory.


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New Cleansing Program
 at Optimal Health Center

Register by March 10th and receive a complimentary sauna and a free book, Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health.

Optimal Health Center Cleanse & Renew Program

Cleanse & Renew is a four week guided program that supports holistic detoxification and metabolic balance.

Cleanse & Renew consists of 5 interactive workshops and is designed with a built in support group that offers education, resources, and coaching to guide you. Individual assessment, consultation, and detox therapies are also available.

Week 1 - Toxins and Cleansing Diets Explore a variety of dietary options for detoxification, along with support tools necessary for your desired results.

Week 2 - Internal Cleansing Review the relationship of health and digestion with a focus on colon, kidney, liver, blood and lymph cleansing.

Week 3 - Holistic Cleansing Take a closer look at different supporting detox therapies and some holistic tools that address body, mind, and spirit.

Week 4 - Whole Foods Nutrition Focus on designing a dietary approach based on your individual needs and metabolic imbalances.

Week 5 - Whole Person Wellness Introduction to a model for healthy life style assessment and growth. A pot luck dinner follows to celebrate your success.

The Cleanse & Renew program offers everything needed to incorporate a thorough cleanse and new perspective into the busy life of the average person.

Only $150 - Program includes a valuable resource package, recipe guidelines, group and email support: and discounts on cleansing herbs, supplements, and therapies

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Register by March 10th and receive a complimentary sauna and a free copy of Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health book.

The Cleanse & Renew program will be presented by Ron Czecholinski MA, a wellness counselor who has focused on holistic detoxification for the past 15 years. Kristina Amelong will also be available for support.

Call Dee Dee today at 608-242-0200 to register or for more information. Program starts March 20th and meets Tuesday evening for 5 consecutive weeks. If there is interest in this type of programing, we will be offering a similar program online in the future. Do let us know if you might be interested in the online program, too.


New Enema Bag Systems with Free Movie

Check out our Vintage Red Antique Flowmaster Enema System with Silicone Colon Tube and our Amber Flowmaster Enema System with Silicone Colon Tube.

Our original Flowmaster Enema design allows the enema user to clear out the entire colon using in-home enemas. This newest line of Flowmaster Enema Systems continues this tradition, bringing into your home the same colon cleansing results as you would receive with professional colon hydrotherapy at a fraction of the cost.

Amber Flowmaster Enema System Both of these Flowmaster Systems comeVintage Red Flowmaster Enema System with a 3 quart bag, a Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System, our new silicone colon tube and a Free Large Volume Enema downloadable movie to assist you to easily and effectively cleanse your entire colon from rectum to cecum.


Happy Birthday, Kristina!
Cleansing, Coffee Enemas & Colon Tubes
 $12.93 DVD deep discount sale

As a way of celebrating my birthday month with all of you, as well as the rapidly approaching Spring, I am offering my movie, Cleansing, Coffee Enemas and Colon Tubes at a deep discount until March 31st, 2007.

This expert movie about colon cleansing, the coffee enema and using colon tubes usually sells for $34.95, but will sell for only $12.93 until March 31st.

This movie teaches you how to take an enema series that will cleanse the entire colon, how to use the coffee enema for optimal therapeutic results and how to easily and safely use a colon tube.

Cleansing, Coffee Enemas, & Colon Tubes DVD

This movie also features nutritional cleansing protocols based on the work of Weston A. Price. You don't have to suffer to cleanse your liver. You don't have to fast to partake of a healing ritual. You will learn how to implement your Spring Cleanse with healthy foods like raw milk and fermented foods.

One customer says of the movie:

"Dear Kristina,
I started your program because I have had high blood pressure and diabetes. Also, I have been on anxiety medication for 2 years. I have been following the ideas in your movie, Cleansing, Coffee Enemas and Colon Tubes for 22 days now. My blood sugar fluctuated wildly before I tried your ideas. And, even though I was on medication, I always felt anxious. Now, with a weekly coffee enema, eating healthy meats and eating some fruit, I feel EXCELLENT and my blood sugar is stable! Thanks for making taking enemas easy. And, thanks for the SCRUMPTIOUS foods that I can now eat. Please do keep up the good work.
Your new 70 durometer colon tube is perfect for easy insertion.                                Pete in Pittsburgh"


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