Optimal Health Network Newsletter With Kristina Amelong CNC, CT
November 23, 2006

In this issue
  • Bowel Preparation for Colon Exam-Sigmoidoscopy
  • Do Not Use Tap Water in your Enema
  • Believe It or Not: Enema Bags Make Excellent Gifts
  • Sally Fallon Reviews Ten Days to Optimal Health
  • Holiday Gift Ideas-Massage Therapy, a Colon Cleanse and Goat's Milk Soap
  • Forum Member Learns to Use Enemas to Lower Cholesterol
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  • Do Not Use Tap Water in your Enema

    As I discussed in the October Newsletter, I recently had the opportunity to sit down and dig into the history and safety of the enema. The results of this unique research are now posted on my Enema History webpage on Enemabag.com.

    This month, I would like to point your attention to what I posted on the Enema Solutions webpage about the number one enema solution: water.

    Most people use their drinking water or tap water for their enema solutions. Much of the tap water that we use is treated. This treated water contains elements that are detrimental to the colon. For instance, city water contains chlorine. When chlorine enters the colon, it kills health-promoting gut flora and damages the lining of the colon.

    If you use your tap water, filter it first. This care to your enema solution is a must for taking a healthy enema. If you do not already have a water filtration system, I recommend a shower filter. Shower filters offer you a higher quality water, easy access to the water and are inexpensive. The Optimal Health Network offers a Hand Held Shower Filter. and a High Output Shower Filter

    Believe It or Not: Enema Bags Make Excellent Gifts

    Yes, you might feel embarassed about giving an enema bag to family or friends but I propose that either information about the enema or an actual enema bag or gift certificate are gifts to consider.

    With prostate cancer effecting one in six men and colon cancer killing nearly 60,000 Americans every year, it becomes more obvious why offering either information about the enema or a gift about using the enema to improve one's health becomes obvious as an excellent gift idea.

    Maybe just sending an email with the address of one of your favorite pages from Enemabag or Optimal Health Network with a Happy Holidays is as bold as you feel. Well, this is bold. Congratulations for doing just that.

    I would also recommend one of our latex-free products, given that I have recently written about the possible health hazards of latex enema equipment, or a copy of my book, Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health, in order to get someone started with a colon cleanse, without the embarassment of an actual enema bag. For those people who you care about who already take enemas, some made-for-enemas coffee makes a useful gift.

    Sally Fallon Reviews Ten Days to Optimal Health

    I am proud to announce that my book, Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health, was reviewed by Sally Fallon in the fall issue of Wise Traditions. Sally Fallon is the executive director of the Weston A. Price Foundation, possibly one of the most useful sources of dietary information in the world.

    She writes, "In the past, we have steered clear of the subject of detoxification through fasting and colon cleansing in these pages, in part because the medical literature provides little research on the subject, but largely because the many books promoting detoxification through enemas and colonics include abysmal fasting diets based on vegetable juices and mostly vegan, low-fat maintenance regimens. Kristina Amelong’s attractive book is different: her dietary principles are right in line with the discoveries of Dr. Weston Price"

    She continues with, " In addition to all this good dietary advice, Amelong provides a comprehensive and well-explained program of colon cleansing involving either at-home enemas or in-office hydrotherapy, or both, noting the historical use of these methods and providing a good explanation on how they work. She describes in detail, the range of various equipment available, with information on the pros and cons, and the costs."

    I thank you, Sally Fallon, for taking time out of your busy and important life to read my book. I am honored.

    Holiday Gift Ideas-Massage Therapy, a Colon Cleanse and Goat's Milk Soap

    During the month of December, you can purchase one hour therapuetic massage gift certificates (a $60 value) for only $45! Massage is a thoughtful and appreciated gift that shows people that taking care of themselves matters to you. We are often so wrapped up in "getting things done" and taking care of others that it is often difficult to splurge on a massage for ourselves. Because of this, a massage therapy gift certificate is very appreciated by a loved one or a valued co-worker. (If you wish to treat yourself to massage, use the massage coupon below, anytime during the entire month of December, for $45 for an hour long treatment.)

    We also offer colon hydrotherapy gift certificates, consultation gift certificates, enema equipment gift certificates and FIR sauna gift certificates. We are also again offering a Free FIR Sauna and Coffee Implant coupon. Please email customerservice@optimalhealthnetwork.com or call Dee Dee at the Optimal Health Center, 608-242-0200 for assistance.

    If these items are outside of your gift budget, our goat's milk soaps are fine gifts. Our soaps are made buy a local soapmaker, Queen Bee Soaps, using the goat's milk from Kristina's goat farm, Cress Spring Farm. The Chamomile and Sage Healing Soap also contains the essential oils of clary sage, lavender, and chamomile. The Frankincense and Myrrh Healing Soap also contains the essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, and nutmeg.

    Forum Member Learns to Use Enemas to Lower Cholesterol

    This month's testimonial is from a man who, with the support of our Colon Health Forum, lowered his cholesterol, without cholesterol lowering medications. (Please note that the Colon Health Forum is Reopening by November 30th!)

    This testimonial is so important to all of us because we are continually being bombarded by medical doctors and the media telling us that if our cholesterol is, for some, above 70 to 100 mg/dL, that we need to be on statin drugs. I take issue with this. There is no credible science, and there never was, that offered proof that lowering cholesterol levels to physiologically abnormal levels reduced cardiovascular risk. Thus, basing a broad governmental public health recommendation on no solid science is flat out wrong.

    Many billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on the cholesterol drug scam. The health and well being of millions of Americans may have been compromised by reckless lowering of cholesterol, a substance that is vital to health and energy production.

    To back up these statements, I offer that you read, Narrative Review: Lack of Evidence for Recommended Low-Density Lipoprotein Treatment Targets: A Solvable Problem by Rodney A. Hayward, MD; Timothy P. Hofer, MD, MSc; and Sandeep Vijan, MD, MSc

    For more discussion on this issue, please do look to our message board and our monthly live chat.

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    Bowel Preparation for Colon Exam-Sigmoidoscopy

    In this newsletter, I am starting a conversation about bowel preparation for the sigmoidoscopy. Our Optimal Health Network Colon Health Forum message boards will open at the end of the month in order to further this conversation, as well as many others. I welcome you all to join us on the message boards.

    Once you have decided to do a sigmoidoscopy, you need to think about bowel preparation. Most medical doctors will tell you to use an oral laxative such as Golytle. In order to fully clear out the colon, patients are asked to drink one gallon of Golytle over 3 hours. I have heard from many people who have experienced nausea, headaches, irritable bowel symptoms and/or an inflamed anus from these harsh oral laxatives.

    Because of the harshness of oral laxatives used for bowel prep, I decided to search the medical literature for alternatives. I think you will be very pleased with what I found: Enemas work just as well, if not better than oral laxatives.

    Here are 3 of the articles I reviewed:
    Article 1: Patients prefer enemas to laxatives for bowel preparation.
    Article 2: Single blind, randomised trial of efficacy and acceptability of oral Picolax versus self administered enema in bowel preparation for flexible sigmoidoscopy screening.
    Article 3: A randomised trial of hospital versus home administered enemas for flexible sigmoidoscopy.

    I can testify to the use of the enema, as well as to the use of colon hydrotherapy, as tools to clear out the colon for bowel preparation. I have seen many clients over the years the day before and the day of their sigmoidoscopy, their colonoscopy and their virtual colonoscopy. The doctor in charge has always been completely pleased with the squeaky clean colon that is presented.

    If you need assistance with preparing your colon for an exam, please do feel free to contact me at kristina@optimalhealthnetwork.com.


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