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October 5, 2006

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  • Cold and cloudy stresses the body - Use an FIR sauna and get regular massages!
  • Keep Healthy as the Seasons Change
  • Colon Cleanse Implant Therapy
  • Enema Equipment to Use for Implants
  • Newcomer to Colon Cleansing uses Implants with Excellent Results
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  • Keep Healthy as the Seasons Change

    Flu shot or regular massage? Living with a cold or sitting in a healing sauna? Depression or regular coffee enemas?

    The way in which we care for our body does affect our day-to-day health.

    The body is an ingenious, efficient organism, designed to heal and overcome the physical things that strain it. Unfortunately, we interfere with our body’s healing abilities, usually by our lifestyle choices.

    If we massage, cleanse, sauna will we avoid getting sick? Not always, but we are much more likely to live long, healthy lives if we take active and tender care of our bodies daily.

    Tending to our bodies during straining times of the year is smart. In order to encourage you to try this, we are offering some of our services at reduced prices.

    Book a Massage Oct 7 - Nov 7 for $45 Unlimited with coupon.

    Book a Colon Cleanse Session at the regular price October 7 - November 7 and receive a free FIR sauna and a free coffee implant with coupon.

    Colon Cleanse Implant Therapy

    Colon Cleanse Implants are therapeutic substances used during or after a colon cleanse session. Implants can be extremely nourishing to the tissues of the colon. Colonic implants can be a more effective way to deliver medicinal substances into the body. Medical doctors have been using anal implants for hundreds of years to get medicine and other healing agents into the body, especially when the person they are administering to is vomiting and can’t keep anything down. In other words, enema implants were the original IV fluid.

    The following lists a few of the implants that we recommend at the Optimal Health Center:

    Coffee Enema A coffee enema is used during your third enema in a therapeutic enema series. Coffee enemas became well known through the work of Dr. Max Gerson, M.D., Dr. William Donald Kelley, M.D., and the many heroic people who have struggled with cancer. It is said that coffee enemas were discovered by nurses during wartimes who had run out of drugs to relieve soldiers of their pain; there happened to be coffee available that was helping doctors get through the stress. A creative nurse took a risk and added coffee to a few enema solutions; the reduction in pain felt by the wounded was reported to be dramatic. Coffee enemas are an effective tool for general health and detoxification procedures, and have been found to do an exceptional job of stimulating the liver and gallbladder to release toxins and enhance the liver’s filtration process. Dr. Max Gerson recommended taking a daily coffee enema for two years because the liver is the main organ for the regeneration of the body.

    Special!!! The Optimal Health Center is offering free coffee implants with every colon cleanse session during the month of October.

    To learn more about using coffee implants in your own home, view the movie, Cleansing, Coffee Enemas and Colon Tubes.

    Olive Oil/Aloe Vera Implant/MSM An excellent recipe for healing the colon is a mixture of olive oil, aloe vera, and MSM. In an enema bag or syringe, pour one-half to one cup of organic olive oil and one-half to one cup of organic aloe vera juice. (Special Note: Oil will deteriorate latex over time.) Open four MSM capsules and empty into mixture (approx. 4000 mg total). Mix as well as you can. Once you have the implant inside your colon, massage your colon from left to right. To move the implant further into your colon, use a colon tube or gently lift up into a shoulder stand, if this is comfortable for you, to help your body move the implant farther along into your colon. Try to retain the implant for at least thirty minutes. You may find that you can comfortably retain it for many hours. This recipe works well because it heals the colon tissue while it assists the colon in functioning more fully. I must warn you though: it can be messy.

    Bifidobacterium bifidum More and more health professionals are realizing that implanting dairy-free bifidum bacteria into the colon facilitates optimal health. Bifidum stimulates an environment that discourages harmful bacteria and yeasts by taking away their home along the intestinal walls. Bifidum bacteria produce lactic and acetic acids that help to maintain a healthy intestinal tract. Bifidum bacteria produce B vitamins to assist the large intestine in processing food naturally and efficiently. Start out with one to two teaspoons of this probiotic in eight to ten ounces of water, organic aloe juice or raw, grass-fed, whey. You may increase the dosage up to two tablespoons over time. Bifidum is placed in the colon after the colon hydrotherapy session or the enema series and is held as long as you are able to hold it. It is important to note here that it is not acidophilus that is implanted into the colon, as that species of bacteria largely resides in the small intestine.

    Celtic Sea Salt, Sugar and Aspirin Many people come to colon cleansing because they have pain in their gut or digestive tract. This pain often stems directly from the colon. Some people who try colon cleansing to decrease the pain in their gut find that the treatment causes more pain. By adding the implant of 1 teaspoon of sugar, the water only of 1 pre dissolved aspirin, and 1 tablespoon of Celtic sea salt to the enema water many people will experience a pain-free colon.

    These few colon cleanse implants do have therapeutic value. I have worked with many more colon cleanse implants than these listed here, which I have written about in my book, Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health.

    If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me and my staff at the Optimal Health Center.

    Enema Equipment to Use for Implants

    "Gut function is central to all aspects of health. Correction of abnormalities of gut function must precede and/or accompany the process of healing from any disease. Healthy micro flora and digestive- absorptive function are the basis of restoring and maintaining health."

    -John S. Foster, M.D.

    To follow up your colon cleanse with an implant certainly can improve gut function. Which equipment you use, can make all the difference to the ease and effectiveness of these healing treatments.

    Considerations for buying implant equipment:

    The first consideration is whether or not this equipment will be used for both the colon cleanse as well as the implant. If so, you will ideally want to buy equipment that will hold at least 2 quarts of water. The second consideration is that you need your enema equipment to be easy-to-clean. (Easy cleaning is also an important consideration if you intend to use implants such as essential oil, olive oil or butter oil.) The third consideration is that you do not want your enema equipment to contribute to your body’s toxic load.

    With these factors in mind, the following enema equipment could work well when taking enema implants:

    2500 cc bag- This bag is a great starter bag. You can not reach inside of this bag, but cleans up easily with a soap and water splash, clear bag allows user to view flow of fluid during treatment. Nozzle may fall out easily. Medium fluid capacity (2.19 quarts) to use for colon cleanses before implant. Works well with oils, coffee and Bifidonate.

    1500cc bag- This bag would work well if you were just doing implants as the capacity is too small for an effective colon cleanse. 1500cc fluid capacity (1.32 quarts) doesn't offer user access to enough water to clear the entire colon before the implant. Clear bag allows user to view flow of fluid during treatment. Nozzle may fall out easily.

    Plastic Enema Bucket- This bucket is a good starter bag because of its price and because the enema bucket very easy-to-clean. The tubing diameter is smaller than most of our tubing so fluid flow can be slow-moving. There is no nozzle with this system so hosing can easily get contaminated with multiple uses. The fluid capacity of 1500cc (1.32 quarts) doesn’t allow enough fluid capacity to clear out the entire colon before the implant.

    Although our Flowmaster systems are highly effective for colon cleansing, they would not work well for implants. All our Flowmaster systems contain within them an in-line pump. In-line pumps could improve the implant experience, but many fluids will clog the valves in the pumps. However, we are improving our in-line pumps. Look for our supplemental in-line pump valves which we will be offering as a new product to be used in our Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System.

    The best choices for enema implants that meet all three of the optimal criteria are our 2 liter stainless can and our silicone enema bag, as all other bags are either too small, too difficult to clean or are made of latex, which is degraded by the use of any oils and potentially allergenic.

    Stainless Steel Bucket-This 2 liter (2.11 quarts), easy-to-clean, bucket works well as both a colon cleanse system and an implant system. I recommend using our silicone tubing and a retention nozzle with the stainless steel bucket. You must have an ideal place to set the bucket for taking your treatment, which isn't always convienent for people. Also, for some, the 2 quart capacity doesn't allow for a full colon cleanse before the implant.

    Silicone Bag This bag is easy-to-clean, holds a gallon of enema solution, will last a lifetime, is completely non toxic and hangs. It is an excellent choice for a committed enema and implant user.

    This next set of products have been put together based on experiences using enema implants at the Optimal Health Center:

    Implant Syringe -Excellent for taking small implants like butter oil, coconut oil, and Bifidonate.

    Enema Bucket Kit Our Enema Bucket Kit is a perfect tool for implants as it has the capacity to cleanse the entire colon and then be used as an easy to clean, long-lasting enema implant kit.

    *Note-Always clean out your colon before you take a coffee enema or therapeutic implant.

    To learn more about the process of and tools needed for an in-home colon cleanse before your implant, view our movies, All About Enemas, and Cleansing, Coffee Enemas, and Colon Tubes and our downloadable movies, Large Volume Enema and Small Volume Enema. These educational enema videos comprehensively cover the needed concepts regarding in-home enemas. These enema videos will inform you how to take therapeutic enemas so that you can provide for yourself colon cleansing that will have the same therapeutic effects as professional colon hydrotherapy sessions, in your own home.

    For those who wish to cleanse the colon using professional colon hydrotherapy, please view the downloadable video, Cleansing Using Colon Hydrotherapy.

    Special note for those who are chemically sensitive regarding enema equipment: One area of concern that is not well researched is the health effects of latex use with people who have multiple chemical sensitivities. Chemically sensitive people tend to do better if they avoid latex enema equipment. Some chemically sensitive people need to avoid plastic enema equipment also. Silicone enema equipment and stainless steel enema equipment are most likely best suited for the chemically sensitive person. (For assistance in overcoming multiple chemical sensitivities, contact Kristina Amelong.)

    Newcomer to Colon Cleansing uses Implants with Excellent Results

    This month's testimonial is from a newcomer to colon cleansing who started right off using implants. He reports, "Since 4 weeks ago, I began doing daily coffee enemas and they have been going great. I am feeling a tremendous sense of well-being after being somewhat overweight with poor digestion, poor elimination, and likely clogged liver."

    Colon Implants do improve people's health. Do write us to let us know your experiences with colon implants.

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    Cold and cloudy stresses the body - Use an FIR sauna and get regular massages!

    "You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: nothing in life is more precious than your health. If you take care of your body not only do you prevent disease and illness and prolong your life, but you also vastly improve the quality of your life." Dr. Joseph Mercola

    It is human nature to want to be healthy, vibrant, and energetic. It is human nature to love life from the moment we are born until the moment we die. This innate desire to live well doesn’t change as we age. It is clear that people do not want to lose their health, ever. Why, then, are so many people struggling with illness?

    Many people think that our genes fully determine our health, or at least determine the risk of such diseases as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. What we are certain of is that our genes do have an effect on our aging process. However, the extent to which our health status is inherited is not fully determined. Our focus on hereditary as the reason for our health woes needs to be examined in the light of our environment.

    Linus Pauling’s Thoughts on Genetics

    In 1949, Linus Pauling, the founding father of molecular biology and author of Vitamin C and the Common Cold; Cancer and Vitamin C; and How to Live Longer and Feel Better, made public his theory that the origin of disease is based on specific changes in genetic materials due to environmental influences, which in turn modify physiological function. In other words, disease is not solely caused by genetics, but rather due to the interaction between an individual’s genes and his/her surroundings. By and large the genes impact on an individual’s health is minimal until the person is plunged into a harmful environment. Each person's gene pool has the flexibility to express itself with health and longevity, or with illness and degenerative disease, depending on environmental conditions. Unfortunately, we take for granted that when a person's genes do express sickness, or even early death, these diseases are genetic, or destined to occur.

    The above excerpt from my book, Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health, is my launching point to talk about how daily and seasonal light changes affect our health, as well as our longevity. In this newsletter, we often look at how digestion affects our health, but have you thought about how weather affects your health? In Wisconsin over the past month many people have come down with a cold. People I know who are chronically ill are having a particularly difficult month. I see more emotional stress in most of the people around me. Yes, school has started. Yes, the mold count is higher. Yes, the ragweed count is also higher. But, one significant factor in Wisconsin during this past month is that the sun has not been shining much, especially for late summer. Additionally, there is less and less light in each day due to the rotation of the earth.

    Unfortunately, with loss of light, inflammation increases in our bodies. In part this increased inflammation is caused by our metabolism slowing down, causing a decrease of energy, an overloading of the liver and a straining of the adrenal glands. Given all of this, it is important to incorporate light therapy into your regime when you are living with a consistent lack of light.

    One way to measure how important additional light therapy is to your body is to take your temperature each day at approximately 10am. If your body temperature is less than 98.6, consistently, you would greatly benefit from light therapy. (If you wish to receive an Excel Document to chart your temperature daily, email Kristina.)

    Our FIR sauna is full of thankful people these past weeks taking a regular far infrared sauna. Far infrared light and its therapeutic properties have been studied in China and Japan for over twenty years and is now beginning to become very popular in the United States. Far infrared is very helpful for maintaining your vitality throughout the seasons when there is not much sun. Additionally, the far infrared sauna will assist you to increase your core body temperature.

    To learn more about some of the science behind how the environment influences our health, go to New theory of environmental inheritance ('05 Press Release)

    To learn more about how a high metabolism (high continuous temperature) could increase your lifespan, read Uncoupled and surviving: individual mice with high metabolism have greater mitochondrial uncoupling and live longer.

    Vitality and Massage

    My philosophy and ongoing mission are to shift our collective standards of what we mean by health. Optimal Health is more than the, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” mindset, where after years of ignoring and abusing our bodies (often without realizing it), we try to manage the symptoms that we dutifully accept as, “just part of the aging process”—a mindset in which seventy is considered old and still being alive at eighty is considered lucky. I believe a shift in that paradigm is possible. My ambition is to be old at one hundred and lucky to reach one hundred twenty or more. Would you like twenty to forty extra years of joyful and vigorous living?

    Sometimes I can't tell if I am lucky or unlucky because I have had to take rigourous care of my body since I was 32 in order to stay healthy. For instance, I do best if I have at least 2-3 massages per month. Luckily, my husband is eager to massage me some of the time. Certainly, I love having regular massage but it is easy to think that I can't afford it or it takes up too much time. But, the fact is I do better with regular massage.

    Massage improves my immune function. Massage reduces my daily pain. Massage improves my mood. Massage increases my energy.

    For these reasons, the Optimal Health Center now offers massage therapy. We also recommend that our clients who are receiving colon hydrotherapy take a massage before some of their colon hydrotherapy sessions. Starting out with massage improves the results of the colon cleansing process.

    Please do look into this month's massage therapy coupon which gives you the opportunity to have unlimited $45 massages for the entire month of October.

    Scientific Support for Massage therapy

    Click here for the Optimal Health Center's FIR sauna page
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