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August 2006

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  • Optimal Health Center Uses Trigger Point Massage Therapy To Enhance Colon Cleanse Results!
  • Enemas and the Colon Cleanse
  • The Daily Enema
  • What is my best choice for enema equipment?
  • Testimonial - IBS Treatment
  • FAQ About Colon Cleansing
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  • Enemas and the Colon Cleanse

    This month’s Optimal Health Network newsletter highlights the enema and its role as an effective and safe colon cleanse method. The stories behind successfully and safely using the enema to address real health concerns are important as well as heartening. When we can see that someone else has found the enema to work for them it gives us permission to try (or to retry) this colon cleansing tool to improve our own life. I am blessed to have heard many of these healing stories that continue to guide me along my path. I am committed to sharing with all in order to further guide you along your quest for optimal health.

    The Daily Enema

    This story is one of the first enema stories that inspired me to offer enemas as a service at the Optimal Health Center as well as to start my websites offering enema equipment.

    A number of years back, I worked with a man who had been hit by a car. He was in a coma for 3 weeks. When he awoke from his coma, he quickly left the hospital, feeling like new. After a few days of being out of the hospital, he found that his bowels didn't work. He went to many medical doctors in order to resolve his constipation. All the medical doctors told him to take a daily laxative, such as Bisacodyl or Sennoside. However, even though these laxatives relieved his constipation, he felt that this guidance was going to destroy his colon. He was determined to find a colon cleanse solution that brought health, as well as a daily bowel movement. Finally, in Denver, CO, he found a medical doctor that told him to take a daily enema. Twenty years later, he still takes a daily enema. He still has his colon and he reports excellent health. I am very grateful to him for coming to me and to the one medical doctor that had the wisdom to recommend the daily enema.

    What is my best choice for enema equipment?

    "What enema equipment should I purchase?" is a common question at the Optimal Health Center. Obviously we offer many choices of enema bags, enema hoses, enema clamps, enema buckets and enema nozzles. This month I will talk about two of the enema systems that I created- the Flowmaster and the Easy Enema-which include the bag, hose, clamp and nozzle for an easy and effective colon cleanse.

    What is it about these enema systems which allow for an easy and effective colon cleanse? First of all, both of the enema bags in these enema systems offer a 2-4 quart holding capacity. In order to fully cleanse the entire colon, one needs to be able to take 2-4 quarts of enema solution into the colon on the second enema in the enema series. Most drugstore enema bags offer only � quart to 1 � quart capacity. I recommend that people use an enema system that has at least a 2 quart enema solution capacity and ideally a 3-4 quart solution capacity: bringing the enema solution into the transverse and ascending colon is what makes the enema as effective in clearing out the entire colon as colon hydrotherapy or harsh laxatives.

    Second of all, both of these enema systems use a soft nozzle that will safely slide into the rectum and will easily stay in the body. There is nothing worse than fearing insertion of your nozzle or having your nozzle nick your anus when you take an enema besides having your nozzle continually fall out while taking your enema. The flex tip nozzle and the colon tube, nozzle choices with the Flowmaster and the Easy Enema, both offer a safe insertion and a secure positioning for your enema experience.

    The Flowmaster and the Flowmaster Cleansing Programs also offer a Pump Fluid Delivery System which distributes enema solution deeper into the colon than enema hose alone by easily moving water through any colon blockages. This pump fluid delivery system tends to eliminate cramping while taking 2-4 quarts of enema solution and allowing the user to cleanse the entire colon.

    Testimonial - IBS Treatment

    This month's testimonial is about how the enema solution can be a key component in healing from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

    "I really enjoyed sharing ideas with you last Tuesday during our phone consultation . You gave me several valuable ideas that I will continue to implement and to experiment with for taking an effective enema to fully cleanse and heal my sensitive colon. I have had two weeks to try a few of your suggestions. In particular, I tried using sugar, dissolved aspirin, and Celtic sea salt in the enema solution. This enema solution was particularly soothing to my usually irritable colon: my colon was pain- free for this entire week."

    FAQ About Colon Cleansing

    This month's Frequently Asked Question:
    My doctor prescribed a laxative which is not working for me. What should I do?

    I had a spinal x-ray done and my MD said that I was full of stool. He said to incorporate more fiber into my diet. The following week I had another spinal x- ray done because my back hurt so badly. There was no change in my bowels; I was still completely constipated. He gave me a prescription for GlycoLax, which is not working for me. What would work best for me?

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    Please do continue to send in your questions. Read articles in our knowledgebase, check out our updated FAQs page on a regular basis , join our monthly Live Chat, and join our active message boards, if you wish to obtain more information.

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    Optimal Health Center Uses Trigger Point Massage Therapy To Enhance Colon Cleanse Results!

    By: Kelly King L.M.T.

    Trigger points are small contracted spots within the muscle, usually the size of a pea. These spots decrease circulation, trapping toxins and wastes and decreasing the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues. Eventually the body’s cell’s are starved and die; this is known as “ischemia”. Trigger point therapy is internally applied direct pressure to the source “trigger point” which breaks up the trapped body pollutants.

    According to Clair Davies' book “The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook”, pain clinic doctors found that their patients' pain is roughly 75% due to trigger points. Trigger points can play a role in Fibromyalgia, headaches, carpal tunnel, and back pain. But other problems can also be associated with trigger points such as nausea, heartburn, cramping, and indigestion.

    When one is seeking better health and partakes in a trigger point massage, a tremendous amount of toxins and bodily wastes can be released. This often overloads an already overloaded elimination system. We, at the OHC, have found that our Healing Heat, Hands and H2O Therapeutic Package that is a combination of a far infrared sauna, then a massage and then a colon hydrotherapy session is more therapeutically beneficial than a massage or colonic alone.

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