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May 2006

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  • All About Coffee Enemas
  • New Coffee Enema Equipment- Complete Colon Cleanse Coffee Enema Kits
  • Testimonial - "I kept up with the enemas because I had no choice and now I can say the icky IBS feeling is gone."
  • FAQ About Coffee Enemas
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  • Hello! Last month we kicked off a series of articles about the many tools one can use for a colon cleanse. This month, I will add to this series on colon cleansing by featuring the Optimal Health Network's newest product category - Coffee Enema.

    In order to more fully meet the needs of our colon cleansing customers, we have organized our coffee enema information and our coffee enema products into this easy-to-access coffee enema category. And, we are now offering 3 new Coffee Enema Kits.

    All About Coffee Enemas

    We live in a polluted world that exposes our body to massive amounts of toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals are stored in the body. If we don't systematically remove them, they will cause illness in our bodies. The cleansing enema series, followed by a coffee enema is an effective detoxifying practice. To examine your individual level of stored toxins, have a hair tissue mineral analysis.

    Coffee enemas have been used by health pioneers such as Max Gerson, William Kelley and Nicolas Gonzales in reversing degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, MS, lupus, AIDS, HIV and allergies. The coffee enema is so central to cancer recovery that the National Cancer Institute recently gave $1.4 million over five years to researchers at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons to test the coffee enema.

    Additionally, the coffee enema ought to be a part of a dietary change program. When you partake of a health program such as Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health, The South Beach Diet, The Blood Type Diet, The Metabolic Typing Diet and The Atkins Diet, you ALWAYS strain your liver. Changing your nutrient intake changes the chemical reactions within your body. These changes require that your liver filters out an increased amount of metabolic wastes.

    Generally, the coffee enema works because it rapidly assists the liver to carry away both metabolic wastes and environmental toxins. The liver is a primary processor of all the blood. Since all the blood in the body passes through the liver every three minutes the recommended 15 minute coffee enema represents a form of dialysis, or filtering, of the accumulated waste products in the blood. Caffeine in the enemas causes dilation of bile ducts, which facilitates excretion of toxic products by the liver and dialysis of toxic products across the colonic wall.

    Coffee enemas can provide quick relief when one is fatigued, sleepy, has headaches, or is just feeling poorly. The rule of thumb with the coffee enema is to do them until you don't feel any better on them than you do off them. When the coffee enema is needed, there is a very clear experience of improved well-being after a coffee enema treatment. The coffee enema is very effective in alleviating pain.

    For your third enema in an enema series, I recommend that you use one to two quart of plain filtered water to one tablespoon to one cup of brewed enema coffee. Take the coffee enema like you did the first two, but this time hold the solution for a full twelve to fifteen minutes in order to allow the coffee to do its work of stimulating the liver. To learn about how to take an effective enema series followed by a coffee enema, please refer to Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health and Cleansing, Coffee Enemas and Colon Tubes.

    The coffee you use must be organic. Non-organic coffee is full of herbicides and pesticides and can actually damage the liver. Organic coffee is available through the Optimal Health Center on our website or your local health food stores. I sell our own unique coffee that is organic, fair trade, shade grown and made especially for enemas. Our coffee enema beans are higher in the therapeutic elements needed by the body to cleanse, such as caffeine and palmitate. Decaffeinated coffee doesn't work because it lacks caffeine.

    By taking regular coffee enemas, along with lifestyle and dietary changes, I have seen my clients regain their health from: Fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, headaches, prostatitis, intestinal disorders, chemical sensitivities, withdrawal from cigarettes, diabetes, and many other health imbalances.

    New Coffee Enema Equipment- Complete Colon Cleanse Coffee Enema Kits

    Our Complete Colon Cleanse Coffee Enema Kits have been designed with two goals in mind. The first goal is to offer the user all you need in order to fully cleanse the colon before the coffee enema treatment. It is the stainless steel enema bucket, and the free Large Volume Enema movie download that make your colon cleanse of the same cleansing value as if you were having a colon hydrotherapy session. With the free enema movie and the large capacity bucket, you will effectively cleanse your entire colon, easily and painlessly. Coffee enemas are more effective when the colon is cleared out of fecal matter before you take the coffee enema. (The enema bucket replaces the enema bag in the Large Volume Enema movie.)

    The second goal in designing our Complete Colon Cleanse Coffee Enema Kits is to make certain that your coffee enema experience does not add to your toxicity issues. It is best to use silicone and stainless steel equipment when you are taking a coffee enema. Latex and plastic can increase one's toxic load.

    Testimonial - "I kept up with the enemas because I had no choice and now I can say the icky IBS feeling is gone."

    This month's testimonial is about being persistent about enemas when all else has failed. This woman's experience highlights that well-placed enemas, for some, can be the most effective colon cleanse tool.

    This testimonial also brings to our reader's attention the community that has come together at the Optimal Health Network Forum. You, too, are warmly invited to join.

    FAQ About Coffee Enemas

    This month's Frequently Asked Question pertains to coffee enemas.


    I have been assisting my husband with coffee enemas for about a month now. We were only doing it about once or twice a week, but now we've increased to about 3-4 times/week. One problem we are having is that he often has trouble retaining this enema. He has better luck on the first half (holding 2 cups) than the second go round.

    We purchased a very basic enema bag/hose from your website a few years ago and just got around to using it! My question to you is this -- Do you have enema equipment which might work better for someone who has trouble retaining the liquids? In his condition, he has much muscle weakness, which apparently includes the sphincter muscles. What would you recommend?

    Also, would you also recommend hydrotherapy? We are in the Chicago area and are considering the trip to Madison to your place. The enemas and herbal colon cleansing we are doing has vastly helped his constipation, but just wondering if the hydrotherapy would maximize benefits?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Optimal Health Center News: Silicone is Healthier

    Much of the enema equipment (bags, tubing, nozzles) that is used in homes for colon cleansing is made out of latex or rubber that comes from the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. Most hospitals have switched over from latex enema equipment to plastic, vinyl and silicone enema equipment because some patients have severe latex sensitivities. (See FDA article, Barium Enema Kits and Sudden Death.)

    Additionally, health care workers can have, or develop with use, a sensitivity to latex. (See AJN article, ANA Spearheads Latex Allergy Movement.) In 1992, the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control sponsored a conference entitled, International Latex Conference: Sensitivity to Latex in Medical Devices. The focus of the conference was that "Reports of allergic reactions to latex devices such as surgical gloves and catheters have increased in recent years. These reactions occur in latex-sensitive people and appear to result from numerous exposures to latex proteins that are natural elements of the rubber. The reactions range from minor skin irritation to anaphylactic shock that can lead to death." Click here for many references in scientific articles regarding the potential problems with latex use.

    One area of concern that is not well researched is the health effects of latex use with people who have multiple chemical sensitivities. Chemically sensitive people tend to do better if they avoid latex enema equipment. Some chemically sensitive people need to avoid plastic enema equipment also. Silicone enema equipment is most likely best suited for the chemically sensitive person. (For assistance in overcoming multiple chemical sensitivities, contact Kristina Amelong.)

    For these reasons, we have been continually enlarging our inventory of latex-free colon cleanse enema equipment. In conjunction with featuring coffee enema information in this newsletter we have created 3 new Coffee Enema Kits that are completely latex free.

    Click here to view our complete line of latex-free colon cleanse enema equipment...
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