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March 2006

In This Issue:
  • Optimal Health Center News: From Colon Cleansing to Full Body Cleansing
  • Introducing our new Latex-Free E'Lavage Colon Cleanse Enema System
  • More on Far Infrared (FIR) Saunas
  • Testimonial - "I actually thought I was quite healthy!
  • New Frequently Asked Questions
  • 5-day Subscriber Only Sale

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    Hello! First, thank you to all the newsletter subscribers. Doing a monthly newsletter has proven to be a useful tool to assist the Optimal Health Network and Optimal Health Center in our growth and development. Thank you for giving us that opportunity. This month's newsletter features our newest innovative and useful product, the Latex- Free E'Lavage Colon Cleanse Enema System. And, the Optimal Health Center has brought Ron Witt, Licensed Massage Therapist on board. As always, we have more Testimonials and more Frequently Asked Questions for you.

    We want to warmly invite you to join us at our Live Chat on Wednesday, April 12 at 5 p.m., CST. During this live event, I can answer your questions and you can share your experiences. Additionally, you can enjoy the company of others who are using the tools of nutrition and colon cleansing to reach for optimal health.

    Introducing our new Latex-Free E'Lavage Colon Cleanse Enema System

    Colon cleansing works to optimize one's health. Even so, there are many issues to think about when choosing your at-home colon cleansing equipment. This is why we are featuring a new latex-free enema system.

    Most enema equipment contains latex or synthetic rubber. Latex products are manufactured from a milky fluid derived from the rubber tree. Several chemicals are added to this fluid while making commercial latex. Some proteins in latex can cause a range of mild to severe allergic reactions. The chemicals added during processing may also cause health problems. Several types of synthetic rubber are also referred to as "latex", but these do not release the proteins that cause allergic reactions. However, chemically sensitive people often do not tolerate synthetic rubber as well.

    Our new, Latex-Free E'Lavage Colon Cleanse Enema System is completely latex and synthetic rubber free. The enema bags and tubing are made out of a clear vinyl. The two bags hold a total of 1.32 gallons allowing you to fully cleanse your entire colon. The two enema nozzle system makes it easy to cleanse your entire colon-rectum to cecum. For your first enema in the series, use the plastic nozzle which allows you to clean out the lower colon. For the second and third enema in the series, use the silicone retention nozzle to take the large volume enema and your coffee retention enema.

    Our Enema Booklet is also included for free.

    More on Far Infrared (FIR) Saunas

    The Optimal Health Center has been offering our FIR sauna for just over a month now. Personally, I have sat in it one to two times each week. I have felt more energy and love how my skin glows for the rest of the day after I use it.

    As I have researched the FIR sauna, one quote sticks out for me that I want to share with you. Sherry Rogers, M.D., of the Northeast Center for Environmental Medicine and author of Tired or Toxic?, Detoxify or Die states that the “FIR sauna technology is the only proven and most efficacious way of getting rid of stored environmental chemicals. I’m convinced that the far infrared sauna is something everyone should do to restore health.”

    The FIR sauna is a healthful activity where you can hang out and listen to music, meditate and rest. With seating for two, if you are comfortable, you can share the experience with a close friend or family member. Given its ability to heat the body instead of the air, the amount of time one would spend in a FIR sauna starts at about 10 minutes and can be increased over time to no more than 30 minutes for each treatment. The OHC offers a variety of fee schedules, including weekly, monthly and yearly passes.

    Testimonial - "I actually thought I was quite healthy!

    Kristina recieved this testimonial in early March. She wrote C.G. back telling her just how honored she would be to be a part of C.G.'s overall health and colon cleansing program. Kristina also let her know she would love to help her continue to learn about alternative health and colon cleansing. This is a testimonial about optimizing one's health that all of us will want to read.

    New Frequently Asked Questions

    One of this month's Frequently Asked Questions comes out of February's live chat. If you haven't joined the Live Chat before, you have a new chance the second or third Wednesday of every month. The Live Chat is a time to talk with Kristina Amelong, meet like minded people and share your experiences. Last month, Kristina wasn't able to fully address one of the threads so we have posted the answer in this month's faqs. This person wants to know if after years of colon cleansing using enemas, will the colon empty daily without enemas?

    Please do continue to send in your questions, especially if you think others would like to hear the answers. Check out our updated FAQs on a regular basis and join our monthly Live Chat if you wish to obtain more information.

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    Optimal Health Center News: From Colon Cleansing to Full Body Cleansing

    As I write this newsletter, I feel inspired to share with you the goals of the Optimal Health Center. Seven years ago, when I first opened the doors of my clinic, my goal was to offer a community-based alternative health center where people could come to optimize their health using colon cleansing. We have now provided colon cleansing therapies to over 3,000 clients. We have had clients from all over Wisconsin, from California, from New York, from Australia and from Greece. Wow!

    Colon cleansing has worked for the people who have walked through the doors of the Optimal Health Center. Of course, I continue to study the human body, biochemistry, nutrition, colon care and the healing arts. Given my goal to create a space where people can come to optimize their health, I have added new healing tools and therapies to the Optimal Health Center's Services Menu that clients can choose from when they come to the center. Several years ago Nutritional Consulting was added and recently in January 2006, we added an Infrared (FIR) Sauna.

    Now, in March, we are adding Massage Therapy to the healing opportunities one can choose from when they visit. I want people to have the massage option here at the OHC because a massage always sets the body into a cycle of releasing toxins and dumping lymph from the lymphatic system.

    We wish to welcome Ron Witt as our new licensed Massage Therapist. Ron begins to take appointments this week at the Optimal Health Center. Here's what Ron has to say about joining us:

    Ron Witt Licensed Massage 

    "I am very excited to join the Optimal Health Center team. I have over 14 years experience in Massage Therapy, and I believe this work is a great complement to the work being done at the center. I have several years experience in spas, clinical settings and private practice, and my work ranges from relaxation to deep integrative therapy. My work is grounded in the deep Swedish tradition, but I employ elements of shiatzu, neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release to construct an individual program for each client. I am also avidly involved with sports and fitness, and offer a wide array of services for athletes, including pre and post event massage, injury and recovery services and advice for optimizing performance. I look forward to working with you!"

    Taking an Infrared Sauna, then having a Massage and then having a Colon Hydrotherapy Session may be one of the most therapeutic clinical experiences one can have. We are offering this combination of therapies in the Massage Plus package. If you come to our center, I hope you find time to enjoy these healing tools in this series. Please do call the office at 608-242-0200 to schedule a Massage or a Massage Plus package...

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