2010 Broadband Conference - Cultivating a Culture of Use
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October 13-14
The Blandin Foundation believes that broadband is the essential utility of the 21st century, and plays major role in improving our communities and our quality of life. 
Vital rural economies demand connected rural
communities; cultivating connections is what this year's conference is all about.
See you in October!
Bernadine Joselyn, Blandin Foundation
Broadband 2010:
Cultivating a Culture of Use
This year's Blandin Broadband Conference spotlights
communities across Minnesota that are Cultivating a Culture of Use through ARRA broadband funding. Their goal is ambitious - to create technologically and economically vital rural communities, competing and thriving in the broadband economy, with sustainable broadband adoption, job growth and wealth creation.
We will hear from experts, researchers, students and folks in the field who are creating programs to help boost broadband use in their communities. We will also have time and space for attendees to ask questions and tell their stories, and follow up on the work of the Minnesota Ultra High-Speed Broadband Taskforce to answer the question, "Where are we now - one year later?"
Robert StephensKeynote by Robert Stephens
Predicting the future is easy. Predicting when it occurs....that's the hard part. Robert Stephens

We're delighted to offer Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens as our keynote speaker this year.
More to come about the focus of his talk. For now, we thought you would enjoy watching this interview, Robert Stephens on Broadband, with Mike O'Connor.
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Blandin Foundation believes that encouraging the use of broadband is a critical component for increasing the technological vitality of Minnesota's rural communities. The Broadband Initiative funds innovative programs and works in partnership with others to: increase awareness about the value of broadband; increase business and residential use of broadband in rural communities; and increase public and private investment in rural broadband capacity. Learn more at broadband.blandinfoundation.org.

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