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October 2011
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Hi everyone!  


The 2011 Creativity in Business Conference is just 10 days away! As of today, there are only 8 spots left! We are going to sell out again, so if you have been waiting until the last minute, now is the time to register.

There are 3 new Creativity in Business Thought Leader Series interviews from conference presenters - links below. Come "like" the conference Facebook Page and get the latest conference news, interviews and links related to creativity in business. Also, the Twitter hashtag is #cibc11 - a great way to let others know you'll be there after you register.

There is a pre-conference Creativity Tweet-up Happy Hour hosted by Melanie Sklarz (@doseofcre8ivity if you want to contact her for more info) on Saturday, October 22nd open to anyone. It is at Eventide restaurant in Arlington, VA from 5:00-7:00pm. 


Other news: I am excited to be part of the Evolutionary Biz Basics teleseries starting next week - talking about creativity and the new work paradigm. More on that below.


Hope to see you on the 23rd! 


2009 Conference
Only 8 spots left!

Creativity in Business Conference     


Not just talking creativity, this conference has you engaging yours in real time! :-) Designed to cultivate and celebrate the creativity of who is there, it's a day with 12 highly experiential breakout sessions (w/applied improv, storytelling, embodiment, visual thinking, holistic innovation, etc) and 4 interactive discovery-dialogue panels (Creative Leadership, Creative Work Cultures, Creativity and Social Media, and Emergence and Co-creation), followed by an Imagination Festival (w/lots of improv) and a Connectworking reception. Expect to learn a lot and have fun! Check out the schedule here:  


Both content-rich and highly interactive, the intention is that people leave feeling more in touch and alive within their own creativity in real time, inspired to structure it out into the world of work, and more informed on ways to engage that. And, having emergent, surprising, and generative connections with other fascinating souls. The 2009 conference got rave reviews, and we have another amazing line-up - and group of participants - this year! 


Register at

Evolutionary Business Basics Teleseries 
October 18-November 18, 2011

I'm excited to be part of the Evolutionary Business Basics teleseries

starting next week. It's divided into a 3 parts: Module 1) Defining the New Paradigm of Evolutionary Business - Going deep to illuminate the larger evolutionary journey, and the unique role you and your business play in it; Module 2) Evolutionary Business at the Grass Roots - w/those who followed a deeper calling and turned it into a profitable and meaningful living and ways to do it; and Module 3) The Heart-Infused Outer Game of Evolutionary Business - Business Strategy, Finance, Legal, Technology, and Internet Marketing in whole-brain language. If you can't make the calls you can still receive the recordings of all live calls in your inbox. Check out the website for more details and to register.
New blog post: Co-creative Global Citizens

I am in a Facebook group where someone posted the question asking what capacities are needed for Global Citizenship and how might they be developed. I just wrote some things stream of consciousness as a wall post there and thought I would share it on my blog as well since it's connected to my own purpose, work with creative process and vision of an ever-evolving, more generative world - one that is co-created by each of us from the inside-out. Click the above link for the article.  

Creativity in Business Thought Leader Interviews  

There are 3 new interviews in the Creativity in Business Thought Leader Series now up on our blog. Each one is with a presenter or panelist at the Creativity in Business Conference.

Interview #29 is with Leilani Henry, President of Being and LivingŪ Enterprises, bringing innovative whole brain strategies to personal, professional and organization transformation; and creator of Brain JewelsŪ, a multi-sensory coaching process.

Interview #30 is with Cathy Rose Salit, CEO of Performance of a Lifetime, a training and consulting company that brings the tools and framework of theater and improvisation to corporate and organizational life.

Interview #31 is
with Bill Smith, PhD, President of ODII, and discoverer of the AIC Process  which he writes about in his latest book, The Creative Power: Transforming Ourselves, Our Organizations and our World.

This interview series started in 2009. For all 31 interviews click here.  

CreativiTweet Links    

Every issue I include some of my recently tweeted links - articles, videos, and other creativity-related links of interest. I hope you find something of value within them. Come join me on Twitter anytime at @CreatvEmergence  

  The Whole Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's 
     Developing Mind:
2.  How To Lead Clever People:
3.  Andrew Zuckerman on Curiosity and Rigor as key to Creativity:
4.  Playing w/Ideas: Designer and RISD President John Maeda on Challenges of
     Leading Creative People:
5.  The Man Who Inspired Steve Jobs - NYT:
6.  Rethinking Creativity and Innovation - Slideshare:
7.  Express Yourself with Art Pad:
8.  A Radical Shift Toward Design by @Digitaltonto:
9.  Got Creativity in the Workplace? 20 Ways to Nip It:
10. Extreme choreographer Elizabeth Streb: On Taking Risks and The Power of Action:
11. Riding Butterflies: 25 Insights on the Art of Creating Extraordinary Work:
12. Learn How to Think Different(ly) - Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen - HBR: 
13. IBM THINK Booth | Julio Ottino Discusses Whole Brain Thinking As A
      Key Leadership:
14. Rewiring the Brain; Renewing our Thinking:

CreativiTweet Musings 

Every issue I also include some of my own musings in 140 characters or less. These are some of my recently tweeted thoughts about creativity and emergence.  


1. We need less coffee breaks and more pattern breaks.
2. It's not waiting until there are no constraints to create - creativity
    can thrive within constraints.

3. Simplicity is different than simple...and complexity is different
    than complicated.

4. The beauty about finding your calling: it's impossible for anyone or any data to

    persuade or "reason" you out of it.
5. Conventional paradigm: "I don't know" is uncomfortable, humbling, awkward.
    Creative paradigm: "I don't know" is the invitation to the party!
6. The real transformative power of improv is in the principles. The principles are the
    roots, the practices the branches.

7. Yes-and: Yes accepts reality given; And adds something new - keeps it generative.
    Whole exceeds sum of parts.
8. Yes-and is embedded in nature: the tree yes-ands the ecosystem, the branch
    yes-ands the tree, the leaf yes-ands the branch.

9. The Creativity in Business conference: integration of smart content &
    juicy experience; left & right brain; profoundness and playfulness.  

Our Services

The Center for Creative Emergence is a creativity consulting, facilitating and coaching company dedicated to integrating inspired creativity, meaning, organizational culture and business for a happier and more productive work life and a richer bottom line. We cultivate breakthroughs and emergence with entrepreneurs, teams, and organizations. CEO Michelle James has a mission to engage people into their full humanness via whole-brain (and body) creative process for innovative work, positive social change and consciously creating a generative, life-giving future.

Our Services include creativity and emergence coaching and facilitating, whole-brain corporate and public workshops, conference presentations, creativity events and Quantum Leap Business Improv

Coaching Clients
include Entrepreneurs who want to discover their calling, develop their signature approach, products and services, or create their new future story; Leaders who want to draw out and focus the creativity of their work force; Pioneers who are forging new territory or creating new models; Facilitators who want to create new programs or workshops; Business Partners and Teams who want to co-create or establish a creative work culture. 

Organizational Clients
have included Panasonic, Deloitte, Microsoft, GEICO, RAPP, Kaiser Permanente, Inova Health System, Teach for America, Hands On Network, Cable & Wireless, National Institutes of Health, The World Bank, Invest Northern Ireland, Service Employee International Union, American University, Search for Common Ground, Center for Nonprofit Advancement, Teach for America and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration among others.

Blog: is The Fertile Unknown at
Twitter: CreatvEmergence 
Michelle James