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September 2011
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Hi everyone!  


The 2011 Creativity in Business Conference is just 7 weeks away! I'm really excited about the event, and also how the post-conference Imagination Festival and Connectworking part is coming together! We're in a for a real creative treat! Special earlybird discount through Sept. 16 - details below.

There are 3 new Creativity in Business Thought Leader Series interviews from conference presenters - links below. Come "like" the conference Facebook Page and get the latest conference news, interviews and links related to creativity in business. Also, the Twitter hashtag is #cibc11 - a great way to let others know you'll be there after you register.    


Other news: had a blast being interviewed about bringing our whole brain to work on We Mean Business TV - show airs next week. Will be doing a podcast with GetStoried on creativity and storytelling on September 29 and a creative mindset teleseminar as part of Evolutionary Biz Basics for World Changers on October 27 - details for both coming soon.

I'll be in Atlanta the week of September 12th facilitating creative process for a client project. I'll all return emails and calls upon my return into the office on Monday the 19th. Look forward to re-connecting then. :-) 


"The dance is not where we lose ourselves. But where we find ourselves." ~ Gabrielle Roth 

No keynoters...just awesome thinkers, leaders and facilitators in service of
YOUR creativity!

Creativity in Business Conference Earlybird Discount  


Earlybird Discount through September 16! Our sincere hope is that you learn a lot, think new ideas, see with new eyes, have relevant and worthwhile take-aways, meet kindred spirits, make plentiful and generative connections and collaborations, feel safe enough to creatively open up...and challenged enough to move out of your comfort zone, leave with practical ideas and applications, solve problems, create visions, tap into your creative uniqueness and aliveness, are inspired toward positive change in your work and life, are more confident as a creator who has the capacity to influence your business or work environment, cultivate your own a-has, are more in touch with your passion, calling or creative spark, and have FUN doing it!...any or all of the above...and then some... :-)
Register at

New blog post: Aliveness in Marketing

As an entrepreneur, when your deepest aliveness - your "calling" combined with your unique creativity in the world - informs your business, and you believe in and value it with your whole heart, marketing shifts from being the excrutiating "have-to" into sharing something really alive and valuable. Click the link to read the full post (short).  

Creativity in Business Thought Leader Interviews  

There are 3 new interviews in the Creativity in Business Thought Leader Series now up on our blog. Each one is with a presenter or panelist at the Creativity in Business Conference.

Interview #26 is with author and consultant, Peggy Holman, co-author of The Change Handbook and author of Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity. She will be a panelist at the conference.

Interview #27 is with Corey Michael Blake, President of Round Table Companies. He will be presenting a breakout session at the conference: Breathing Life into Your Story - Activating Your Customer's Imagination to Generate Emotional Buy-In

Interview #28 is
with Kat Kopett, founder of Koppett  + Company and author of Training to Imagine: Practical Improvisational Theatre Techniques to Enhance Creativity, Teamwork, Leadership and Learning. She will be leading a breakout session: The Improvisational Storyteller - Harvesting and Crafting Stories in the Moment and for the Moment

This interview series started in 2009. For all 28 interviews click here.  

CreativiTweet Links    

Every issue I include some of my recently tweeted links - articles, videos, and other creativity-related links of interest. I hope you find something of value within them. Come join me on Twitter anytime at @CreatvEmergence  

The Thrill of Creative Effort - BusinessWeek:
2. All good things start with a prototype:
3. Organizational Structures for Open Innovation: 15inno:
4. Leadership Lessons from Burning Man I FastCo:
5. Emergence - Why Impossible Happens More Often:
6. How Do We Create Cultures of Creativity (video):
7. The "Aha" Moment: Top journalists on great ideas:
8. Arts-based learning in Journal for Business Strategy:
9. Innovation happens at the boundaries of disciplines:
10. Human-Centered Design - IDEO's innovation guide:
11. 9 Reflections on leadership (ppt):
12. Montessori Builds Innovators - HBR:
13. The Living Field, Participatory Design, Collab. Ecology:

14The Painter (a poem by @edwardharran):

CreativiTweet Musings 

Every issue I also include some of my own musings in 140 characters or less. These are some of my recently tweeted thoughts about creativity and emergence.  


1. Be vigilant with your mission. Be exuberant with your passion. Be gentle with yourself.
2. Creativity: Exuberance without persistence does not let it become anything. Persistence without exuberence kills it. Nurture both.

3. We're born to think in iterations -> creativity expands. We're socialized to think pass/fail -> creativity contracts. We need to become an iterative thinking culture.

4. Resonance: a time-saving way to make decisions, connections and purposeful choices

5. Imagine how evoltuionary conversations could be by regularly applying the improv principle, "Be changed by what is said."

6.Transformation: turning drama into dharma
Within every complaint lies the seed of potential to create something better.
8. Creativity thrives in the both-and paradox of accepting what is exactly as it is...and creating change based on what's most alive in you.
9. Yang creativity initiates and activates. Yin creativity incubates and cultivates. Creative leaders integrate both.
10. New work paradigm: Structure your Aliveness into income-generating work. :-) 

Our Services

The Center for Creative Emergence is a creativity consulting, facilitating and coaching company dedicated to integrating inspired creativity, meaning, organizational culture and business for a happier and more productive work life and a richer bottom line. We cultivate breakthroughs and emergence with entrepreneurs, teams, and organizations. CEO Michelle James has a mission to engage people into their full humanness via whole-brain (and body) creative process for innovative work, positive social change and consciously creating a generative, life-giving future.

Our Services include creativity and emergence coaching and facilitating, whole-brain corporate and public workshops, conference presentations, creativity events and Quantum Leap Business Improv

Coaching Clients
include Entrepreneurs who want to discover their calling, develop their signature approach, products and services, or create their new future story; Leaders who want to draw out and focus the creativity of their work force; Pioneers who are forging new territory or creating new models; Facilitators who want to create new programs or workshops; Business Partners and Teams who want to co-create or establish a creative work culture. 

Organizational Clients
have included Panasonic, Deloitte, Microsoft, GEICO, RAPP, Kaiser Permanente, Inova Health System, Teach for America, Hands On Network, Cable & Wireless, National Institutes of Health, The World Bank, Invest Northern Ireland, Service Employee International Union, American University, Search for Common Ground, Center for Nonprofit Advancement, Teach for America and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration among others.

Blog: is The Fertile Unknown at
Twitter: CreatvEmergence 
Michelle James