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Holiday Party!
December 12

The Firebird: Creativity, Danger and Transformation

An evening of story and song with leadership change specialist and master storyteller, Seth Kahan and award-winning singer songwriter, Laura Baron.

Afterwards, we'll have wine, cheese, desserts and other savory delights; live music; product give-aways;
socializing and fun networking. All are welcome.


Creativity  Podcast
Gail Martin, President of Dreamspinner Communications, and I had a dialogue on her Shared Dreams program on creativity in work and marketing. If interested

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Gazette Article on Precipice Improv
I was slightly misquoted in this article, but the part about almost hyperventilating was true :-)

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WTOP Radio Interview
For the short interview I did on WTOP radio (which actually starts part way into the interview, hence the words, "First of all..." from out of nowhere)

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Creative Emergence Newsletter
Updates, Articles, Workshops & Events
December 2007
Hi! It's been awhile since the last newsletter. The extra brief update: I was excited to be interviewed by WTOP Federal News Radio on using Applied Improv in the federal government - and learned about the fast pace of radio interviews in the process! Our improv group was featured in two newspaper articles, and we've been doing fun radio vignettes for WBIG. I also did a related podcast with Dreamspinner Communications (see the sidebar for links). It's been a good year for improv :-)

The Nonverbal Creativity Retreat was a hit and we are bringing it back again in the new year, along with an extended Somatic Intelligence workshop.
We also introduced a 2-day Creative Facilitation Program, which seems to be a better format than the 1-day (although I could do a 2-week program and still be excited about improv!)

So much more to write, so little reflecting on 2007 there is much for which I am grateful, not the least of which has been a deeper exploration - and embodied experience - of aliveness. I continue that ongoing discovery and look forward to how it will play out in the new year. Wishing you warm and fully-alive holidays!


The Secret Language of Leadership by Steve Denning
Steve Denning recently released a new book,  The Secret Language of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire Action Through Narrative. Steve is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of organizational storytelling and narrative management. To celebrate the launch of this exciting release, Steve is working with a variety of colleagues - including myself - to offer more than 30 free bonus tools and supplements with the purchase of this book. For the full list of free giveaways go to

Creativity-in-Work Development Program
7-week Personal and Professional Development Program. 
4 Fridays: 1/4, 1/18, 2/8, 2/22

A great way to start the new year - actualizing your creative passions in the practical world as you take your work to its next level.

This program is about creating new patterns that allow real movement, change and new outcomes in your work to occur. It is about actively engaging your creative process in real time, going beyond what you know and stepping into your larger self. It is about expanding the playing field beyond habitual ways of thinking and being for your own unprecedented levels of achievement and meaning. It is for those who genuinely are ready for something new, practical and successful to emerge within their business/work. Generate passion-centered results and have a good time doing it!
Earlybird discount through 12/24.

"This program was life changing. I came up with a breakthrough new idea for my business and found myself easily completing tasks I had procrastinated about for years." ~ Michael Smith, President of Teratech  --- "My self-confidence grew and by the end of our time together something deep inside me had shifted. I attribute the rush of new business to the transformations that occurred within me during this course." ~ Bev Hitchens, owner of ALIGN!

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Mr. Picasso Head

I love anything on the web that allows you to create in real time. Try your hand at your own Picasso at Mr. Picasso Head: You have an array of parts from which to choose to create a distinctively unique being.

The improv group in which I perfrom,
Precipice Improv, has been selected to do series of 300 improvised spots for WBIG radio station over the next few months to try out an innovative new format - they are the first to do it. Instead of having an announcer do the usual promos, we're improvising little (mostly goofy) story vignettes as if in a natural setting, and they then add sound effects and segue it into their music. It's been great fun to go into the station and improvise in that medium (with the added bonus of editing!) Stay tuned to 100.3FM in the new year to hear us in action.

WBIG is hosting their Rock Art Show this weekend benefiting the charitable organization. Food and Friends. There will be great art, great music, and lots of fun! Click for details.

Here's to the Crazy Ones...

I love this one-minute dose of creative inspiration! Worth the click.

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Creativity Resource

Blurb is a self-publishing tool for anyone who wants to create and publish a professional quality book. You can publish your own books on business, art, training, peotry,  inventions, even your blog posts - whatever you can imagine. There is a choice of professional layouts for images and text. It is a great way to unleash and focus meaningful creativity. Check it out at

Capitol Creativity Network Online

There is now a Capitol Creativity Network Online on Facebook. It allows more interactivity and multi-media than a listserve. To join, get on Facebook at and go to "Groups" then look up Capitol Creativity Network. If you can't find it, you can go to my profile and scroll down to my Groups section to click it directly from there...and as long as you are not a stalker, feel free to add me as a friend ;-)

My Reflections on Creativity: Aliveness

~ By engaging the process before you have the strategy fully formed, new ideas and directions will emerge that inform the next level of strategy. Emergent strategy is Living Strategy in action.
~ Every living, creative system contains both life energy and resistance built in to it. Unfortunately, most of our time is spent engaging the resistance: the reasons why we can't do something; irrelevant distractions; time-consuming analytical deconstruction - all because it is familiar. Breakthrough creativity, however, occurs through engaging what is most alive in the system, not the resitance. Focusing on the fear in a creative process is like focusing on the shell, instead of the chick in the new birth. It's present, but it's not what is most alive. What is most alive is what is most creative...and vise versa.

~ Creativity offers an ongoing invitation to the party of life. It's always asking for our engagement. By engaging, we help consciously create what's next. We can say no and stay in the comfort of our familiar ways. Or we can say yes and it becomes a surprise party!

~ Engagement and aliveness and discovery are mix and match:-)
Engagement and aliveness happen in the act of discovery.
Discovery happens
from engaging your aliveness.
Engagement happens when discovery meets aliveness.

~ Try asking "What is most alive for me here?" in any given situation and see what happens if you listen to - and follow - that truth.

~ When we're so busy focusing solely on our goals, we often miss the aliveness of what is right in front of, and within, us. Engaging the wonder of now helps create a deeper level of wonder tomorrow that can expand our goals beyond our current imaginings.
Creative Emergence Coaching

For: Entrepreneurs who want to develop their signature approach, products and services, or future story; Leaders who want to draw out and focus the creativity and innovation of their work force; Pioneers who are forging new territory and breaking new ground in their field; Aspiring Integrators who have several seemingly unrelated aspects of their work and talents and seek to unify them into a coherent whole; and Teams who want to optimize their collective intelligence for new solutions and directions.

"I can hardly believe how easy the breakthrough came. Working with you for one session changed my business strategy. I now have a whole new unique position defined. Your system works. It is the perfect tool for anyone starting a business or changing directions." ~ Cindy King, CEO, International Business Ideas.

We offer a variety of services which include emergent strategy consulting, corporate and public workshops, creativity training, Creative Emergence Coaching, ideation facilitation, professional development and somatic/wellness programs, conference presentations, creativity events and Quantum Leap Business Improv. Our blog is The Fertile Unknown.

About Us

The Center for Creative Emergence is a creativity consulting and Creative Emergence coaching company dedicated to integrating inspired creativity, meaning, organizational culture and business for a happier and more productive work life and a richer bottom line. We cultivate breakthroughs and emergence with entrepreneurs, teams and organizations. CEO Michelle James has a mission to "mainstream" creativity and engage people into their full humanness for generative work, positive social change and consciously creating a life-giving future.

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