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    Capitol Creativity Network Meeting

    Next meeting July 12. Dr. Bill Smith presents "Creativity, Purpose and Power"

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    Leadership Teleconference

    "The Evolution of Leadership: An Invitation to Engage in a Conscious Dialogue." Free teleconference. July 11.

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    Yes!Circle Meeting

    I'll be presenting "Dynamic Presentations" on August 14.

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    Creativity in Business Call-in Program

    I'm leading a monthly call-in show as part of's Ask-the-Expert Program. Next show: July 19. 12-2.

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    Creativity in Business Listserve

    Open to anyone. A forum for exploration, discussion, ideation, collaboration, and sharing information on all things related to integrating creativity in any of its forms into business.

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    How Do I Choose? Book Launch

    Colleague Lorraine Cohen just launched her new book, How do I Choose? A Powerfull 5-Step Blueprint for Making Rock Solid Decisions and we're offering a bonus in support. If you purchase a copy, you'll recieve 10% off on all of our summer workshops.

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    We're happy to be one of the DC founding members of Globond, an international networking - and more! - group based in Boston. For membership information, email founder Kirstin Myers:

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    Sociodrama Program

    One of our Quantum Leap Improv team members, Certified Sociodrama Practitioner Atieno Fisher, is giving a 10-week Sociodrama workshop starting August 6. Sociodrama is an improvisational tool for transformation. For more info email

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    The Center for Creative Emergence
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    July 2006

    Greetings! We're introducing 4 dynamic new workshops as part of our Summer Sampler Series. Each is part of a larger professional development program we'll be conducting in the fall. And each is about old pattern breaking and new pattern making. We're also co-designing a vibrant Peace Through Commerce event with FLOW and CEC. More info is further down in this email. For other events on the summer horizon, see the side bar.

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    Emergence and Self Organization

    Emergence happens where the visible and the invisible meet. By consciously working with the unknown, it begins to reveal itself as we create the next idea, product, system, service, approach, method, technology, etc. A natural self-organization begins to happen. Creative solutions emerge that are larger than the sum of their parts, and often contain an element of surprise. We begin to see interconnections that were previously invisible to us...and leaps in innovation can happen.

    Engaging the unknown includes thinking from within: going inward, reflecting, seeking patterns, making novel connections, telling stories that weave together different parts of the whole, using whole brain processes to draw out information in novel ways, improvising, entering exploration and discovery mode, opening to expanded structures replacing current limiting ones, seeking purpose and meaning, and using creativity methods to unfold what's next. Most significantly, the willingness to be uncertain or clueless at any given moment. Newness enters that which we do not yet know - it requires the Beginner Mind mentality.

    "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few." - Shunryo Suzuki-Roshi

    The emergence space is not an empty is filled with future potential. It's a space of inspiration, discovery, and invention - a creative imperative. And it's not limited to past experience. When we deepen into this space within ourselves, or within a group dynamic, a seemingly unsolvable problem has the opportunity to re-organize into a previously unrecognizable solution. We are moved into future possibilities where we can more successfully "mine" innovative ideas and strategies.

    Since emergence is a natural process occurring all the time, we can choose to work with this dynamic process in creative ways for new levels of sense-making, integration, and business innovation. Tom Atlee, founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute, put out an article entitled "Learning to Be Evolution" that resonates with my experiences of creative emergence - both my own and those of my clients. In it, he reflects on eight Evolutionary Dynamics, one of which I am including here: Self Organization and Emergence

    Evolution has steadily enriched the capacity of life to organize itself into ever-more creative, remarkable, complex, and workable forms. The wonder of the universe is not that it was designed from outside, but that it is designing itself from the inside, and getting better and better at doing so.

    As complexity increases, linear forms of understanding and management become less and less workable - both in the realm of human societies and ecologically in the world at large. The complexity sciences have vividly demonstrated that life operates primarily with distributed, evocative, loopy, self- generating, whole-system organic forms of organization and leadership, rather than through straight lines, boxes, command hierarchies, conformity, and unchanging rules (except for the deepest laws of nature).

    Using whole-system forms of intelligence, life generates its own newness at the evolutionary edge, which we experience as emergence, as a creative upwelling within us, among us and around us. The growing body of knowledge about healthy self- organization and emergence can help us transform problems and crises into evolutionary leaps.

    Co-Intelligence Article

    Improvisation for Leaders
    July 20 - Full-day workshop. Presented by Michelle James

    Effective leaders and improvisers both have to make spontaneous decisions, synthesize information, make others look good, see different perspectives, innovate, and work toward the good of the whole. We'll cover the principles, practices and tools of improvisational theater to enhance your leadership performance and experience in real-time. You'll leave with skills to help enhance core leadership competencies such as presence, thinking on your feet, resilience, tolerating "failure", risk taking, and getting buy-in. Early bird discount through 7/10.

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    Practical Brilliance
    July 27 - Full-day workshop

    Presented by Michelle James and Dr. Win Wenger, Founder of Project Renaissance. This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the world's most prolific thinkers and published authors in the field of creativity and creative problem solving, Dr. Win Wenger, in a workshop on Creative Problem Solving and Breakthrough Thinking. Learn cutting edge, easy-to-learn, methods for accessing deeper levels of creativity; framing accurate problem statements; moving forward; improving opportunities; creating new visions and directions; and accomplishing goals. Early bird discount through 7/17.

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    Resonance: A New Power Tool for Leadership & Life
    August 17 - Full-day workshop

    Presented by Michelle James & Anita Pathik Law, CEO of Dare Dreamers. Resonance is both a competency and way of being in the world that allows you to be a more effective leader, collaobrator, and innovator. Building the capacity for Resonance helps you decide quickly, "get" different perspectives, process information overload, hone in on relevant strategies, and work collaboratively. We'll cover resonant leadership, resonant partnerships and resonant decision-making. Learn novel resonance tools and techniques to navigate leadership and life - and practice in real time. Early bird discount through 8/7.

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    Integral Leadership in an Emergent World
    August 31- Full-day workshop.

    Presented by Michelle James & Tom Goddard, JD, PhD, President of The Integral Company and founding member of the Integral Institute. This workshop integrates the creativity-centered approaches of Creative Emergence with the comprehensive worldview of Integral Theory to create a robust working framework and new possibilities for today's leaders. Beyond theory alone into personal embodiment and practical applications. Put the Integral Approach into positive action for real-world results in an ever-changing, emergent world - applying the principles and practices to professional and organizational challenges you (and your clients) face. Early bird discount through 8/21.

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    Peace Through Commerce
    A Dynamic Participatory Event in DC. September 30th. 5:00-10:00pm

    You are invited to an evening of engagement, meaning and celebration - uniting the worlds of business, service and peace. Explore and celebrate the power of prosperity to promote peace in real time at this lively, creative event featuring Michelle AVA & World Dance Dynamics, live music, multi-cultural food & beverage, facilitated speed networking (fun!), interactive multimedia installations, storytelling, dialogue & collaborative inquiry, and opportunities for action. Bring your business cards! $20 in advance. $30 at the door. Half the proceeds go to the PTC initiative and half go to community development efforts via Open World and Global Giving. Click here for pdf flyer.

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    Our Services

    We offer a variety of services which include emergent strategy consulting, corporate and public workshops, creativity training, breakthrough coaching, ideation facilitation, professional development and wellness programs, conference presentations and Quantum Leap Business Improv. Our blog is The Fertile Unknown.

    Sand Pattern Photographs

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