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  • Capitol Creativity Network Meeting
    Next gathering: Wednesday, April 12

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    Precipice Performances

    Full length improvised plays. Last show of the season: March 25 in Bethesda, MD

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    Golden Fleece Conference

    Organizational Storytelling
    conference April 21-22

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    Corporate Innovation Blog

    Imaginatik's blog regarding innovation in practice

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    WESS Symposium

    Washington Evolutionary Systems Society is sponsoring "The Emergences of Designs" 3/24-26 at the National Science Foundation. Dr. Chandler for details:


    Integral Theory Workshop

    "Gateway to Integral"
    Saturday, May 13 in DC.
    2 – 7 p.m. Cost: $35
    Contact John Sanchez at

    Integral Institute

    Comic Hypnotist Show

    Flip Orley taps the creative mind in spontaneous and funny ways. A case study in human nature, the brain and the power of belief. 3/16-26 in DC.

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    The Center for Creative Emergence
    Information, Workshops & Events
    April 2006

    Greetings! We have some new events, products, and connections to share. We are delighted to be part of the newly formed Holistic Entrepreneurs Alliance (HEA) - a network of entrepreneurs who do business holistically. Email founder Dianne Epplar Adams at for info. and meeting schedule. Their mission: to build relationships that support members business, financial, personal and spiritual growth.

    We've also recently became affiliated with an expansive resource for entrepreneurs in all stages of business development: the As one of their Specialists, I will be giving teleclasses, webinars, and workshops as well as participate in their monthly "Ask-the- Expert" series on the topic of business creativity. Their mission: to be a one-stop resource for exponential business growth.

    CCE is now a founding member of Globond DC, who will be hosting a local networking brunch in April. See their website for more information about Globond and and the brunch. Their mission: to develop quality, relevant connections for busy professionals doing transformative work globally.

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    Whole Brain Integration
    Which is your dominant mode?

    Research correlates whole brain usage with higher productivity, attention and effectiveness. It is becoming increasingly necessary, and accepted, to engage new and varied modes of whole brain thinking at work to thrive in our current organizational systems. Click the link for a short exercise to determine which side of the brain you predominantly use in your work, and a few techniques to "activate" whole brain integration.

    Click here for the exercise

    What is the Emergence Focus?

    Emergence is an process found throughout the natural world where the the new whole emerges as greater than the sum of its parts. In improv theory, there is the concept of "Yes AND" which accepts and includes that which already is, and add then adds something new. Using an Emergence-Centered Approach in the workplace includes the acknowledgement of problems and the need to focus on desired outcomes...AND expands beyond that to include new ways of approaching the situation, generating new patterns of solution-finding, immersion in the discovery process, as well as engaging that which is not yet known as a source of new information. The
    Creative Emergence Process(tm) includes various whole brain and creativity approaches to cultivate the new ideas, thought patterns, and states of being which lead to new (and often surprising) innovations and outcomes. Emergence accepts and uses what already is - and adds a new dimension.

    Problem focus........Outcome focus......Emergence focus
    The past....................The future..............Now
    What's wrong.............What's desired.......What's emerging
    Control......................Influence...............Explore and Engage
    Expert w/answers.......Collaboration.........Cocreation
    What's missing...........What we have........Unseen Resources
    Thinking.....................Acting...................Way of being

    Wiki Emergence Definitions

    Conscious Entrepreneurs & Creatives Reception
    Saturday, April 8. Starts at 7:00p.m. FREE

    I will be facilitating an interactive discussion at the CEC gathering at the Spiral Flight studio in DC. You will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with other global minded, forward thinking entrepreneurs and creatives as you enjoy the gallery. Come get to know your fellow cultural creatives, plant some seeds, and co-create community in a lighthearted and artful atmosphere. Contact organizer Charlie Frohman (from FLOW) at to RSVP and find out more about CEC.

    More about FLOW

    NEW! Creative Facilitation Using Improv 2
    Full day workshop. Call or email for details

    This workshop was requested by those who took CF 1 earlier this month and is specifically for facilitators who have taken any of the CF 1 workshops or who have taken beginner improv theater classes. You will delve deeper and experience ALL NEW activities that were not covered in CF 1. Experience of "Yes and" and the basic improv principles is prerequisite.

    Creative Facilitation Workshops

    Creative Emergence Coaching
    Coaching for leaders, entrepreneurs, and change makers

    Creative Emergence Coaching is a whole-systems process that integrates the right and left brain, reflection and action, being and doing, knowledge and discovery, analysis and expression, intuition and logic, and strategic planning with improvisation for business bottom-line outcomes. It unites the worlds of business success, personal meaning and creative engagement. Call for a free consultation to see if this approach is right for you or your team.

    Capitol Creativity Network Update

    Thanks so much to all who got back to us with potential meeting spaces for the CCN meetings! We found a temporary home for the next couple months at the Cleveland Park Club House on Wednesdays, but we are still looking for a permanent space to hold our monthly Thursday night gatherings. If you know of a place, please contact us.

    Capitol Creativity Network Website

    Thanks to Kris Northern for permission to use his most amazing fractal artwork in this newsletter. Found on

    New Programs and Products
    Call or email for more details about our latest offerings

    New Organizational Program: Strategic Improvisation - one-day workshop to 6-month program
    New Products: ShapeMaster Creativity Techniques workbook; Creative Facilitation Activities workbook and e-book
    Coming soon: Cultivating Emergence e-book

    Click here for CCE offerings

    Email Michelle James at

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