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Your continued support helps us move forward in a big way, and is a key factor in meeting future challenges. We want to be sure to stay in touch with you. We appreciate your input and we will do our best to keep you well-informed.

Interim Director Ken Francis
and the Center of Southwest Studies
The Center of Southwest Studies
The Center of Southwest Studies
Gateway Between the Past, Present and Future 


Jeannie BrakoThe Center of Southwest Studies is a gateway where people can learn about the unique nature of the American Southwest through the understanding of its people and their dynamic relationship to the landscape. The Center will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2014, and the path to this milestone has been paved due to the efforts of a long list of past and present supporters and staff, such as current curator Jeanne Brako. Jeanne witnessed the transition the Center went through ...(click for complete story)

Volunteers - The Mortar that Binds Artifact and Effective Presentation 


Peggy Morris and Bryanna DurkeeFrom the outside, one can consider the beauty and admire the engineering behind the Center of Southwest Studies. Step inside and the precious artifacts that attract audiences throughout the region lure you into other worlds and past lives. Behind the scenes, only those with inside knowledge will understand the hard work needed to present the exhibits professionally. Much of that work is the result of ... (click for complete story)

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Center of Southwest Studies
Gateway Between the Past, Present, Future
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Margie Deane Gray
Margie Deane Gray

Margie Deane Gray,

Executive Director, FLC Foundation


Hello Everyone!


This is the time of year when students, new and returning, apply for scholarships. Every year we are amazed by the academic depth of these young people. We realize just how many outstanding students we continue to attract to the institution. Our students are dynamic and truly individualistic. That is part of the beauty of being part of a liberal arts college. We attract terrific individuals.


The interests of our students are extremely broad, giving an even deeper richness to the life of this campus. Whether they are on field trips examining the geology of the region, in studios preparing for a musical presentation or gathering on one of our athletic fields or courts practicing for the next big game, they are integrated into the core of this wonderful college.


Unfortunately, each year we see more and more young people struggle financially to stay at Fort Lewis. Last year 350 students received Foundation scholarships. It was up 100 from the year before. The numbers continue to grow as we are adversely affected by the economy. Can you imagine what Fort Lewis would be like if we didn't have these exciting students?


The Foundation continues to work diligently to raise funds to support these young people. However, it is because of you that they are able to continue their education.  They have you to thank for their success. You are wonderful donors who have created scholarships that these young people use to further their education. Without your kindness and understanding many would not be able to continue to reach their goals. 


These students grow each year in maturity, knowledge and confidence, and with the amazing educational foundation they receive at Fort Lewis College they will definitely become the leaders of tomorrow.


Thank you for your continued support of these exceptional students. You continue to make a difference in their lives.




Margie Deane Gray


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