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December 2011Issue No.17
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We hope you will enjoy learning more about the members of the college and local community by reading our latest E-newsletter. Thank you for being a strong part of the success of Fort Lewis College. Your dedication and commitment to the students and the college is greatly appreciated by all of us.
Matt Scheibner, FLC Alumnus at CNN
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Matt Scheibner at CNN
Elizabeth Gand

Elizabeth Gand: Exhibitions & Education

Beginning her first year here at Fort Lewis, Dr. Elizabeth Gand and her students are already thinking outside the box. "By simultaneously connecting students to the modern world of galleries and exhibitions and the legacy of art history"... (click for complete story)  

Advancing Women's Issues Through Fort Lewis CollegeWRC Liz Mora and Deborah Uroda 

Last October, Women's Resource Center (WRC) Board of Directors voted to endow a Women's Resource Center scholarship at Fort Lewis College with $25,000. The center cites research that indicates a good education is the key to economic self-sufficiency. The more education a woman attains, ... (click here for complete story)


Liz Mora and Deborah Uroda


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Fort Lewis "Planned Giving" Contributions
Margie Deane Gray

Margie Deane Gray,

Executive Director, FLC Foundation


Hello Everyone!


   As the end of the Centennial year approaches, the members of the Fort Lewis College Foundation Board of Directors and the Foundation staff thank you for your wonderful support throughout 2011.


   It has been a year of reconnecting with many friends of the College. It has been a true honor to meet with so many interesting individuals and to hear their stories as to why they are such ardent fans of the College. The effort to reach out has been heart-warming and fulfilling for all of us.


   The Foundation is proud to be part of the continuing story of Fort Lewis's 100 years of excellence in education. Our outstanding faculty brings great depth to their teaching as they educate our future leaders. As our mission states: "Enriching educational and cultural opportunities at Fort Lewis College by encouraging and stewarding gifts for scholarships, programs and facilities-wise investments in the leaders of tomorrow." We all win because of the efforts of the entire Fort Lewis community.


   If you consider making a donation at the end of the year, I hope Fort Lewis College will be on your list of those to any level. Your contribution will continue to assist in attracting the brightest students to our campus and to help build the College for the future.

Thank you again for all you do for us.


Margie Deane Gray





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